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    I recently just met someone who I have now told about my diagnosis. We were discussing sex and his penis is HUGE. Like too big for condoms, what should I do? I take suppressive therapy and we are both pretty clear on what we out of a relationship but I think I shocked him and before we go talk to a doctor about our options. Can you girls give me some options? Opinions? ADVICE?

    I have only had HSV2 for a little over 3 months.



    First let me tell you this.. if he is really too big for large condoms, then he needs to co tact the news and media and Econ’s a porn star. Even the biggest of penis’ can fit in magnums. If he is the one saying he will not fit, He’s full of it. Idk about chances of passing etc.. but don’t risk it. Plus, you never know if he has an STI’s. It’s way better to be safe because it would be so much more upsetting if you got another STI because he said he couldnt fit. There is a condom for every penis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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