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    Hello all, this is my first post. I did a routine blood panel for STI’s and asked to make sure a bunch of tests were run including for Herpes. Came back positive for HSV1 but not HSV2. I was told that HSV1 could be just oral or both oral and genital…not sure if it can be just genital? In any case, how is one to find out if it’s genital or not? Do you disclose if you are HSV1 but not HSV2? I have no symptoms on or in mouth and never had. I can only gather that I’ve contracted it somehow in the last 8 years because my son is 8 and I was tested when I was pregnant for everything and everything was negative. I’m not that sexually active…aside from some make outs with my ex boyfriend that i’ve known 20 years. So do I tell everyone that I have HSV1. What is the standard protocol or is there one? Also is there a way to find out if it’s oral vs. genital or both? thanks. any advice would be helpful.


    Hi Renata-

    All great questions. Sadly, there is not a ton of valid info about herpes because it is very common and not terribly worrisome.

    The only way to tell where you have HSV1 is by having an outbreak. From the sounds of it, you are an asymptomatic carrier of HSV, which means you carry the virus but do not experience symptoms. 85% of the population who has herpes are asymptomatic carriers and the majority of the population has the virus. So, you’re not alone.

    HSV1 can be oral, oral and genital or just genital.

    My best advice would be to tell partners what you have had a blood test and HSV1, most commonly ‘cold sores’ showed positive but that you’ve never experienced an outbreak. This does not mean that you can’t pass it along, unfortunately, but the risk is lower.

    Check out The Facts on the Herpes drop down on this website, it’s very informative (if you haven’t already). Also, I really like this video. It’s helpful, too.

    I hope this helps.

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    That video is great. Thank you for sharing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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