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    Hello all! I am new to the site and this forum, but am excited to find a safe place full of like-minded people. I have had HSV2 and was recently diagnosed with HPV too. I feel alone and was wondering if anyone else suffers from two STDs with physical symptoms? How do you build yourself back up to be a confident woman?


    Hello, Learningtogrow!

    I love your username by the way. It exemplifies your desire and willingness to love yourself because of, despite your diagnoses and all around. Loving ourselves deeply is most important when facing all issues around our sexual health and journey as a woman.

    Brava. 🙂

    My thoughts on your questions are… FIRST, you are not alone. According to the American Sexual Health Association, 80 percent of sexually active people contract HPV it at some point in their lives. And, an estimated 1 in 6 adults has genital herpes, with around 300,000 new infections diagnosed each year.

    This all said both diagnoses can feel very lonely, I understand. I’ve been there.

    I love your question; “How do you build yourself back up to be a confident woman?”

    For me, when I am doing the things I love to do I feel sexy, confident and vibrant. What do you love to do? Paint, dance, write, travel? Also, after my HSV diagnosis, I researched credible sources to educate myself on the triggers (foods, stress, illness) and I made it my goal to keep myself in the most healthy state of mind and body I could. This includes cutting toxic people, jobs and situations out of my life. I can tell you that since my diagnosis I have been the happiest I have ever been in my life after the dust and shame settled and I started allowing only good vibes, foods and people into my life.

    For myself and some of the women who I am now friends with who also have been diagnosed, we found our deepest self-love, confidence and clarity as a result of being ‘gifted’ this little infection.

    If you have thought at all about working with Dr. Kelly or exploring any of the programs she offers I would say, DO IT! She offers many great ways to feel your best, eliminate shame, control outbreaks and live a confident and wonderful life!

    I am sending you a virtual hug!

    You are not alone.

    Hope for the future



    I also have hpv and HSV2.. I was diagnosed with hpv 3 months ago and I just learned to except it and that’s it honestly no big deal… then HSV2 reared it’s head and had to be the center of attention… I’m trying to except it. For me it’s hard because I have suffered from always needing things routine changes normally send me over the edge.. after being diagnosed with hpv I’ve gotten myself to “ just go with it” I mean with the statistics showing how many people have it and modern medicine can help… I try looking at it as.. this is an annoying skin condition that yes I have for the rest of my life but that’s all it is is a skin condition! I’m still struggling with how to be confident and love myself because like I would assume most people when they find out I feel gross and like I won’t be excepted but I know in my heart this isn’t as bad as the world makes it out to be ! We will all get there! Head up

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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