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    Hi everyone. I’ve been with my partner for about 5 months but have known him for years. When we got together, he told me early on about his HSV2 status. We practiced safe sex but about two weeks ago I fell ill with what felt like mono. A few days later blisters appeared and I returned to my NP and asked for the HSV swab. Unsurprisingly, it was positive.
    I’m so lucky that my partner and I love each other and while this wasn’t planned or wanted, at least I knew it could happen because he was honest. And we did try to be careful.
    What concerns me is how sick I’ve been. My partner had no physical symptoms, but I’ve been battling a low-grade fever, body aches, fatigue, and nerve pain for nearly 2 weeks. I had to ask my NP for cream and she’s yet to say anything about antivirals. I’m so afraid I won’t feel better. I’ve read posts online where people said they never felt normal after the first outbreak. I’m unsure what to do, if I should still try to start antivirals or if it’s too late. I’m thankful I’m not alone but my partner is helpless too, as this is a different experience than what he had.
    Any advice is so very much appreciated.


    You should have been stated on antivirals right away. They will help with the healing process faster. I would call and request that she prescribe them. They are best stated as soon as you notice symptoms of an outbreak. I hope you can get some relief. The first outbreak is usually is the worst and lasts the longest. Nerve pain, fatigue , aches is all very common. And as for normal , I haven’t felt normal since I was infected either. Some people are lucky tho and are asymptomatic most of the time with no pain. I think the pain and the number of outbreak recurrences are correlated with how you feel emotionally. I know I struggle with repeat outbreaks and pain over a year now because I still have trouble accepting this virus as a part of my life now. It’s difficult for sure. I’m sending you support and know you’re not alone . I’m dealing with an outbreak now as well


    I am about 1.5-2 weeks into my first outbreak (it initially didn’t present fully as HSV2, so I’m not entirely sure of the first actual day if outbreak). I was SO sick up into 2 days ago, fever (103), pain in my groin, inability to urinate (not just because of the pain from the ulcers), extreme tiredness, pain in my legs, feet, nueropothy. Basically if you took the list of possible outbreak symptoms, I had all of them (along with some others from a bad reaction to an antibiotic). By day 4 on the antiviral, I was feeling better…. Today was day 6. I told my mom that it was shocking to me how quickly I went from feeling like death to having energy and now just dealing with the physical sores. Talk to your doctor, even the EHO suggests antiviral medication for outbreaks.

    But yes, it does get better. Now I’m just hoping that this really was the worst.


    For me, I make a batch of the cream most times only once a week to fill orders, I have only been making it for the last 4 months, a few people tried it and then I started having others ask me for it. Be clear NOTHING can get rid of our diagnosis, My cream only help the whole outbreak symptoms. I am someone who went from periodic outbreaks (every two to three months) to every time I got my menstrual cycle, then to three weeks out of the month having different outbreaks. Then one day I looked up and my typical blisters that I would always get in the same spot on my vaginal area or on my behind started to be this crazy itching issue. I was going crazy until I realized it was an outbreak as well. I suffered for a long time trying every darn thing! I am really all about natural products (even more now 🙂 so I kept using all kinds of things to stop the itching and then I realized my mixture was working and it calmed the itching and healed up the chaffing I was having and when I even feel a tingle I APPLY and nothing happens. You can email me at madelinemay25@yahoo if you want to try it for your symptoms.

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