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    I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 3 years ago when I had my first outbreak. I remember it was horrible all over my vulva etc. I took some valtrex and it went away and although I feared I’d get it again, I didn’t have another outbreak until now – 3 years later. This outbreak is still in a similar area but its more around my anus which seems a bit unusual, but it’s pretty much as bad as the first (leg pains, swollen groin glands and horrible itch). Ive been in a stable and loving relationship for a year now so I think it’s unlikely I’ve now contracted HSV2 but can someone maybe provide some advice on why this may have happened again so late. Could it just be stress? I have been eating a lot of chocolate and peanut butter lately but it seems unlikely that would trigger a whole outbreak?


    Something similar is happening to be right now too! Same diagnosis and I’ve had the worst outbreak since my initial diagnosis. In the past I’ve had one-off blisters appear, but they haven’t been too painful and cleared up quickly. Now i have shooting pain all over my leg and my butt and i have terrible blisters in the area between my vagina and ass. Also – this out breaak is ONLY on the right side of my body. Only my right buttock/leg has tingles and i only have lesions on the right side of my vagina.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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