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    This is all very new, and still very shocking and confusing for me. I believe I contracted HSV 1 genitally 10 months ago. I felt weird zapping/shooting pains down below, but no sores. The pains lasted all but a day and went away. Time to time I experienced weird stomach sensations similar to a UTI, but did not have a UTI. Long story short, I have not had a typical outbreak. Just very mild irritation is all. 6 months after the initial contact with the person who has HSV 1 orally, I had two IGG blood test that said negative for both HSV 1 and 2. I finally went in and had my irritated spot swabbed which confirmed HSV 1. How could the blood tests not have picked this up? Why are my symptoms mild and not of typical herpes lesions. I feel like I have had symptoms every month since June. But again, my symptoms are strange and not the typical tingling, etc. are swab tests ever wrong? Could this be something else? My physician has put me on valeted, and honestly, I feel no different. I thought HSV 1 genitally rarely had recurring outbreaks. Needing as much information/advice possible. Thank you.

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