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    I was diagnosed 3 years ago after ending up in A&E unable to pee. I’ve never experienced pain like it. I had an ulcer that split right across my urethra.
    I was on morphine and had to be catheterised.
    They said the first outbreak is the worst and subsequent outbreaks have been mild. I’ve had two in three years.
    Then, last week I had a lump the size of a Brussels sprout appear in my armpit. A week later I had one on the edge of my vulva. Then I just became enveloped in sores from front to back and my mouth has never had so many sores.
    It’s been horrendous. Ended up in A&E with a catheter that I’ve taken home with me for five days and oxycodone for the pain. I’m finally healing but this is the worst outbreak I’ve had.
    I have a new partner and he has been so understanding. He said he’s not going anywhere which is amazing but I still feel so disgusting that his new girlfriend has HSV -1.
    Do any of you have any remedies to cope with the sores so that I don’t keep needing catheters? I can’t keep going to A&E like this it’s destroying my soul. I’m going to try suppression therapy but will I live with these horrendous outbreaks for the rest of my life? Any help will be greatly received.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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