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    I recently had a sexual encounter Tuesday night by Wednesday morning I had unusual blisters on my clitoris hood. They are not painful at all I barely noticed it until I looked down going to the restroom. I got a swab done yesterday (same day) I noticed bumps. I am freaking out and very scared. Today the bumps are looking like they are going away. Still no pain. I would like to send pics if someone is willing to look and see. My dr said it didn’t look like textbook herpes but we are doing the swab to see and full panel. I can’t eat or sleep this is driving me insane can someone help give advice


    Sending support and sympathy. Going through the same thing as we speak. I had a swab yesterday and was told it did look like herpes. Didn’t really get given advice but just told to carry in my meducation Aciclovir and that it might not come back, but it might also. 😭 I’ve now been suffering with it for over 10 days. Alone and scared. I don’t want to tell anyone yet cause I don’t want anyone to have a go at me or question me about it in future unless I wanna talk. Sorry I don’t know that I can help diagnose. I’ve had loads of discomfort down there so don’t know what it would suggest if you don’t. Maybe research Syphilis.?
    Here if you wanna chat though xx

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    Hi Michelle, I had an outbreak that I thought was an insect bite and quickly turned into a cluster of bumps I went to urgent care and got swabbed. The next day I found out I was positive for HSV2 I’m new and scared too. Whatever your results are it’s going to be ok. Yes u can send a picture and I can tell you if it looks like mine did

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