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    I’ve woken up this morning and have this one sore. It’s not oozing or any puss. Is this herpes? I only have the one and have just had period so was unsure whether a pad has rubbed me. Having googled it, it says could be herpes . Is there a way to upload a pic ?


    The best way to know is to get tested specifically for HSV. I had the same thing a year sgo, just one sore. Looked like a pimple really. But went to my physician to get her opinion. She said it ‘didn’t look like herpes’ and ‘not to worry about it, it was very common’.

    I said, ‘I’d still like to be tested.’

    I was surprised because just two months earlier during my annual physical I had been tested for STD’s as part of the health screening. Lo & behold, as it turns out, their STD screening (which came back negative) doesn’t include testing for herpes. Isn’t that crazy?

    Anyhow, I would suggest getting tested for your own piece of mind and your own knowledge!


    Might also not be herpes, you have to go for test to confirm.


    I know how mortifying the not knowing can be but I was in your shoes exactly about 8 months ago. I had just one sore, it was uncomfortable but not horribly painful so I thought I just cut myself shaving or maybe the laser treatments I was getting. Until I grabbed a mirror and looked closely and I realized it looked like a herpes sore. I also became extremely sick during these days and thought I had a kidney infection or kidney stone bc it would burn and hurt so much when I peed and I also became super sick with fever, chills, nausea & vomiting, lost so much weight and when I saw the sore I went to go get checked with my OB/GYN and my worst fear became reality. I came back positive for HSV-2. The other flu-like symptoms were in response to my first HSV outbreak. So go get checked just in case. It is always better to know so you can properly prevent spreading it or know how to manage it as difficult as it may seem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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