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    Good-Morning ladies!

    I was diagnosed with hsv2 back in January so I’m still learning about my body with the virus. Recently a large hard little bump came up and looked like a pimple with a white head. I have had pimples before but I don’t remember them being being in the spot it’s in, but it’s also not where I remember my initial outbreak either.
    I’m just having trouble differentiating whether or not it is just a pimple from my underwear and the pad i’ve been wearing or if it’s an outbreak. (I haven’t had an outbreak that I know of since the first one so i’m not sure what they will look like when they come back)

    I’ve noticed that one identical to the other one with no white head and much much smaller is coming up now too, on the other side. So Now i’m kind of leaning more toward the pimple side but since I know I have hsv i’m so conflicted.

    I did feel what I think were “fizzures” these past few weeks but I feel like I feel those all the time and I thought they were from a bacterial infection that’s now been treated.

    I’m so sorry this post is so long but the bump doesn’t look like a sore or feel like a sore like I said it’s hard and itchy and had a white head the first day but has now gone away. Didn’t look like that outbreak I had the first time.

    If any of you have any tips or also have trouble telling the difference, I could really use a good chat and some advice..

    Much love


    Hello. My outbreaks never had bumps or pimple like things but would be more red angry irritated areas that would swell and itch. It is really strange but it seems there are different symptoms for different people. Common though is the extreme itch, burning and swelling. Mine would actually look like split skin when it gets bad. I wish you well!


    Bumps are common as well. Even small clusters of bumps. Yes we all react differently. I’m still with my first outbreak and now that it’s gone down a lot. In the shower I took a gentle feel down there and i seem to have both. Tears and bumps. High zinc and the meds from the hospital. Calamine lotion and burn gel has helped me so far as those are all i have in my house that i googled and it’s been approved to put on and explained how it helps.

    As of locations i read it moves around. So like hot baths as soothing as it is is not suggested unless there’s salt in it as it can spread to thighs and butt cheeks. If you never had an outbreaks near your anus don’t be to surprised if it happens. If you only had it outside your car it can make its way inside as well. So take daily steps such as cleaning all areas daily. I also read on here taking COQ10 twice a day helps reduce outbreaks and such.

    High zinc diaper rash creams help with spot treatments as well.

    Im new here but thats what i have read. I hope i helped.


    Thank you Rae, for your input!

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