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    So I just started seeing this guy about a month ago. Prior to me and him getting together I actually went and got tested because I had been intimate with someone else and the condom broke.
    All results came back clean, but I’m not sure they tested specifically for Herpes? Someone else on here said HSV isn’t part of a standard screening. I’ve never had any symptoms till now. After me and the guy I just started seeing have already had unprotected sex, which was stupid in retrospect, and I feel terrible because what if I gave it to him??!?! His last relationship was his ex wife, and their issues never involved cheating. I’m panicking here


    I am very very new to this forum
    From my understanding the general STD/sti testing doesn’t include a screen for hsv.

    I’m sorry you for going thru this. Maybe the best thing is to ask specifically to be screened for hsv.

    Sending you love


    You shouldnt pannick sweethrt, most of us too went through samething at first. Having herpes isnt really the end of the world. There is this herbal Dr who has been helping those of us with herpes. I was one with the virus and am now free from it for over two years now. This same Dr helped me, not many people knows about him, there is the link to his website, contact him and be free from herpes. He is God’s blessing to us.
    I am glad I saw this forum, I am happy to help my fellow women.


    I feel for you, Angie. I got it from my abusive, cheating husband. Now I keep it a closely guarded secret. I have never told anyone. I have had protected sex since, but fear I’ve now given it to someone I’m head-over-heels in love with. He’s since ghosted me and started to date someone else. I’m not a wild nymphomaniac who has no morals.My experience has led me to see that everyone treats you dirty when they find out. If you have given it to someone, what’s the odds of winning them back? Are you just supposed to go through life alone? Signed Lost&Alone

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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