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    I moved across country from indiana to start a new life after a very toxic on and off 4 year toxic relationship and just a rough home life and upbringing in general. I’ve been out here in AZ for a couple months now. I ended up meeting a guy out here that I click with so well. He made the transition better, we spent alot of time together the past few weeks. We had such good chemistry that sex ended up happening. My at the time which was my 1st breakout about a week and a half ago, (I didn’t know, I thought I was rubbed raw from all the sex we had and the condom) but i thought it was just irritation at first but it didnt get better and started blistering. I got very scared and went and got tested. The test results seemed to take forever. It was a blood test. Got the phone call yesterday confirming I tested positive for both form of herpes. I been researching herpes alot the past week since the blisters appeared and in a way came to terms with it before I even got the phone call. Just because I knew. I dont think the new guy gave it to me. I read that blood test detect it 12-16 weeks after exposure so I have had it for at least that long. I just never had any symptoms until now. I’m blaming myself alot because I exposed him to it and I didnt even know. I got really depressed after the blisters formed because gut feeling, I already knew. So I started to push him away. He noticed and I have mental health issues, and I tried to vent about the stuff going on without saying what it was exactly. I explained that in a nutshell that i had alot going on that I couldnt really talk to anyone about and then asked if he seen a future w me and he said he cared about my feelings but it was still too soon in our whatever we had going on to tell if he would want to be in a relationship which I appreciated his honesty. But then he just kinda stopped talking to me. So when I got the phone call yesterday, I wanted to tell him in person or send him a very detailed text but I realized that he was already falling back from me and I didnt even break the news yet. If my mental health itself was sending him running w his tail between his legs then my herpes diagnosis definitely would set him off so I took the chicken way out and sent an anonymous STD text generator, online. I just feel so guilty for unknowingly exposing it to him and I just all around hurt because I know its because I’m still processing all the emotions of a very new diagnosis, I feel like this is a dealbreaker and I will never find anyone. For clarification, I’m 25 years old. Any advice or support or words of encouragement would help.


    I quite understand you hun and I want to let you know it is not the end if the world and you can live your normal life again. I too was in that situation but am very good now and living my normal life again. There is this Dr that helped me and I will drop his details so you can reach him too. With his medication, you don’t even need to be taking everyday suppressant and you can even have sex with your partner without transferring the virus to him. They say information is power and am happy to help my fellow females here by making you all know about the Dr. His medicine really works i promise you. I will drop his link so you can reach him and ask whatever you want to ask.


    What is the best way to reach him ? I would love to get a hold of him 🙁 I was just recently diagnosed and I am devastated and just having so many mix emotions !

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