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    Dr. Kelly

    Just Registered?

    You may change your nickname (the name shown publicly in your posts), as well as your password, by clicking your “profile” link in the sidebar.

    Your username will be your email automatically and cannot be changed (but this will never be publicly displayed).


    Pink Tent™ forum is a safe haven and supportive community for women with herpes to empower, educate and inspire one another to fulfill their dreams of love, partnership and optimal health.

    What is Pink Tent™?

    In biblical times, women used to leave their husbands during their menses and labor to enter the safe haven of the Red Tent. Mothers, grandmothers, friends, sisters, and medicine women would gather to support each other in connection, celebration, and healing.

    Pink Tent™ is the 21st century incarnation of the Red Tent. You know the magic that occurs when women gather? I invite you to join me in the creation of a new private place to dream, get inspired, be heard, embrace health, to laugh, sing and cry.

    Rules In The Tent

    Please take your shoes off before entering the tent, let your hair down, take a deep breath and relax. This is a loving, supportive community.

    You can be as visible or as anonymous as you choose. This is a community of women who know exactly what it is like to be where you are. Alone we feel helpless, but together we can share our stories, ask questions, vent, and get inspired about living a vibrant life, despite our diagnosis of herpes.

    We will keep our rules short and sweet as to encourage the development of a community of strong, passionate, expressive, lively women. Since this is a private, women’s only forum, we trust that you are a woman who is looking for support and community. We know the magic and nurturing that can happen in a women’s only environment.

    Please be respectful and nice to one another. We all have different backgrounds and opinions on what is best, but know that there are various ways to overcome the emotional and physical burdens that herpes brings. Embrace your differences.

    If you were hoping to do business marketing, solicitation, requesting donations, or selling here, this is NOT the place for you. We come with open, vulnerable hearts, so please respect this. No sales or marketing of any kind will be tolerated: therefore, no back links or websites of any kind.

    No vulgar language or inappropriate material.

    Treat others, as you would want to be treated. This is the only way that women will feel comfortable to share what is really on their hearts.

    Do your best to carry on your conversations in the correct chat room. If you would like more main forum topics, please let us know.

    If you see user activity which you feel is inappropriate, please let us know by flagging it. With the vision we have for supporting millions of women, we will rely heavily on the community to self regulate and moderate what happens in the tent. Any users who we believe are not acting in accordance of these parameters will be removed from the tent.

    This forum is not a replacement for the advice of your medical provider.

    This is a community built from one doctor with herpes who wished she had support 15 years ago. Let’s fill this tent one woman at a time, building a worldwide community of empowered, healthy women.

    ms. j

    totally understand


    I have been so afraid to search online for information and support. Thinking i wouldn’t find any and would just be more overwhelmed with what i read, but finding this website has already made me feel less alone. Not that i ever wanted to be apart of anything like this or experience it… i don’t think anyone does, but THANK YOU DR. KELLY. You are an inspiration.




    Dear Dr. Kelly,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I am very touched by what you’ve sent me. It really means a lot…


    thank you


    Thank u so much…I’m so happy I found a site I can finally get support physically and mentally


    All understood. & Thank you!


    Can a loving husband be a part of this forum?

    faerie green

    Perfect. I feel so grateful to stumble on this forum. I need somewhere I can share my truth and I have been too ashamed to speak it anywhere else yet! Thank you.


    I feel like the new kid at school. I’m not sure what to do and afraid to open up but, for that reason exactly I joined this website so I don’t have to feel alone & scared. So I can feel welcomed. No longer alone knowing there is other women with My Same Situation.

    Dr. Kelly

    I understand thank you




    I am happy I found this

    Dr. Kelly

    My husband and I were both diagnosed after 2 years of dating. My husband had his first outbreak after I told him the results from my doctor. Since then he has had no outbreaks. I on the other hand get them monthly if not bi-monthly for the past 8 years. We are now married for last 5 years, and we have a healthy baby girl, vaginal birth. I am wondering though how to have a better sex life with my husband. Can we have oral sex? How do I keep my outbreaks down? I take a valtrex every day now since i was pregnant and now. I did buy Dr Kelly’s book and so far have stripped caffeine, nuts, and chocolate out. I take a zinc pill and probiotic.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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