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    Hi Ladies,
    So I got diagnosed with herpes two days ago… I contracted it from my ex boyfriend, who was asymptomatic so he did not know he had it. I’m still in quite a shock but before I can deal with all the emotional issues that come with this disease I have some questions about the first outbreak, and I would really appreciate if you could help me 🙂
    1. My outbreak is bad. Like really bad. I have blisters all over and my vulva is completely swollen and irritated… is it normal to have this many? I can’t sit and I can barely walk so this is really worrying me…
    2. I know this may be a dumb question… but will my vagina go back to looking the same as before? I just can’t recognize it anymore
    3. How long, in your experience, until I can walk and sit normally again? I need to go to work again soon..
    4. Does it get better?
    Thank you for your help and let’s stay strong!

    Sammy Jo

    Hi there,
    So I was just diagnosed on Tuesday last week and let me tell you, you will get better!
    I was in the same situation, I couldn’t lay in bed or sit- let alone walk! I was walking like a penguin because I didn’t want anything to touch. My butt was sore for days because I had to sit a different way so my vulva wouldn’t touch.
    I was swollen for days- I didn’t recognize anything.
    I went to the Doctors got meds and within 3-4 days I was feeling so much better. That first pee that didn’t sting made me feel like a million bucks! It’s hard but you will get through it!


    Hi Thais, so sorry to hear you’re going through the horrible first outbreak! I can definitely relate that it was hell.
    1. Yes I believe that is normal. It hurt for me to stand, sit and walk too. If possible, try to rest in bed.
    2. No it’s not a dumb question lol, I was so worried mine wouldn’t go back to normal because that’s how different it looked! 🙁 but it’s amazing how the body can recover! Don’t worry it will go back to normal!
    3. I’d say it will take a week to 2 weeks for it to feel okay.
    4. From my experience, the first outbreak was the most painful time of my life. Today, I don’t really have outbreaks because I take suppressive therapy. So yes, it can get better. Be strong ❤️


    Mine seems like its getting worse as i have more blisters now than when i started taking the meds and its so painful i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Its been 3 days and i see no relief in sight. Hopefully soon tho.


    When did things get better for you? I’m on day 4 and this is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I scream and cry when I use the bathroom and I feel like no healing is happening for me.


    When did it get better?


    Drink soooo much water ladies…it helps dilute your urine and it doesn’t sting as bad. when i had my first outbreak and had all the symptoms you mentioned…i didn’t drink much water because i didn’t want to pee anymore than i had to. But your urine is so concentrated when you do that. So drink lots, so you pee mostly water!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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