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    Hi Dr. Kelly:
    I was diagnosed with HSV2 two years and attempted to treat my HSV2 using holistic measures only. I bought your book (which is wonderful, especially when newly diagnosed), and I believe those measures helped. However, I was, and still am, perimenopausal and experienced frequent outbreaks. After a year of that, my gynecologist recommend acyclovir 1 gram per day. Coupled with diet and lifestyle changes, this has helped quite a bit. I still get outbreaks but less frequently and only when I attempt coffee or slack on sleep.

    As I mentioned, I am now 50 years, and prevention of diseases such as cancer or heart disease, is a big deal. It is well documented that a primarily plant-based diet rich in whole grains and legumes is optimal for cancer prevention. Prior to my diagnosis, I ate whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds etc. However, post diagnosis, I found those things caused me outbreaks, which again, were very frequent, and I added much more animal protein (dairy, chicken, lots of fish and some red meat) to my diet. I cut out most breads, pasta, grains and many legumes. This was difficult because, again, these were staples in my diet. As I can afford, I make my high lysine protein sources as organic as possible. Organic or no, though, the consumption of animal products and increased rates of various types of cancer are well-documented.

    My question is what is an HSV2 positive girl who experiences frequent outbreaks (they say primarily due to my fluctuating hormones at this age) to do? I have read that even women who had not experienced outbreaks for years have an issue with them when peri-menopausal. I would very much like to return to my previous almost kind of sort of vegetarian way of eating that is optimal for disease prevention. However, when I attempt to do so, the outbreaks start again. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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