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    Hi Ladies,

    So glad I found this website and a place to openly discuss my hsv2. As stated in the title I was exposed and diagnosed with hsv2 in April of this year. I contracted it by a guy I been knowing for years and thought I trusted. Like most I was scared, pissed, sad you name it. My first outbreak was the worst like most people experience. I was given valtrex to suppress the outbreak then experienced a second outbreak that was kind of painful by not like the 1st one. After I started doing more through research of what I could do to help suppress the symptoms naturally. I use Lysine that was purchased from my local grocery store and also I take Olive Leaf extract pills. This helps boost the immune system and fight viruses inside the body. I naturally have a weak immune system so I take things to help boost my immune system, which I feel is what will help me have less to no outbreaks. Also, Vitamin C is a great immune booster as most know. I have come to terms with having hsv2 and don’t want it to define my life. When first diagnosed with hsv2 I did feel my life was over, the first thought was no one is going to want to date me and I may not be able to have kids. This of course is NOT true after speaking with two of my physicians. I just wanted to be of encouragement to anyone recently diagnosed with hsv2 and feels alone.


    Thanks for sharing. Diagnosed today. Never had an outbreak before and haven’t been with a guy in 2 years. Suddenly I have symptoms. Googling like crazy and lysine seems to be something that might help as I was vegan for awhile. Like you, I am thinking I will never have another relationship. At this moment that seems ok!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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