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    So I found out that I tested positive by going to get blood work done. I’m currently in the process of a divorce and we’d been together for over 16yrs. I had never been with anyone else, but I got tested bc I want to go into a new relationship eventually knowing I was good to go. I never had proof of my husband having an affair but I felt that he could have. When I got tested I ended up coming up for HSV2 at 6.0. I’ve never had signs/symptoms/etc so this was a complete shock for me. I did tell my ex since I had not been with anyone, except for my previous boyfriends, and when he got tested he was negative. So my question is…could 6.0 be a false positive? We were together 16yrs and he never got anything and I’m supposedly asymptomatic, which could be possible I guess. That would mean that it was over 17yrs that I’ve had it without knowing at all. Just curious if anyone else has had that happen as well. I’m tempted to get tested again. I got tested by Quest the first time, and thinking of going through LabCorp again to see.

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