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    I contracted herpes type 2 four years ago from a sexual assault. the first year or so was okay, but the last couple years I have had near continuous outbreaks. these outbreaks are always painful and often come with fever and fatigue. for the last three months for example, I have had maybe only five days symptom free.

    I live a rather healthy life – no alcohol or drugs, i am vegetarian but eat a well-rounded diet, eat little sugary foods and make an effort to avoid typical ‘trigger foods’. I am currently taking lysine, b-complex, zinc & probiotic. I exercise when I can (when the outbreaks aren’t too painful). I very rarely get sick (haven’t had a cold or flu for a couple years) which would suggest that my immune system is pretty strong in general. I also do not feel particularly stressed (i travel a lot for leisure and work for myself which allows for flexibility and ‘me’ time and I regularly see a therapist about the assault/herpes).

    I have tried three different types of anti-virals (they had horrible side-effects and made little difference to outbreak) and I have also tried various alternative and natural medicines as well.

    In spite of all this and all the changes and effort I have made HERPES JUST WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

    Any suggestions would be welcome as I am getting incredibly desperate and frustrated!!!

    Thank you 🙂

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