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    Dr. Kelly

    I am not sure whether i’ve had symptoms of herpes or not. I tested positive for HSV-2 on a blood test, which was the first time I found out I had the virus. I do, however, get episodes where I experience very bad burning and sometimes a slight feeling of numbness in my vagina, and the skin is very red and inflamed looking. These episodes can last for weeks sometimes and happen as frequently as every month or as infrequently as every 3-4 months. I’ve had 5 different dr.’s tell me it’s not herpes. Including one who said she’s “seen more cases of herpes than anyone” (i sought her out knowing she is an expert on the topic). I’ve never seen a blister or a sore, which is why it’s so confusing. I’ve been tested for all other std’s and come up negative when tested for yeast. I’ve taken anti-viral meds, and sometimes the symptoms subside and sometimes they don’t- not sure whether it’s psychosomatic with the medicine or not. No one has an explanation for me what else it could be either.

    Also, i had a long-term relationship where we didn’t use condoms and even having these episodes a few times while we were together, never passed it to him. Not sure if we were just lucky or it’s just further evidence that it’s not HSV-2. I have a new parter who does not have herpes and I want to do my best to understand my symptoms so I can protect him.


    The burning and redness/inflamed-ness sounds like it to me, but I’m no expert. I’ve only had one outbreak. I had 2-3 bumps on the outside but more on the inside. Inside the sores kinda looked like tiny little cuts. I honestly wouldn’t have noticed them if my doctor hadn’t said they were there.

    If it’s not herpes, then maybe you’re allergic to your soap or laundry detergent/softener. I get a rash from fabric softener… Best of luck!


    Sounds like it to me too…but then I am a bit paranoid and tend to think everything is herpes now.

    I have only had something similar to what you describe once, after a particularly intense spinning class, and it lasted a few days. Red and inflamed, but otherwise nothing visibly wrong.


    I was also recently diagnosed myself, and I think that I have had this for about 17 years. I have episodes of burning all over my body and I feel like muscle spasms or nerve twitching all over at times. I also feel itching as well all over sometimes. I have always had those symptoms now and again, but lately it seems like it’s been more reoccurring. I feel the burning a lot on my face and around my mouth. I have been trying to eat healthy, not consume sugars, or any type of wheat products, but I still feel it. I think stress at work, school and home are probably making me feel like this. Just trying to take it a day at a time.

    Does anyone recommend any types of lotions we can use daily for the body as well as face? I am scared to use just anything now.


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