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    Well here I am. Never thought I would be here. I am so happy to have support for what feels like the longest week of my life. The past six months has been the happiest and saddest I have ever been. Let me start with I was always a chubby girl. In June I decided to take my life back. Started eating clean and lost 75lbs. I was so excited about my new body I decided to join a online dating app. I met the man of my dreams and everything finally started to piece together. This is what I had been working so hard for. As the relationship continued we decided to take it to the next level. We both had told each other we loved each other and wanted to start a life. My crazy work life took a toll on a very new relationship. Eventually sadly we parted. I was devastated. I felt so sick that my mother eventually had to take me to the doctor. She did a pelvic exam and three days later the tests results where in. I had two std’s luckily both antibiotics would fix. I notified him and at first he was so supportive and we actually got back together. I said we would have to wait to be romantic until my recheck. Just to make sure we where both ok. Last Friday was the recheck. Christmas Eve I got the call from the doctor HSV-2. I was angry, sad, hurt, ashamed, scared, and sadly not surprised. I texted him to call over and over with no answer. Finally I had to text him the news. This made him call me. Only to hear anger and contempt on the line when I was at the most vulnerable. He said he was going to his own doctor how this was my doing and it’s pretty funny how I just keep calling up with one more thing. Now I can’t help thinking that my losing the weight put me in the arms of someone that never would have looked at me before. The only thing getting me through is this forum and of course Cher, “ Do you believe in life after Love?” The answer is HELL YES


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