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    I wanted to share that there are people in this world who can look beyond this diagnosis. Don’t lose hope in people. I say this as someone who chose to be with a man who had hsv2. I met him online and because I am careful and cautious I made him get sti testing. When he came back positive for the blood test for hsv2 I had a choice. Stay with him or leave. I chose to stay with him and eventually I chose to stop using condoms and got it. I dont regret meeting him or the life we have because it is so much more than just 2 people that have herpes. We got married, had a baby and now are on baby #2. We are taking all the precautions to not pass them onto our children and there is no reason to believe we ever would since we both have hsv2. We use proper hygeine and have normal boundries with baby (no bathing together). I had to have a c section because after 30 hrs of labor I failed to progress so this next baby will also be via c section. I took the antivirals during the end of my pregnancy just in vale I go into natural labor I want to minimize the risk of transmission as much as possible. Anyways I just wanted to share my story because I see so many people terrified of never finding love again. I found love with someone with hsv2 so I encourage yall to keep an open mind and an open heart. The main deciding factor for me being ok with it is that this diagnosis does not reduce your life expectancy and is not contagious unless you are having sex/touching privates. So it’s manageable so long as you take standard precautions.i hope this helps! You can have herpes and live a beautiful normal life. Ill add that only my husband and I know about our diagnosis. I have told my doctors, my sister and my best friend. No one else needs to know unless you want them to. Disclosure is only for people who need to know. And if they aren’t touching your genitals then they don’t need to know is how I view it.


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It helps knowing that there are other people out in the world who won’t view having HSV as the worst, most disgusting thing in the world. I contracted HSV-2 8 months ago and I am really struggling to accept this new diagnosis especially bc the person who gave it to me knew perfectly well that he had it and denied knowing about it when he gave it to me and I became extremely sick. It wasn’t until after we eventually broke up because of so many other issues that I had the gut feeling that he knew about it and I contacted his ex-girlfriend and she got it from him as well. I decided to move against him legally and I am in the middle of a lawsuit right now. I am living with so much hate, rage, depression, and it’s overwhelming, I feel so unhappy and un-lovable. How can someone be so awful and hide something like this?! I feel mortified of even becoming intimate with someone else and not telling them I have HSV as embarrassing as it is disclosing but it is the right thing to do. And I feel like I was robbed of this choice. Do you or anyone else have any advice that can help? I understand I can live a normal life still but I think mentally and emotionally it is still very difficult.

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