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    I am so glad I found your book and this site. My outbreaks have always been on my buttocks (I assume this is the s1 nerve?). My doctor thought I might have contracted it in other way than through sexual transmission (the sore is in the “toilet seat area”). I’ve been with my husband for 19 years and have always been faithful. My outbreaks started long after I’ve been married. I’ve barely had outbreaks and it always healed quickly with no pain. I’ve always has skin issues (excema, etc.) and never did it occur in my mind that this could be Herpes. Since last fall I’ve been going through stressful times and have been dealing with lots of anxiety and worries. I had a more severe outbreak end of November and since then keeps returning every other week in a milder form. It seems as if I can’t get rid of it even though I do my best to improve my immune system but still have a hard time coping with stress. I am now terribly afraid that the sores could appear in my genital area as well. Is this possible? Thank you for all you do, Dr. Kelly. You are an inspiration.

    Dr. Kelly


    Your welcome Eli!

    I would encourage you to look at an s1 dermatome nerve chart. Just google it and look at the photos to see if they match where your symptoms are. Once you determine which nerve is infected, based on the site of your symptoms, you can determine the potential risk for future outbreaks. In general, the virus does tend to illicit symptoms in the same place every time. However, there is always the possibility it could show up on the same patch of skin innervated by the same nerve.

    I encourage you to meditate daily in order to calm your mind. Do anything you can to manage your stress. If you need more support, feel free to email me at and we can discuss private coaching.

    Live. Love. Thrive.
    Dr. Kelly


    I was wondering the same thing, Dr. Kelly and Eli. I’ve always had my OB on the top part of my buttocks and I’m super paranoid about having an OB anywhere else on my body, especially in my genital area. I looked up that s1 dermatome nerve chart and its hard to tell if it falls in that area, it doesn’t look like it but I’m not 100% sure. I was diagnosed in 2010 and my OB have always been in that area and I pray they stay there but any little pain I feel in my private area, I’m checking and I hate that feeling of paranoia I have.
    I take Valacyclovir daily for suppressive treatment. I’ve never had any OB’s really bad but just to help keep down the spread I take them daily plus I think it helps with my psychological wellbeing as well. Eli, you should talk to your doctor about putting you on some sort of suppressive treatment especially if you’re under a lot of pressure right now. I lost my job this past July and I had an OB (minor but still an OB) because of stress and that was STILL with me being on the Valacycovir so that should tell you any amount of stress for us isn’t good. Oh and start journaling if you can, it helps.
    Take care and I pray things become less hectic for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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