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    I was positively diagnosed with HSV2 just over a week ago after an initial breakout that started around 3 weeks ago.

    My inner lips were a little sore after having sex with my boyfriend and felt a bit swollen for a couple of days, it wasn’t until I took a look that I saw what looked like a few small blisters in one area about the size of a pea. As much as I didn’t want to leave it, I pretty much knew straight away what it was – given that I’ve never experienced something like it before.

    I didn’t have any other symptoms besides the small blisters and a bit redness and swelling.

    I started researching natural remedies, as I would rather not use medication if I can avoid it and I seem to have found a natural solution that worked quickly for me and might work for you too!! I managed to get them to vanish completely in 2-3 days.

    I noticed a bit of redness again in the same area a few days ago and did the same and the next day everything looked perfectly fine.

    First thing – Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil. Two items that I will now treasure for the rest of my life. I purchased New Zealand Medical Grade Honey and please keep in mind it has to be Medical Grade from New Zealand to reap the benefits! I put this on the area a few times throughout the day and at night mixed with some coconut oil and just put it all over because it certainly can’t do any harm.

    Secondly – Lysine tablets. I’ve been taking 500mg a day of Lysine since I noticed the blisters.

    Thirdly – DIET. Please do some research in to foods containing high Lysine and high Argenine. You don’t want too much Argenine in your diet as the virus thrives off it!! (Sorry chocolate and nut lovers – me included). I’ve been eating super healthy, with lots of greens and fish, and a smoothie daily with a spoon of the Manuka Honey because it’s got to be good in and out right? At least that’s my thinking!

    The Fourth thing and so so important – is the connection with your mind and body, and your belief system. I started doing breathing meditations twice a day (Wim Hoff, if you don’t know now you know!) I use various healing meditations to sleep to that you can find on YouTube. Also listened to a few talks by Joe Dispensa who believes you can heal anything with your mind.

    I think a huge part to this is acceptance – I was very close to screaming the house down, getting upset and wishing for an early grave but acceptance here is key.

    Unfortunately, as we all know once you have it you have it and the sooner you accept it and tell your body you are going to work with it to keep this away, and that you are strong and healthy and can fight anything the sooner you will.

    It took me a few days to get my head round but it is unfortunately – just one of those things. Once it’s done, you can’t change it but like anything in life you can change your reaction!

    I know everyone is different, perhaps I’ve just gotten off a bit lucky.. time will tell. But if they say the first outbreak is the worst and can last weeks I’m pretty sure a lot of the above helped me sort it out a lot quicker!

    I’d be interested to hear your stories, or if you try the above and it helps please let me know! <3


    Hi Malica. I can’t believe that we are almost doing the same thing! I feels like I wrote this!

    When I was diagnosed last January, I took antivirals on the first diagnosis but after that, I have researched everything I could regarding herpes. I guess I would say I am lucky that my first outbreak was very very mild. I actually just thought it was a bacterial infection so I visit an STD clinic. Anyway, long story short, the Dr. said I have herpes.

    I am taking Lysine for the past two months, I do 1000 mg tho and when I am close to my period (which I would like to believe is a trigger) I take 3000 mg for 24 hours. I have also added Oil of Oregano, Zinc. I have never had an outbreak.

    For my immune system support, I am taking Vitamin C, B complex and E.

    I learned about the Lysine and Arginine ratio and have cut out a lot of food in my diet… I have lost a lot of weight because of this 🙁 I was not reaching the recommended calories because I was only eating almost all foods that are high in Lysine + the daily Lysine supplement I am taking ( i cut out grains, bread, nuts, chocolate, coffee even some meat! I was scared it most foods would trigger so I kind of leaned to becoming plant-based for two months but lead me to weight loss which I dont like) I am slowly reintroducing grains (as my carbs) to gain weight (but Adlai grain first) added chicken breast, tofu, whole wheat bread etc. I also drink smoothies— papaya, mango, pineapple, avocado.

    I do the Wim Hof Method and have been in Dr. Joe’s books and I meditate. I am not perfect on this yet but I am trying my best. I meditate every night, I pray for my healing.

    I have read about the Manuka Honey and I will purchase this next time. As for coconut oil… I have read that coconut is trigger especially the meat… perhaps the oil isn’t.

    Treating and preventing an outbreak so far has been a success HOWEVER, I struggle with stress as I not a day that I don’t think about it. My mental health is being affected. Stress is a trigger that’s why I want to calm my mind. I am still in the process of acceptance and i am afraid of rejection and what others will think about me.

    I am very happy that someone is doing the same thing. I hope I will get to accept this (and heal it with Wim Hof breathing method and the breath-work).


    That’s amazing to hear that you have never had a breakout since! When I read the HSV2 statistics that the average is 4-5 times – I thought hell no surely there’s something I can do to stop that from happening.

    It’s funny that you said about plant based diet, as I had the same thing before all this I went Vegan for January and found I lost a lot of weight too and that wasn’t the plan. I’ve since gone Seagan, apparently it is an actual thing! And just added fish to my diet and that’s been helping me keep weight on plus fish has lots of Lysine and Omega 3 so double win.

    Interesting about taking more before your period as I have read it triggers it for a lot of people, I am on the brink of getting mine so I will take your advice on that and up the dose just incase.

    I completely understand you, it’s been a shorter time for me but it does stay in the back of your mind everytime I get the tiniest twinge or itch I’m in the bathroom having a look – it sounds crazy but when it comes in to my head I just keep saying ‘you’re fine, you’re fit and healthy, there’s nothing to worry about’ I feel like if I let myself feel negative about it it will just make it worse so I try to squash those feelings quite quickly.

    I haven’t actually shared it with anyone else yet, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing and same as you I do wonder what people will think if they knew!

    I’m pretty sure I have got this from my current boyfriend who I’ve been with for 6 months, as this came completely out of the blue a few weeks after we stopped using condoms and I haven’t slept with anyone else for well over a year.

    I haven’t told him yet, because he is currently going through a stressful time for one and secondly I don’t think he knows that he has it for a number of reasons. He is the most caring person I’ve ever met and practically worships the ground I walk on so I just don’t think he would do that to me on purpose, I’ve certainly never seen anything when I’ve been down there and we’ve spoken openly about STD’s etc.. Once I noticed the blisters I realised we’d had sex the night before and he hasn’t since complained of any issues down there at all.. if it had come from me, surely he would’ve caught it then and there when it was at its worst.

    I’m still working up to have that conversation with him and I’m positive he gave it to me, so can understand the fear of rejection and it being even harder to tell someone you really like that you’ve just met!


    I stop looking and checking every time because it only makes me overthink. I’ve been stressed since January and I know it contributes to weight lost. Sometimes when I feel too much, I let go and try not to control it. I need to accept this and build a strong immune system.

    I also think I got mine with my current boyfriend of two years. We have been having unprotected sex for a long time now but I just got infected lately I have always had a very strong immune system but stress and losing a loved one, plus drinking wine all the time weaken it I suppose oh, yes less sleep too for almost a year.

    He knows and told me he will not leave me but at the moment because of the lockdown he is not here. I have not seen him since January (before my diagnosis). I told him when he is back, we’ll do other tests.

    It’s been a struggle dealing with this alone that’s why I decided to join this forum. I still wish this is just a nightmare.


    I can’t believe you are in such a similar situation to me it’s crazy!

    I really do think that men overlook little things like a spot or a rash and never get it checked out, also apparently men are more asymptomatic than women. As the same in your case to mine, you’ve been having unprotected sex so surely he would’ve caught it if he didn’t have it already?

    It is really helpful isn’t it and whilst I don’t wish it on anyone else, it’s comforting to see so many people in the same situation.

    I agree with the beginning of your post, I think the most important thing firstly is to look after your body and do the right things to keep it under control before worrying about the future of having this, other people’s thoughts etc.

    It really is hard to feel like you’re still the same person and love yourself and feel attractive.

    Not wishing a disease on your boyfriend after, but I hope that when he comes back your presumption is right and it’s something you can deal with together xx


    Would you be willing to be friends on WhatsApp? Would be nice to have someone to talk to. I like that we share the same approach to managing this but we could learn a thing or two especially managing stress.

    I have not told anyone but my boyfriend but don’t communicate that much lately. It’s been hard dealing with it alone.


    Yes that would be lovely, it’s nice to have someone to talk to who understands and I’m sure we can share helpful advice and different things we can try!

    I’ll send you my number on a private message/reply on here


    I’ve emailed you


    Oh I’ve just realised it’s not showing your full email address.. I think if I privately reply here it just replies to me as it’s my post. Can you send me a private reply?


    Hi, ny email is What’s yours?


    It is so nice to read a post that is so similar to me and how I have been coping with all of this.

    I was sad for a few days and then just got into natural ways of keeping it at bay. I am doing all the things similar to you ladies. I like the idea of upping Lysine at certain times – weirdly I tend to get a small flare up sometimes about 2 weeks before my period?

    Also just a note; I thought I had got mine from my ex partner but I suffered with cystitis symptoms for years and I wonder if it may have just been dormant and I just didn’t show signs. I think they say around 80% of carriers can not show signs. No idea really but it may not be from your current partners?

    I also wanted to talk about sex and if you ladies had noticed a big difference in sex since being diagnosed? I am just starting to date someone and he is amazing and knows I have it. But I am so worried that when we start having sex that it might trigger it and will effect our sex life! 🙁

    I haven’t tried oregano oil so definitely going to add that to my list of things. I had considered the suppressive drug treatment or chinese herbs but I still feel I can control it myself.

    Lovely to read more positive messages! Thanks for that ladies!


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