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    Hi everyone,

    I hope you all are keeping safe during these times.

    I know many of us come on here for support and often times feel like our lives are over but..

    Is there any positive stories that you guys would care to share?

    I’m not going to lie, when I read positive stories and people feeling accepted It makes me feel like there’s still hope out there. Please feel free to drop your story down below.

    Remember, Hsv is just a chapter in your does not DEFINE you.


    Hi Kenya,
    I have recently been diagnosed with hsv2.
    I’ve been seeing the same guy for 3 months and my primary outbreak just came out of nowhere a couple of weeks back. The doctor says I could of had this for years and it’s only now decided to rear it’s ugly head.
    I’ve been really enjoying my time with this guy and the first thing I thought when I found out was, he’s never going to want to see me again.
    I plucked up the courage to tell him last week and I can’t begin to tell you how supportive he has been. I felt worthless like no one would ever love me. He’s been amazing and has made me feel so much more positive about life with hsv.
    There are good guys out there, people are more understanding than we all think. I wish there wasn’t so much stigma around herpes.


    Hi! I’ve got a very similar story to yours and I would be very happy if you’d wanna talk about it with me. Here is my email give me a shout when you are free! Sandra


    Hi Kenya,

    I’m like you. The positive stories above are a real boost. I’ve only had to disclose to one person since my diagnosis and it was an incredibly negative experience, so this gives me real hope right when I needed it.


    I’ve been recenetly diagnosed with hsv2, about 2 months ago or less. Since my diagnosis, I’ve still be having casual sex and have yet to be turned down. I even put it in my tinder bio as an experiment and was still getting 500+ likes a day. I even had multiple people that I matched with message me saying they also have hsv2. Trust me, there are plenty of people (attractive people!) that will either be okay with your diagnosis or have it as well. Don’t give up hope, your life is not over! There is somebody out there for everyone, and that doesn’t mean that you won’t get turned down at some point, but it’s not the end of the world. <3


    When you decide to have casual sex not through the apps, do you still make them aware of your status?


    Hi Kenya! Thank you for starting this thread as I feel like it can help others to see that people will still accept you.
    I was diagnosed with HSV1 (genitally) a little over 3 years ago now. I was in a relationship but had found out that my partner at the time cheated on me and contracted it. However, my partner was asymptomatic and I ended up contracting it through oral sex. I had a lot of the same feelings that have been described by others – shame, embarrassment, disgust with myself, etc. It was difficult and the relationship I was in at the time was not a healthy one.
    After I got out of that relationship, I worried that I would never find anyone who would accept me. The first person I told was my mom, who accepted me and supported me unconditionally. I started to then tell certain friends that I felt I could really trust (long-time friends), and they responded similarly.
    THEN I started slowly disclosing to potential romantic partners. I had disclosed to 3 people who I had been dating at different points in time, and they all appreciated me telling them and even showed the same acceptance. Things didn’t end up working out with the first two people for reasons outside of my diagnosis. The last person who I was romantically involved with was the one that stood out though. I had dated this same guy years earlier and had reconnected with him in early 2018 (1 year post-diagnosis). I remember when I told him, he didn’t even blink. He told me that he still cared about me and that it didn’t change my worth. Fast forward to now, and I’m engaged to that same guy. It’s absolutely true that the right people won’t make you feel like you’re worth less than you are over this diagnosis, whether it’s HSV1 or HSV2. Reiterating someone else’s point, your life is not over and there really is someone for everyone. Those who turn you down just aren’t the one for you. It all sounds cheesy and cliche but it is true.


    I was recently diagnosed with hsv2 a little over a month ago. My partner and I are not sure who brought the virus into the relationship, as many people arent. Instead of running away or filling our heads with doubt in eachother, my partner and I have embraced eachother with a trust that I had never experienced in my life. This has honestly made our relationship stronger in a way, because our love for eachother is unconditional. He accepts me for who I am and I do the same for him. I also know other people who have been diagnosed and those people have helped me accept and love myself so much, and we remind eachother daily to not live in shame of something that is so incredibly common and over stigmatized.


    I just found out. The same day I found out I stopped by my sons fathers house. I told him right away. I fell apart and had the most ugliest cry. He hugged me showed me a ton of love and support. He has since then also been romantic to me trying hard to show me I’m still capable of being loved and highly attractive. When I asked why he was being g sweet he said not only is that all true but im still his sons mother and will forever care for me. This guy had been my best friend for 14 years. We have a son and nearly got married. We parted ways but still remained close. This new life change seems to have brought us closer on a whole new level.


    Lovely to hear these positive stories x ive been with my partner 18 months and we don’t know how this came to rear its head now. He was very supportive when I told him my diagnosis, he has had symptoms himself, although I get the feeling he is slightly in denial and that uts something I have.. . Time will tell x


    I’ve had the virus for 20+ years and since then I’ve had a healthy kid, dated, been married, and have had a wonderful sex life. Life never stopped with the diagnosis. I don’t recall being down with my initial diagnosis but more of confused but I got passed that fairly quickly. I love my life eventhough now I’m trying to get back into dating (added stress) but I love myself enough to appreciate this time alone and do what makes me happy. With or without a man.


    wow!! I love your bravery about putting it in your bio. I have thought about that to help me with disclosing because I always have so much anxiety about it and have been rejected as well. My fear with disclosing similar to how you do it, is that someone who knows me may screenshot my profile and send it to others. I kind of want to still keep my status strictly my business to me and my support group only. I am not yet ready to allow the stigma to define me….i know it doesn’t honestly, but in reality to other people it will.


    I have a similar story to Mimi. I was diagnosed in 2019. I was terrified of telling my partner. We don’t know who brought it to the relationship. I told him to go and get tested. He tried to speak to me all day and I wouldn’t answer his calls. When I finally told him he said that he loved me no matter what. We are still together and going strong.

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