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    I was diagnosed with HSV2 7 months ago after been told many times it was different infections until been tested due to the blisters. I’ve experienced UTI’s in the past, but this felt like a sever UTI. I’d been seeing a guy for 4 months prior to this, and he was very supportive and non-judgmental, and said he had never experienced any symptoms. Unfortunately we recently split up (not related to the diagnosis). I had a long term partner before that, although we had broken up in between, and separate intimate relationships during that time. He often got cold sores on his mouth, although we never discussed this as ‘herpes’ as I suppose we were just uneducated on it. He was very strict about not kissing when he had a cold sore. He also cheated on me by kissing 2 separate girls one night (he says that is all it was). During our break about 4 years ago I was sleeping with a guy and during this time I got a UTI which was very painful (although they usually are). I have so many questions… was the guy I was sleeping with give me it back then? Did my long term partner give me it during oral sex? Did my partner do more than kiss a girl and contract it? If it was ever considered to rekindle things with my long term partner, how would I tell him, would he accept it?

    As well as all of this, I feel so alone. I have confided in a few of my close friends who are supportive, but I can’t help but think I am going to be on my own or I won’t be accepted. I don’t want kids just yet, but in the future I hope to have kids and a family. I know this virus is so common but so many people don’t know they have it, so when it comes to disclosing it in the future am I just going to be rejected by someone who could potentially have it themselves? I fear disclosing it to someone I know, or they know people I know and it gets shared around. I am struggling to cope with the impact this is having on my life, I am already struggling with my mental health and my stresses.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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