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    Hi I am mom and my daughter just got tested for the virus. I am praying and hoping the results are not positive but an trying to come to terms if there not. The anticipation is killing me but my daughter seems to be doing fine . I don’t know if she’s trying to stay strong for me but she hasn’t broke down and cryed yet. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do.

    Dr. Kelly

    Just let her know that either way, you love her unconditionally. If she is positive, there is a treasure trove of information available through our community and educational resources. We will all support the two of you through this journey. Know that at least 1 in 4 women have herpes, so it is something that is incredibly common and totally manageable.

    From One Mom To Another,
    Dr. Kelly


    Well she tested positive for herpies 1 . I don’t understand how people take herpies so lightly . It’s not ok and no one in my environment seems to acknowledge that. I have herpies on my lip. And am married with children. And I have done my best to protect them from the virus. My son caught it from a teacher in school that didn’t think herpies was a problem because of the statistics are so high. My baby girl got it from her stepbrother and her father and step mom don’t think it’s a big deal either. This is herpies and it’s not ok and it’s for life. I’m sorry for not being as supportive as others but nothing about contracting the virus is ok due to other people’s neglect. It’s digesting and degrading to think that passing herpies to another human being is ok. It is not ok. I can see if u did everything in your power to protect others from being infected and life happens but the mear neglect is just killing me. An now my oldest child has it. I’m sorry but this is all to much. I don’t know what to do anymore . Why bother caring if the world around me doesn’t. Sorry I seem to be venting


    I know this site is a very positive site and i have had the herp. i call it since i was 12. so i have a very good handle on it but now that my kids all 3 are involved i cant stop thinking about it. i was talking about neglect yesterday then i had an ahh haa moment. i am sexually active with my husband and preform oral sex frequently an now that i have done some more research apparently i can give it to him with out an out break. i am so confused not and my life is now coming to a halt. now i am in the research stage in life doing it all over again and every thing i find their is a contradiction to it . so wish me luck on my journey … im apparently all in .
    MOM on a mission.


    so update : the doctor just called and said the swab test came back negative for any otheer std’s and i asked several questions
    1. how could this boy give her the herp if he had no symptoms she said he had to have some kind of break out in order to transfer it to her, witch i dont understand because of my research said you dont need the breakout to transfer it hens-ed confused .
    2. should the boy be tested so he doesnt infect other innocent girls SHE SAID NO .. NO ..?
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO . he just infected my daughter and your telling me no he doesnt have to get tested or even know if he has the herp and can just randomly give it away to anyone like its some kind of legacy hes leaving on this earth. im sorry but for a medical professional to say ahh, no, he doesnt have to get tested, its nothing, 98% of america has this, its only herpies! i am beside my self totally outraged at this concept of injustice.
    she was tested for std’s 3 weeks prior and they never tested her for herpies because medical wont pay unless you are having symptoms. so what exactly is a full std check up then. whats the point any more … frustrated ! not to add she used a fricking condom omg a stinking condom and apparently she has herpies 1 on her vajj soo that means he needed a condom for his mouth because he apparently knew he had the herp on his lips and still DECIDED to have oral sex. i was ok when i thought he didnt know he had it and infected her by a mistake but it looking like he knew and did it anyway and her lack of knowledge = INFECTED FOR LIFE !
    Y JUST Y !


    hello everybody! i am back and a little more calmer now that my mind has been on other things. sooo. lets try to deal with this step by step
    1. the unchangeable fact : we have HSV 1 now !
    2. now what!
    2.5 lol
    treatment options & look for a cure
    prescription drugs
    herbal remedies
    scams for a cure
    3. make a list of questions so i can see a doctor and get a consultation on the do’s and dont’s with hsv1 and treatment options
    4.deal with it !

    so i guess im all in its homework time.

    so i guess what ill be doing is looking for temporary relief from the itching and burning feeling from the open wounds and looking for a cure someone has that no one knows about.

    so here i go pray for me on our journey
    p.s. ill keep tract of my progress or lack of progress so no one has to go thru what im putting my family thru being Guine pigs for a cure. im sorry but if we are gona hae this for life i might as well spend my life on finding a workable solution.
    p.s.s. lol if you know of anything that may help feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for me
    thanks and god bless


    so im wondering if any one has ever tried aloe vera for the blisters i have never tried it but my daughter prefers to keep it dry because the moisture will only make it take longer to heal . so were stuck with either endure the pain or relieve the pain some kind of way and also it was doctor recommended not to put anything in the vagina area. so what to do what to do.


    Calamine Plus, works for me when the sores start to heal, making them far more itchy. It dries them out and relieves the itch. Good luck to your daughter. I was just diagnosed and this is helping me..


    Thanks I am certainly going to recommend it to my daughter, although everything I’ve recommend was turned down so far because the doctor said do not apply anything in that area . But it sounds like it just might do the trick. Much appreciated !


    Hello ladies ! Happy Friday . So just thoughtI’d do a follow up. Everything seems to be getting back to normal. Still have a lot of questions And yet don’t exactly know what they are . Lol. my daughter is healing still and doesn’t seem to be venting to me much so I don’t know if she’s hiding her emotions from me or if she is really ok. Her boyfriend is ok with her having this but claims he doesn’t have it. So this is a big mistery for all of us. I’m still so confused on what to do but our appointment is coming up soon so let’s see what the dr. Has to say … thanks for listening…

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