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    When I was 17 I had my first sexual relationship (there was no penetrative sex but other stuff…) and I remember there was this pinprick of sensation at one point if I leant or moved a certain way. But nothing to see at all. It was strange but nothing really. It went and that was that. Then I had to stop wearing thongs because they began to irritate me, but again nothing physical that I could really see. I went to the sexual health clinic and they said that because I had not had penetrative sex, there was nothing they could test me for, and pretty much sent me packing.

    Then a while later I met a new boyfriend and started having sex. At first it was fine, but then it became uncomfortable and I began to bleed whenever we had sex. I recall also a lump near my vagina. Not open or raw, but just a sort of bump under the skin, and I think a discharge perhaps. I went to the doctor about the bleeding and she took a look (the lump was nowhere to be seen by then) and said that I had thin skin on my cervix and would likely bleed whenever I had sex for the rest of my life (just what a 17 year old needs to hear! This transpired not to be the case at all).

    A year or so later, after I left school, I went travelling and had a couple of relationships. When I got back I had more typical symptoms of herpes. One ulcer in exactly the place I had the pinprick sensation during my first ever relationship, and sharp nervy sensations shooting in my lower abdomen. That is the one and only blister or ulcer I have ever had (now 12 years later), and because of its location I assumed this all came from my first ever relationship. I distinctly remember the guy having a cold sore too.

    Would a pinprick sensation and a sudden irritation with thongs be indicative of a herpes infection most people wouldn’t notice? Would vaginal bleeding during sex and a miscellaneous lump be indicative of herpes? Or is it more likely that I contracted it on my travels when I actually had a blister and the nerves started acting up? Certainly after that I was much more bothered by it…the strange sensations and discomfort that followed over the next couple of years.

    It is a most confusing virus, and I suppose when I actually contracted it is hard to determine.

    Suffice to say that my entire sexual history has been littered with doctor’s appointments and struggles to determine what exactly was wrong with me. I was swabbed about six times over the years (I sometimes get linear fissures, perhaps just one, at the time of my period), and each time it came back negative. My experience with this virus has caused me to lose faith in doctors because they gave me a dozen other alternative diagnoses – eczema, dry skin, thrush etc I suppose because I never displayed ‘typical’ symptoms, and I was never offered me a blood test to satisfy my conviction that what I had was herpes.

    I have been with my husband for 9 years now and have recently discovered that I am pregnant so I paid privately for a blood test to satisfy myself once and for all. Bizarrely, having an incontestable positive result hit me much harder than I thought it would, having suspected that I have had this virus since I was a teenager. It became instantly real again and I felt as terrible as I would have felt had it been entirely new to my body.

    And because now there is potential for this sneaky virus to harm someone other than me, I am nervous about my pregnancy.

    Dr. Kelly

    Trying To Stay Calm,

    Thank you for sharing. It gives me great insight into what might have happened to you. I applaud you for giving us the details.

    My guess is that you have had herpes for some time now. It could have been with your first sexual encounter. The symptoms that you felt could have been internal because the herpes virus lives in the nervous system. Anywhere alone the path that the nerve takes from the spine to the surface of the skin can illicit symptoms.

    To answer a few more of your questions…yes, a thong can irritate the skin enough to cause outbreaks. I don’t think the bleeding was from the herpes, but I do think that the lump could have been a swollen lymph node…hard to say.

    The most important thing I can tell you is that the chances of having complications with your baby are next to nothing. In fact, since we know you have probably had this for some time now, your body will produce antibodies that will be given to your baby. This will help your little one to fight of infections, including herpes.

    I encourage you to buy my book and read the chapter about herpes and pregnancy. It can be found at http://www.livelovethrive.pinktent.com In it, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions of pregnant moms with herpes. If at least 1 in 4 women have herpes, the number of neonatal herpes cases would be astronomical if it was a more statistically substantial threat.

    Take a deep breath and do your best to stay calm. You are loved beyond belief. Know that you are whole and that you are not alone.

    Live. Love. Thrive.
    Dr. Kelly


    Hi Dr Kelly,

    Thanks for your swift response. I’ve actually read your book (I think that’s how I found pink tent actually). I thought it was very good, so thank you for sharing everything you’ve learnt.

    Incidentally, I wanted more on herpes and pregnancy and also bought your book on that topic, but was disappointed to find it was almost identical in content to the pregnancy section from live love thrive. (Had I realised the content was so similar I wouldn’t have purchased both).

    I had a couple of questions actually, about the diet and herbal things you mention. In my vast internet-surfing relating to herpes, there are numerous ‘cures’ mentioned (I am certainly aware that those newly diagnosed are easy to take advantage of), but I wanted to ask about using oregano in combination with a clean diet (there is some sort of suggestion that oregano can access the dormant virus. Sounds pretty far-fetched, but intriguing nonetheless). Although I have my doubts about that the claims do sort of fall into line with your advice on clean living and removing toxicity, so I figure there must be something in it. It is so tempting to believe the claims that a rigorous protocol could kill/clear the virus. Are you of the opinion that this is 100% not possible?

    Also, I see that you approve of Hygeia. I was wondering whether you had come across Pronovex – my reason for asking is that they seem to be sort of similar in that they are natural anti-viral supplements, so I was wondering why you back Hygeia particularly (and if you had considered endorsing anything else)?

    Oh, and I recollect in your book you are not a fan of vaccinations. So out of interest, were they to develop a vaccination for HSV, would you discourage loved ones from getting it? And if it were therapeutic, would you not consider taking it yourself?

    Kind regards

    Dr. Kelly

    I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed my newest book. Here are some answers to your questions

    1. Beware of cures. I have yet to see one. Many of these concoctions are actually harmful to the body. Do I believe there is a cure out there? Yes. I do believe it is possible and I ask if any of you have this experience, please share with me in a personal email and we can discuss the results. I do think that this is possible.

    Many of the cures are remedies that help to keep the virus from replicating. As a result, it helps to keep the virus to lie dormant, which is not the same thing as eradicating it from the body.

    Oil of oregano is an excellent antiviral for herpes simplex and I there is research that shows that it is effective against herpes.

    2. I have personally endorsed Hygeia only because I have had such excellent results as have so many other women in our community. I will consider endorsing other things that women in our community have had several positive experiences with. Once that happens, then I would thoroughly research the product and company supplying it. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there.

    3. Vaccinations. I know that I would not personally take a vaccine for herpes. I would also probably discourage loved ones for taking one, as the side effects of things such as these often outweighs the benefits. Honestly, I would have to see the research behind it.

    Hope this helps.

    Live. Love. Thrive.
    Dr. Kelly

    P.S.(The pregnancy mini book was written before the full book, but we decided to keep it in circulation for those who just want information about pregnancy and herpes).

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