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    I got diagnosed a few months ago, my swab couldn’t be tested because it was out of date and when they tried to swab again there wasn’t any point. I tried to ask for a blood test but my GP refused so I am still in denial. At the beginning Of this year I felt an impending doom as my 30th birthday would approach in 3 yrs. I felt scared and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with my partner still. My mistake was that I told him this and started partying and going to see my friends every weekend to try and find my new lease of life again. This has lead him to believe that I have possibly cheated on him but that is not the case. Anyway fast forward 6 months and I have been diagnosed with herpes, I want to tell him, I have recently realised that actually he is an amazing man and what I was going through was something personal to me – but I am scared of losing him and our life. My kid’s are only 2 & 3 and our life is perfect. A little bland but I like it and it works for us. I know pretty he hasn’t strayed and if he has it hasn’t been recently. I very highly doubt this is from him and at the beginning of our relationship just before I met him I had ghonorrea. He found out and was fine with it but I am assuming it is from the same person. Obviously when I had the kids I had a full STD screen and also had one when I had gonorrhea so I am really confused. I am so scared about telling him because I feel like he will instantly think I have cheated and will kick me out. How can I live with this and protect him and our life together at the same time?

    Dr. Kelly

    The vulnerability of this conversation can be intense. I encourage you to share from your heart and just tell the truth. If it is meant to be it will be. It does sound like you most likely contracted it from the same partner that transmitted gonorrhea. The sooner you can disclose, the better. It is like a heavy weight that will be released from your heart. If you need more support, let’s connect and truly create your new lease on life! Just click https://pinktent.com/coaching-form-prebook/ I have worked with women who hadn’t told their partners and even husbands for decades. Once they disclosed with my coaching and guidance, their hearts and lives opened up to the truth.

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