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    Hi there,
    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 10 years and entered the dating scene only to contract genital herpes after sleeping with the first guy I met after the big breakup. Lucky me. I’ve been coming to terms with it and it’s been very emotional. No, actually it’s been terrible. Mostly because the outbreak has lasted 3 months solid! Tons of pain. Lots of little pimples and little to no relief. And I’ve tried valtrex, lysine, meditation, charka healing, change in diet… you name it. Is it just me or is a three month outbreak unusual for the first episode? I feel like I am going insane. What’s crazy is I have had cold sores all my life which only pop up once a year and it’s really not a big deal. This, on the other hand, has been painful and torturous. Reading Dr. Kelly’s book has been great, but i have not improved. Please help. Advice, words of wisdom? Anyone else experience such a lengthy and painful first outbreak?


    Hi West!

    I wish I had more words of wisdom for you because this sounds really terrible for you! My first outbreak was about 14 days in length and I spent all 14 days wondering if it would ever end. I am so sorry yours is lasting so long. Have you gone to your regular doctor again to make sure something else isn’t going on (like something else seemingly unrelated is happening to make this outbreak go on and on)?

    I hope you figure it out soon! All I can say is continue doing what you’re doing- it can’t hurt! Anything to help that immune system, go for it. I personally stick to a pretty strict diet when not having an active outbreak and a REALLY strict diet while having one. Let us now when you figure this out, and may it be MUCH sooner than later for you!


    Thanks Shasta!

    I know, 3 months of this has really been hard on the soul. I did visit my doctor a second time and she also thinks it could be shingles – hence the length and pain. But because it’s on my labia it’s a rather odd place for it to appear.

    About your strict diet. Anything I should be avoiding? I have been eating zero processed foods and a lot of greens… no chocolate (sadly) or caffeine.

    Inner beauty shines

    Hello west
    I think my first outbreak was about the same time, if not longer… About four months
    Endless pain, no relief , my doctors helpless. I was devastated.
    I bought dr. Kells book after buying a few other and it has become my bible….
    I stick to everything, only the cup of coffee in the morning is sth i need to have…
    I think a lot is due to the emotional roller coaster that we go through.
    Try to do you sth good every day, go to funny movies, try to laugh, do things you always wanted to do, and always skipped.
    Afford what you like. I had for example extensive shopping attacks and bought dresses and skirts. I ALWAYS wore only trousers.
    Dresses and skirts are much more comfortable during outbreaks. I cannot wear my jeans anymore,.. It causes itching pretty soon.
    So i tried to combine the necessary with the nice things.

    Do not despair, you are not alone…


    Hello again West!

    In terms of eating, I have gone through some trial and error to find what works for my body and what seems to make me strongest. In my case, I cut out ALL processed foods; I stop dairy during these times; I avoid bread products, and I focus on high quality ‘real’ foods. For example, I’ll make a big smoothie for breakfast with medjool dates, bananas, blueberries and water (or whatever variation of fruit I have on hand). Some women seem to find that fruit isn’t the best for them during these times and in my case I have found no negative impacts, only seemingly positive. Lunch I might make some sort of vegetable salad using some sort of vinegar and olive oil dressing. Supper can be a high quality protien with a veggie or something else along those lines. I’ll openly snack on raw fruits and veggies throughout the day, or I use my juicer to make fresh juice to keep on hand.

    As I said, everyone has different bodies with unique needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment and journaling can be priceless in figuring it out for you- it will take a while but in the long run it is so helpful! Dr Kelly’s book has great info for a starting point concerning food and supplements. Your goal is to find out what heals YOUR body and makes you strongest.

    It’s a journey! 🙂 Just really listen to your body and if you keep a journal of food with notations concerning worsening or improvement of symptoms day-to-day you’ll have an easier time of seeing a pattern that you might not have otherwise noticed.


    Thank you Shasta and Inner Beauty…

    Good to know, I already am a health nut drinking green juices and cutting out processed foods. We’ll see what works. Almost on month 4 now… it’s not as intense so I am hoping the healing has started. It’s a journey indeed… a very difficult one. Thanks for the support. I hope and trust this will be over soon. xo west

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