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    I am a 24 year old girl diagnosed two years ago with genital HSV-1. My bf was checked for STD’s before we did anything, but the “friction sores” he claimed to get turned out to be herpes. I was terrified at having an incurable illness despite having only 1 other sexual partner my whole life and having him checked for STD’s prior. The first outbreak was bad and I took Val to treat it. I had another outbreak during my finals about 7 months after and I couldn’t stop scratching (even in the library which was so embarrassing). I would feel this tingly feeling running down my body at random times and I wondered if it would always be like this forever. I did hours of research and crying until I worked out some type of regimen to fight this, and so far it has worked. I take daily Vitamin B, C (w/ rose hip), and D supplements. I sleep 8+ hrs and do meditation when I can. I don’t shave down there as much anymore and I try to stay relaxed. I have a bottle of Val in case I get an outbreak.

    I promise you all it gets better!!! At first I would think about my diagnosis and “new life” everyday. I would cry for hours. I never told my bf, even now. He’s a frat dude and completely unknowledgeable about these things and he doesn’t know that he gave it to me or that he had it. I want to tell him, but I don’t even know how. It’s been 2+ years and it feels out of place to say it now. When I think about his past sexual experiences it hurts me to think that one of them led to me developing this despite me only having 1 partner to avoid literally this from happening.

    Feel free to ask me questions. I am so grateful to this community for the support it gave me when I first was diagnosed. Unfortunately HSV-1 is a troll that sleeps within us, but we are NOT helpless. We can prevent it from waking up again by keeping our immune system strong and supporting each other.


    Hi, thanks for your post! I was diagnosed with G-HSV1 about 6 weeks ago. I’ve gone on 2 rounds of valacyclovir already, and I still feel neuralgia and have 1 cut on my butt that hasn’t gone away. I’ve been coping my arming myself with info but it’s still frustrating.

    Could you tell me what your experience since your initial outbreak has been? What recurrent outbreaks have been like- like how frequent and how mild/severe has it been?


    I am going to copy and paste what I wrote to a person in this forum months ago, so you can know it better:

    Well. The first thing is to be informed. Having HSV-1 genital is different than HSV-2 genital. are the Here are facts you need to know:
    50% to 80% of the population already has HSV-1 orally.
    It is rare to pass the virus to your genitals once you have it orally.
    HSV-2 genital outbreaks go from 3 to 6 per year or more in symptomatic people.
    HSV-1 genital outbreaks are 1 or less per year in symptomatic people. Most often, they have 1-3 in three years and then nothing.
    Viral shedding (When you shed the virus without symptoms) of HSV-1 genital is like 1-3% depending on the study.
    Viral shedding of HSV-2 genital is 15-30% of the time.
    Without a condom and having sex while there are no symptoms in HSV-2 is 4% from women to man.
    Imagine with HSV-1. It’s almost nothing. The transmission of HSV-1 genital to genital is rare (really rare). You mostly get HSV-1 with oral sex. That’s what happened to you. You didn’t catch it as a kid with the kiss of your parents or a grandpa or grandma; and your first exposure to HSV-1 was oral sex.
    So, you got genital herpes, but you were lucky enough to get the nicer one: HSV-1.
    All you need to do is to request your partner to get tested, the chances he has HSV-1 and doesn’t even know are high. If he has it, no problem.
    If he doesn’t, still, the chances of getting it during sex are really really low.
    Watch a video in YouTube called “understanding herpes” from the American health association. And watch a podcast in YouTube “The big herpes episode with Terri Warren”. She is one of the top recognized academics and researchers about herpes. All I said and more will be there. If you need a serious paper to understand it, I can send it as well.
    Most people say herpes is herpes, it doesn’t matter (even doctors). But, for me, it does matter. Having herpes is not a big deal, and having HSV-1 is even less than a deal.
    I hope this information helps you, and I encourage you to request your partner a test. Maybe he has HSV-2 and doesn’t even know. You should also take care of your health.


    Thank you so much Ripgirl01 for your positivity. I like your comparison of it being a troll that we can keep asleep with positive things in our life- vitamins, sleep, meditation. I have always always always wondered how much my flare ups are connected to stress and anxiety. And it is so true what you said about the scratching. It is soooo hard to not scratch and then I get stuck in this scratch and itch cycle that is just terrible.

    I am going to try some vitamins for sure. I am also trying to drink lots of water hoping that it helps.

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