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    I am a 24 year old girl diagnosed two years ago with genital HSV-1. My bf was checked for STD’s before we did anything, but the “friction sores” he claimed to get turned out to be herpes. I was terrified at having an incurable illness despite having only 1 other sexual partner my whole life and having him checked for STD’s prior. The first outbreak was bad and I took Val to treat it. I had another outbreak during my finals about 7 months after and I couldn’t stop scratching (even in the library which was so embarrassing). I would feel this tingly feeling running down my body at random times and I wondered if it would always be like this forever. I did hours of research and crying until I worked out some type of regimen to fight this, and so far it has worked. I take daily Vitamin B, C (w/ rose hip), and D supplements. I sleep 8+ hrs and do meditation when I can. I don’t shave down there as much anymore and I try to stay relaxed. I have a bottle of Val in case I get an outbreak.

    I promise you all it gets better!!! At first I would think about my diagnosis and “new life” everyday. I would cry for hours. I never told my bf, even now. He’s a frat dude and completely unknowledgeable about these things and he doesn’t know that he gave it to me or that he had it. I want to tell him, but I don’t even know how. It’s been 2+ years and it feels out of place to say it now. When I think about his past sexual experiences it hurts me to think that one of them led to me developing this despite me only having 1 partner to avoid literally this from happening.

    Feel free to ask me questions. I am so grateful to this community for the support it gave me when I first was diagnosed. Unfortunately HSV-1 is a troll that sleeps within us, but we are NOT helpless. We can prevent it from waking up again by keeping our immune system strong and supporting each other.

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