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    Hello, I too am newly single after diagnosis years ago, 23 1/2 years to be exact. That was when I got married. I did know about his diagnosis before sexual contact. I researched all about herpes and decided to continue in the relationship and get married because I believed I would be with him for life. That ended 2.5 years ago .I never disclosed to
    My doctor or sought treatment out of embarrassment.Just “got through” every outbreak. I have been searching ever since single for support , information. That search ended , or perhaps began anew when I found Pink Tent. I have hope now going forward. I ordered Dr Kelly’s book and look forward to
    Learning to aid and live with this
    Diagnosis. So thankful
    The book will address dietary helps, emotional distress and psychological healing.I’m here to give support as well as receive support❤️


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    I know how mortifying the not knowing can be but I was in your shoes exactly about 8 months ago. I had just one sore, it was uncomfortable but not horribly painful so I thought I just cut myself shaving or maybe the laser treatments I was getting. Until I grabbed a mirror and looked closely and I realized it looked like a herpes sore. I also became extremely sick during these days and thought I had a kidney infection or kidney stone bc it would burn and hurt so much when I peed and I also became super sick with fever, chills, nausea & vomiting, lost so much weight and when I saw the sore I went to go get checked with my OB/GYN and my worst fear became reality. I came back positive for HSV-2. The other flu-like symptoms were in response to my first HSV outbreak. So go get checked just in case. It is always better to know so you can properly prevent spreading it or know how to manage it as difficult as it may seem.


    Hi all. I have been recently diagnosed with hsv 2 and i am keen on treating this with natural remedies. I have been doing hours of research since diagnosis and wanted to know of other peoples experience with natural treatments. Whats worked, what hasnt etc.

    I have ordered monolaurin and waiting for it to arrive. My lysine arrived yesterday and i have began taking it as a supplement. I also applied some of the powder straight on to the ulcers. It did hurt a bit but i powered through. When i woke it was the most relief i had felt since the begining of the putbreak. Could be coincidence?

    Anyway.. please reply with your thoughts and experiences. Thanks so much. This is definitely a lot to process.


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    Hi. New to the community. I was diagnosed not even a week ago… I have no words to describe how I Am feeling. I feel numb most of the time. I can’t help and think how someone so careless like my abusive ex would have to leave me to deal with this for the rest of my life. I have no idea how to begin to process anything and can’t wrap my head around anything right now. I feel betrayed by my own body. I feel like I Want to crawl out of it sometimes. The stress and the sadness even caused a bad outbreak to occur and I am not yet on treatment (this will happen soon)
    This is really forever…


    Has anyone tried HerpaGreens? Any success?


    @katiejane, very true, herpes can cause long time pelvic pain, got to know from a doctor. However, you can end it with the right treatment according to him. Write me on mail @ so I let you know how to go about it.



    I’m a 33 year old, I was diagnosed 18-20 years ago with genital herpes. It was so long ago that I don’t remember if I got a treatment for it.
    When I was 21 I had a D&C abortion, please no judgment or rude remarks. Sometime after that between 21 and 23 I started getting chronic pelvic ppain. I have had numerous testing done in the past 10 years. Ultrasounds, mris, laproscopy to try and find out what’s been causing the pelvic pain. In 2016 I think I also started experiencing urinary problems, retention and frequency. I’ve never gotten a diagnosis for my pelvic pain and I still have it almost daily. It an feel deep and go down into my leg.
    Does anyone know if herpes has cause long term pelvic pain, has anyone had similar experiences?


    First off….you had every right to every emotion you felt.

    Even how you handled it can not be judged. It’s very traumatizing to be told you have herpes.

    I went to my doc and we had wonderful chats. She gave me many treatment options and i told her my biggest fear is passing it to someone. Where i live you can sue someone for giving you this. I never want to experience that!! She started me on daily preventive treatments. I take 2 pills daily and always wear condoms. You can still have a sex life.

    It really feels like a slap in the face to be so openly comfortable with someone you trust and love to having to take meds and wear condoms you can protect others. Yes it’s a little late to be this safe but it is what it is and our sex lives are not over.

    I have shared with someone who was always hitting on me and i knew nothing would ever happen as he was in a different city. I said look i don’t want to lead you on. I know your interested in me but i don’t feel like im worth your efforts. He asked why i told him. Time and time again i let my guard down woth men who i dated and i always have been cheated on and now i have herpes. I take daily meds to not pass it on but im not ready yet for sex. He was like im glad you said someone most people dont. I don’t have it but i have a few friends going through it and i know how hard it is to talk about. He told me he’s glad i went and got checked and take meds as from a man’s point his friends slacked for a long time as they were scared to be told.

    This guy still hearts my stuff but the flirty talk has stopped. Im not hurt i knew it was gonna happen and again he’s way in another for it. But it gave me some positive experiance talking about it. Not everyone will be understanding but our sex lives are not over. My doc said meds and protection and we can get BA k out when we are ready. We are still worth being loved


    I was recently diagnosed in June with a first outbreak of HSV-1, and haven’t had a outbreak since. like you I have feared contracting herpes all my life and when I got it I was in complete denial. I still am having a hard time coping but I honestly have been feeling healthy and have had no other symptoms of the herpes virus since my initial outbreak. I recommend you read Kelly’s book it helped me immensely with coping and treatment for the virus.
    I do recommend telling you partner it will relief alot of stress and anxiety for you. I finally told my best friend/partner and he handled it better than I thought he would although I was prepared to be rejected, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t tell him and he became infected.
    Im going through the same thing that you are. Remember that you are not alone, we are not alone.


    Hello. Today I got my results from the IGG test, showing a 1.30 for HSV-1. The IGM dropped a negative result for both. The doctor was very sarcastic and cynical. He didn’t give me information on how to prevent transmission or treatment. I felt judged. I feel devastated, lonely, disgusting and that my life is over. Please, share as much information as you have. I’m feeling like I shouldn’t love anymore.


    Interesting, as someone else just posted about negative test results but is pretty sure they have herpes. If you can get a prescription, maybe go ahead and start treatment. I wish you well!


    I have chronic anemia and have been doing different treatments and found one that should stop my periods. I was so excited to not have to deal with periods monthly and now i have this. I too felt like i was close to freedom and relief with my body and now it’s gone.

    Change of mindset is what gets me out of a lot of sad experiences but this one is a hard one. However this past week i did find myself grateful that i have the internet at my finger tips as the friend who gave it to me did not. That i have your by my side where my friend had no one. I am grateful of the meds that are here as i thought about people before and what they musta went though trying to find relief. Im grateful that the stigma around it is not lile what it use to be as more and more info is known about it.

    We may not have much control of stuff but our mindset is something we do have. Let’s stop feeling like we lost and try to feel like were still in the race.

    Anyone wanna add what they are grateful for?


    Started my daily COQ10 and Lysine today! I’m still in my first week of my first breakout.

    As much as this all sucks and how frustrated I was this past week I had to remind myself of a few things.
    *the advanced knowledge of meds given at the hospital.

    I was given
    –(2)500mg tabs Tylenol as needed 4 times a day.
    –(1)500mg tabs twice a day daily
    –(2)125mg tabsfamciclovir 3 times daily for 10 days.
    —2 large tubes of 2.0 strength of lidocaine.

    Grateful for the internet for helping me reach info others before me didn’t have such resources at thier finger tips. I learned….
    –burn gel would help thanks to the aloe and lidocaine.
    –high in zinc super rash cream
    — calamine lotion could help as herpes is a skin donation that the sores need to be dried and soothed
    –the internet offered this support group where i lined about supplements and now i take COQ10 100mg 2 times a day as well as lysine 1000mg 3 times a day

    Theres a lot to be pissed about but seeing how stress can cause an outbreak let’s try change out mindset and be grateful for what’s available to us.
    My friend who gave it to me told me he’s had it over 30 years and the stigma and lack of knowledge available to him made him feel alone and he just based through all pain when it came to outbreaks and thanks to me and my support hes called his doc to start treatment and ask for help. He thought unless there was an open sore you can’t pass it. I had to show him how that’s not true.


    Bumps are common as well. Even small clusters of bumps. Yes we all react differently. I’m still with my first outbreak and now that it’s gone down a lot. In the shower I took a gentle feel down there and i seem to have both. Tears and bumps. High zinc and the meds from the hospital. Calamine lotion and burn gel has helped me so far as those are all i have in my house that i googled and it’s been approved to put on and explained how it helps.

    As of locations i read it moves around. So like hot baths as soothing as it is is not suggested unless there’s salt in it as it can spread to thighs and butt cheeks. If you never had an outbreaks near your anus don’t be to surprised if it happens. If you only had it outside your car it can make its way inside as well. So take daily steps such as cleaning all areas daily. I also read on here taking COQ10 twice a day helps reduce outbreaks and such.

    High zinc diaper rash creams help with spot treatments as well.

    Im new here but thats what i have read. I hope i helped.


    It’s mainly aloe so it soothes it so well. Then it has the numbing in it as well so numbs and soothes. I have dug deep in my med cabinet and using what i have. I also rotate rash creams calamine lotion to help dry out. Im on day 7 of the start of this but day 4 of meds and sources of treatments. 4 days that’s it. It feels like a life time all ready. It’s a lot of work and I’m so wiped out all ready. But im doing much mich better and didn’t need the burn gel today. Thank god! That was rough. I feel like the worst has passed for the majority of my outbreak but my anus is still active as it split open a few days ago. But im hoping my new routine serves me well.

    Diaper rash cream
    burn gel
    calamine lotion
    Warm soapy water
    Hydrogen peroxide
    That’s all i have that i googled that have been approved to be used.

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