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    Well, today I tested positive. I remember bursting into tears. I had prayed and prayed that it would come back negative. I’m crying as I’m writing this actually and the appointment was 3 hours ago. Honestly, when I first heard it the news I didn’t want to be alive anymore. Still kinda feel that way. I feel like my world is crashing down around me. For days I have been telling myself that it was going to be negative. That I was going to be fine, that the doctors were wrong. How am I going to date? Whose going to want to date me? Let alone have kids with me some day? I don’t plan on telling my family. I don’t think I can deal with the shame that I know I’m going to feel. I can hardly handle it now. The only plus right now is that my best friend since 7th grade is sticking by me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is literally my best friend in the whole world. I called her and just broke down and it felt good to tell her everything that I’ve been feeling these past few days. I still feel like I’m in a dream and I’ll wake up and I won’t be positive. But I know that’s not going to happen. I’m going to have this for the rest of my life and I’m going to have to be careful. Something I thought I was doing. Clearly I am very wrong. It’s funny how this is more devastating than testing positive for tb at 12. And that was something that could’ve killed me if I hadn’t gotten treatment. Definitely one hell of a Christmas present. I know that I’m not alone in this but right now I feel like I’m alone. Sure I have the support of my best friend and some other friends but they don’t get it. And everyone on here has been amazing, I just feel scared. What is my future going to hold? Is my mental health going to hold is the real question. I already have bad depression, I think it might be time to go back on my antidepressants. I honestly feel really numb, but I know I’m going to cry again later. This all just feels like a dream. Like it’s happening to someone else. I never thought in my life that I would have an STD. But yet here I am.


    Well I was suppose to go and get my results and further testing done today. They called and said that they didn’t have my results and that’s why they wanted me to schedule a follow up appointment. So now I have to wait till Wednesday at 3:30. My anxiety has been all over the place. I’m praying that the fact that I haven’t had any of the symptoms that they told me to watch out for is a good sign. I just hope that it’s good news because I’ve missed a few classes and a few days of work because I’ve been so depressed and nervous. I can’t wait for this waiting game to be over. I’ve never been so scared for test results and I’ve had to go through treatment after testing positive for the skin test if TB at the age of twelve. I’m more scared now than I was back then and that was something that could kill me. Funny how those things work out. Now I’m rambling, anyways I’m praying these test results come back negative. Since this whole ordeal my perception on STDs and other sexual diseases have changed drastically. I use to have a negative outlook on them, now I see that it can happen to anyone. I hate the way I viewed it before, because I’m not a judgmental person. But this experience has opened my eyes to a whole new outlook.


    Hi, gina108tt. I am on my second outbreak after initial diagnosis in April so I am unsure what is normal myself. What treatment are you on? I was on valacyclovir but it wasn’t working for me so I am now taking lysine tablets to try to get it under control. The meds worked last April but now are not but it’s been three days now on the lysine with maybe a tiny bit improvement. Just not sure what to do at this point. I wish you well!


    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post! I wanted to ask if anyones had experience with herpes and oral sex. I am a young thriving 23 year old woman and I want to continue dating. Granted, it will be slightly challenging, i try not to give up hope for myself in finding the perfect partner. Although I didn’t think i’d be finding him a month after my diagnoses. YIKES. Long story short, I want to be able to pleasure him and receive pleasure from him in the form of oral sex. I am on suppressive therapy as well as taking supplements to boost my immune system. I had my initial outbreak a month ago and it appeared genitally but I have HSV-1. I had one sore on my lip but using powerful lip treatments it cleared up in days. do you have experience giving or receiving oral? please share!


    This month is my four year ‘herpaversary’, after an extreme reaction to the first outbreak, I was eventually put onto suppressive treatment as it just wouldn’t go away. I’ve just recently been able to reduce my meds without consequences (although have just had an outbreak…), and have made lifestyle changes – however could still make even more lifestyle changes I admit. My issue is that I suffer with malaise more than anything else because of the herpes and I know at these times my body needs healthy food and exercise, but because I feel so rubbish, the only thing I want is comfort food and to snuggle up on the sofa. This can go on for a couple of weeks or more. Does anyone else have a similar struggle?


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    Hiya, not sure if you’ll see this as your post was a while ago, but I’m also four years since my diagnosis of hsv2 this month. I’m still on treatment, although have finally managed to reduce the meds recently…albeit having just had an outbreak. I’ve just ordered Dr Kelly’s book having seen it helped you as like you, I feel it’s a catch 22…I know eating well and fitness will help, but some days I feel too unwell to do these things. Do you get feelings of malaise?


    Hiya, I caught hsv2 four years ago this month. My initial outbreak was extreme and like you, I was given acyclovir to clear it up, but every time my course of treatment finished, I’d have another outbreak. I was put onto suppressive treatment, but most of the time had to take double doses as prescribed as my body just couldn’t fight it enough. I am now about 3 months onto just one tablet a day, although have just had an outbreak. More than any lesion or blister, it’s the sense of malaise I get which gets me down. I have changed a lot of my lifestyle to try to get my body well, but I still have work to do. It can really get to me and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be well again for more than a few months. My only vice now is a bit of comfort food, but of course bad diet doesn’t help, so it’s a catch 22. Do you also get the malaise? I understand it must be extra difficult as you’re in a relationship and tbh I’m glad I’m not because I couldn’t handle that pressure as well, although I also wish I had the emotional support.


    I’ve never had an outbreak I’ve only been diagnosed through a blood test so I am unsure of treatments.
    I reached out to the university of Washington as I researched if you are an index between a 1.1-3.5 on an igg specific test then you have a 50/50 chance of being a false positive. I texted 4 weeks after my intimacy so the clinician at the school advised me to wait 4 more weeks and see where my index falls. If it’s the same number of drops he actually told me I’m negative. If it goes up in that range I’d need a confirmatory test which is called the western blot test and you have to have not had sex for 12 weeks.
    I’m praying my number drops but I understand it is also very common skin condition to have. I also have been reading a lot about a woman Terri warren who is the herpes guru and she is the one that has given a lot of opportunity to take the western blot and discover they are false positive. She also mentions IGM tests are terrible and to not listen to them.
    As for HSV-2 and oral. You cannot spread it that way. You can spread HSV-1 orally and genital though.

    I hope this helps! I’m crossing my fingers my index drops!!

    I’ve added Terri warrens sire forum below so you can also read it to help you!


    I was recently diagnosed and have been obsessing over all things related. I am still trying to cope with the diagnosis and had a few questions.

    What treatments have worked best for you? Suppressive therapy, oils, ointments, etc.

    Has anyone had a false positive blood test? I was a 1.6 on the IGM blood test and .14 on the IGG test. I am wondering if I should have labs drawn again to confirm. I had one sore with lower back pain. I asked for a herpes lab test, although my MD thought the sore was an ingrown hair.

    Can I give my partner HSV2 during oral sex?


    I’m glad I found this site because I’m not coping very well with my diagnosis.

    Three months ago, I had a single bump on my vagina. It was a bit itchy and, like most, I thought it was razor burn as I had just shaved down there. I kept an eye on it as it started to hurt. A few days later, more smallish bumps appeared. They were itchy and painful. I tried home remedies which helped but I ended up in urgent care because I was in so much pain. I had read it was possible you could get shingles in that area and, since I am on an immunosuppressant drug, I thought that’s what it was. The doctor prescribed an antiviral and in days, I felt so much better. I still went to my PCP and asked him to run the varicella IGM/IGG tearing and HSV type 1 & 2. The varicella test came back positive both IGM &IGG antibodies. The HSV testing was cancelled because my dr ordered it wrong. No big deal, I asked him to order it again and I’d be in whenever I could.

    I received my results yesterday. Negative for hsv 2 but positive for hsv 1. I’ve never had a cold sore in my life! Everything I’m reading says you can get HSV 1 down there when someone performs oral sex. I know the virus sheds but HSV 1 shedding isn’t supposed to occur as much as HSV 2. No one has ever gone down on me with a cold sore but that’s not to say my rash wasn’t HSV 1. At this point, I don’t know what caused it since both tests were positive. I’d like to say since the varicella zoster test was positive for both antibodies that the rash was caused by that. The IGM, which shows active infection, wasn’t a low positive either, it was very high and I had that done two weeks after the onset of symptoms. I didn’t have the HSV test until last week.

    Anyhow, I feel disgusting, depressed, alone, and angry. I don’t want my husband to touch me, I keep thinking of all the times I let my kids drink after me and I get sick to my stomach thinking I could’ve spread HSV 1 to them. It wasn’t until my rash that I found out they don’t do regular screenings for HSV unless you have symptoms, which sucks! I didn’t know much about HSV Until my symptoms. Why isn’t there more education surrounded this? Because it’s common? Shouldn’t that be more of a reason to educate? I know it’s not the end of the world but with me being on an immunosuppressant drug, it’s hard not to freak out because if HSV 1 caused the rash it means I get to have more of them. And, my PCP isn’t recommending continuous treatment unless I get several “outbreaks”.

    My husband knows but I don’t know how to tell him how I feel about this. It’s hard to put into words how gross and dirty I feel about it. How the unknown is driving me crazy. Is it VZ or HSV that caused my rash? If it’s HSV 1, I don’t want to risk giving it to him thought I might have already done so, considering the “shedding” process I knew nothing about.

    Any advice or encouraging words are appreciated.


    So this morning I woke up with blood all over me vag area. I think it’s the ulcers or boils idk but I can’t stop them from bleeding and is the bleeding a good thing? So anyway o proceeded with washing the area and letting it air dry and applied my olive oil and trátese oil treatment for soothing.I am at work now so I do have a Pantiliner in but i was told not to…how do I stop this bleeding or what to do? I keep reading to keep the area dry but that almost impossible why I’m at work.. please help


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    I am going through this exact same thing right now. My breakout started last Thursday and is going strong. I went to the clinic on Friday to get tested but results are not back yet but there is no way mistaking what this is.

    I have been reading a lot and can share what I have been doing which seems to help.

    Sometimes I soaked in warm water with Epsom salt but not for too long. I pad dry with towel and/or use a hair dryer on low setting.

    I have read that the key is to keep it dry – aiming to dry out the open sores once the blisters break. After each pee I use disposable wash cloths to clean and then pad dry

    And then. I blot the sores with corn starch and put in cotton underwear. I have found this to be the most soothing and sometimes adds some protection to the areas on my next pee.

    I am also taking 4000mg of l/lysine and 1000mg of propolis. All of this is from what I’ve read on the internet as my results aren’t even back yet so I have yet to go and see the doctor again for treatment.

    I am 7 days in and have s feeling that I am starting to heal. Pees are still painful but not all of them.

    I have also read the 1st is the worst.

    So, Galina, you are not alone, I am going through this right along with you girl!


    Hey, I’m 23 and I’ve been going through one hard ship after another! Life is kicking my a** all the way to the end! I’ve been waiting for the ( this is my year moment) for three years and each year just gets progressively worse lol 😂. Anyways last year I met a guy and I thought he was great well he turned out to be a total mistake… it lasted 6 months and it turned out he was in a relationship! Isn’t that nice.. so after that was over I found out I was hpv positive. Now I new a little about it due to when I was 16 I had abnormal paps and did loads of research about it and i knew I fought it off once I could do it again… then the GW showed up 🤦‍♀️ I thought “ what next!!” I did a treatment and they were gone and I realized they are absolutely no different then a wart on your finger… so I go a month with a tip top lady bit.. no sexual interactions I was gonna focus on myself… then come the ex that I was engaged to and madly in love with… he came and apologize to me for everything he ever did to me.. and of coarse he was my best friend and I expected his apology and let him stay the night.. the next morning I was in excruciating Pain !! I thought well maybe I was torn a little bit ( that’s normal for me) I went to work and came home an the pain was just steady and not going away so I found that odd. I took a look 👀 and what I saw was not normal, it looked like a a big burn and like skin was coming off of that stop .. in the same place my GW WERE! I waited a few days and I started getting sick 😷.. sore throat and swollen tonsils. I ran to the Er because the doctors office couldn’t get me in and I had to go back to work ina few hours.. i was tested positive for strep! Okay so I’m not feeling well because big strep. I start a round of antibiotics and everything should go back to normal. Right? Effing wrong! I woke up the next morning and my groin nodes were sooooo swollen I could hardly move. I had what looked like very infected ingrown hairs on my public hair area they were big under the skin and red and hot to the touch.. so that’s what I went to the doctors for. That’s when she said “ you tested negative for herpes 3 months ago! But I’m worried that this is what it is “ she did a swab and I’m still waiting for the results. The next day I woke up and I had what looks like tiny ulcer spots on my vaginal area.. I have no idea what I thought they were. I was like they didn’t start as blisters so there is no way it’s herpes? Right? Again soo wrong.. they just won’t go away..then of course since I opened my mouth the blisters started !!! They are everywhere… between my buttcheeks which are probably the worst in feeling and spreading.. all over my labia manjora… just everywhere.. I call up the guy that gave them to me.. he had since then gotten back together with his girlfriend.. of course my luck right ? I ask him if he has experienced anything and he just starts screaming at my saying I’m trying to ruins his life and get his girlfriend mad at him and that I’m just crazy and want him back.. I’m like absolutely not I don’t care about you at all I care about my health! So I gave up on his help and just started treating myself.. enter my heartbreaking moment… I’ve been talking on and off with this man I’ve always had feeling for for 5 years on and off, we have never been intimate, never had a relationship because of either one of us were in a relationship or distance.. well we are both single finally and we are both wanting to be together .. finally… he is stationed in Texas.. and He wants me and my son to move out there so we can start a relationship.. now this has come into the picture and I have no idea how to tell him… he has always been my goal and after 5 years of friendship and always going back to each other I don’t know what he will say.. I’m trying to disclose to friends first so telling him won’t be as hard .


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    Herpes has associated negative emotional aspects. It’s a vicious circle, herpes can generate stress and stress weakens your immune system and it generates stress. I was very helpful this treatment of genital herpes.

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    I’m Maggie (24) and have been diagnosed for 10 months. Although this isn’t necessarily a group I asked to be apart of, I’m glad that there are communities to help one another. I’m slowly accepting my diagnosis.

    I got my first OB last August, 2 months into a new relationship. Since then I had countless visits to the GYNO and it turned out I had trich as well…which was left untreated for a while by my doctors 🙄.

    Now that everything is “cleared up” in terms of tests and treatments, I still suffer from a vaginal rawness/itchiness or tenderness. I take Valtrex daily. I’ve seen similar threads on here about the herpes itch which I am just learning is a thing. Is this tenderness normal with this virus? Does it get better over time?

    Some days I feel sad and lonely with this virus, question if my vagina will ever feel back to normal. I appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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