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    It is so nice to read a post that is so similar to me and how I have been coping with all of this.

    I was sad for a few days and then just got into natural ways of keeping it at bay. I am doing all the things similar to you ladies. I like the idea of upping Lysine at certain times – weirdly I tend to get a small flare up sometimes about 2 weeks before my period?

    Also just a note; I thought I had got mine from my ex partner but I suffered with cystitis symptoms for years and I wonder if it may have just been dormant and I just didn’t show signs. I think they say around 80% of carriers can not show signs. No idea really but it may not be from your current partners?

    I also wanted to talk about sex and if you ladies had noticed a big difference in sex since being diagnosed? I am just starting to date someone and he is amazing and knows I have it. But I am so worried that when we start having sex that it might trigger it and will effect our sex life! 🙁

    I haven’t tried oregano oil so definitely going to add that to my list of things. I had considered the suppressive drug treatment or chinese herbs but I still feel I can control it myself.

    Lovely to read more positive messages! Thanks for that ladies!



    hi….I was diagnosed with hsv1 of the genitals about 2 weeks ago. I finished a 10 day course of valtrex after which all my sores had cleared up. Its now 3 days later and I have new sores forcing on my perineum and around my Anus (the original outbreak was around my clitorus and the upper part of my labia majora) is this normal? Do I need to get some supressi e treatment?? Please help


    I had barely turned 18 yrs old in my fourth inpatient treatment center for drugs and I got in an altercation with another female of course being young and impulsive. I got kicked out and sent to jail w two assualt charges this time not juvy but jail. I was released after do my time and was back on the streets homeless again being that I aged out of foster care at 18. So being in a tough spot I messaged a friend that was suspiciously trying to hard to make me hang out w her. But, of course being in that situation I had no where else to go and was going to figure it out that night but, it was the worst choice of my life, I know I sound dramatic but I was drugged w date rape drug and blacked out and woke up in bruises head to toe and slapped a Glock Everytime I didn’t call him daddy. He gorilla pimped me for a few months before I escaped. I was a virgin b4 my first date but one of those men gave me herpes and I felt like my life was over as soon as it just begun. I remember my first outbreak I was in SO much pain begging them to take me to the doctor bc I couldn’t sit/walk without it feeling like it was ripping and tearing. I remember peeing and the burning feeling like acid. What triggers my outbreaks is being sexually active but, I’m 20 now and I don’t even think about having a boyfriend I’m too scared of having to tell him and the rejection or judgement of something I didn’t even agree to. So I’m thankful I found this page and relate to every single one of these post🖤


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    Are those tests reported to his job? I heard they were confidential unless the state requests them… he could get an at home test or go to a private clinic. I thought about doing this because I was embarrassed but because my outbreak was so severe I decided to get checked immediately so that I could begin treatment. I haven’t told my bf yet that Ive had an outbreak but I have mentioned that I got tested and that he should too. He has NEVER been tested, but says he’s never had any signs or reasons to believe that he had it. Im pretty sure he gave it to me, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions till we both have our results. Ive read several posts that say that their boyfriend refuses to get checked and honestly that just baffles me.


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to final find a place of support. I’ve had HSV2 since my early 20’s and I’m now 57. My husband passed away several years ago, and I have not been in another serious relationship since then and it’s been tough. I’m a very private person and have only shared my diagnosis with my two daughters who are now grown. For so long I have felt very alone carrying this burden. I’ve worked really hard to stay fit and healthy and still have reoccurring OBs. I try to keep a positive outlook but sometimes it’s so difficult. I’m wanting to find a book/information on a diet specifically for herpes. I would love suggestions. Also any advice on treatments and products that help prevent or help speed up healing time would be great!
    Thanks for listening 🙂 Sending lots of love to everyone here!


    Hello everyone,Arshi here!
    I researched alot about HSV(Genital or Oral)but never found its permanent treatment.
    Sores or outbreaks can be minimized by using medicine,but still there is the virus inside your body.For me HSV is curable if directed by proper medication.Herpes Solution.
    Hope it helps.


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    my first outbreak was horrendous and couldn’t actually pee – nothing would come out, it was torture! since then, a year ago my outbreaks have been just the sores, I did get a UTI along with an outbreak recently, not sure if related but it made me really miserable! but cleared up quickly with treatment
    am now on Valtrex 500mg twice a day so hoping this helps with breakouts


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    I can relate! I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and my outbreaks were few and far between after the first year. Lately I’ve been stressed out about money, having to put my puppy down, and struggling with an eating disorder that I am now in treatment for. I struggle with days and days of that pins and needle feeling in my thighs and other areas. It’s really hard to go through all this so I want to validate your emotions and feelings. I hope that you’re able to find some relief soon and I’m sorry you’re going through all this! You are not alone.


    I’m sorry you are going through this
    Hopefully some ladies with more experience respond to your great questions
    A few days ago, bri posted something about managing first outbreak.
    I highly suggest reading Dr Kellys book. She addresses a lot of your questions
    One thing you will learn is more important it is to manage your stress, boost your immune system and sleep.
    She also recommended journaling so you can see what your triggers are.
    In regards to having valtrex on hand all the time. You can always opt to be on suppressive treatment..she reviews this in her book.
    There are a ton of articles and women sharing their personal experience online.
    It is overwhelming, I’m sorry. Surrounded yourself w love and supportive people. Whom you disclosure to is your choice. In regards to having the talk w your partners..Dr Kelly reviews that beautifully in her book. I know I have mentioned her book often. I don’t get anything out of it. I just found it to be super helpful to me when I felt all alone


    Hola Budlina!
    Thanks those are great tips! Aloe Vera is Genius and since I’m in Peru right now they have it in all the mercados. I’m already a pretty obsessively clean person in general (which is another reason this diagnosis was extra shocking at first) but ya I already hit it into overdrive. I wash my hands enough I think they might go raw… I will definitely look into the wording for the insurance. Luckily I found a travellers clinic and they are very lovely and helpful with this and since they are keeping me a couple nights for treatment it’s easier to maintain hygiene here rather than my hostal.
    Things aren’t great right now but they could be worse! Reading this forum definitely makes you feel less isolated!

    Muchos gracias chica, eres un alma bella 🙂


    So I’m new to this club and I’m in a bit of an uncomfortable situation (as we all are) and some feedback would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I spotted those painful little sores down there I hit the google pretty hard, as I’m sure all of you did, and it didn’t take long to figure it out but I still have some unanswered questions. Currently going through my first outbreak (OB for short ya?) and it’s not my fave. I am also currently travelling through a low to middle income country so access to medical care is tricky and not very affordable (travel insurance doesn’t cover this sort of thing right?) and there is a language barrier. I still Need to tell my last partner (also patient 0), who I’m pretty sure didn’t know he had it when we slept together, but he freaked out when I told him I had ‘something to tell him’ so I can only imagine how he’s gonna take the news (I think he thinks I’m pregnant so this might be a relief really). Also I am currently in a South American hospital and they insisted on keeping me one, if not two, nights. Because apparently I somehow got a bacterial infection on top of the viral one that is currently taking over my vagina and they want to give me antiviral and antibiotic treatment. Since i didn’t budget this into my vacation, this is not ideal. So I guess my questions are:

    is the initial outbreak really this bad for 2-3 weeks or is it worse in the first few days and then tapers off? Cause I can’t even sleep right now and don’t even get me started on peeing.
    Also does anyone have any tips on how to break the news to someone who is a bit emotional and panicky? Cause I’m a pretty straight forward person but I don’t want to be insensitive.
    And I can save a bit of cash here by not getting the test results back, since the doctor already confirmed the prognosis, and i can just get the treatment for antibiotics and antiviral. Then I can get test when I go home. Is there any reason I would need a diagnosis before I return home?
    One last thing. My dad joined me on my travels two days ago! I told him I have a severe UTI. Just wondering if anyone knows if it can be spread orally by sharing drinks and food even if all my icky spots are downstairs?

    Sorry for the novel and thanks for any insight provided! Much love 🙂


    So I was just wondering, I finished my first medication treatment but I still have an uncomfortable burning when urinating. It’s not nearly as bad as it was at the start I was crying and screaming in pain while urinating which I’m not anymore but it’s still burning a bit. Should that symptom be gone since I’m done Valtrex or will that continue until the sores are all fully gone? Also maybe I have a UTI because it hurt so much to go I don’t think I was drinking enough trying to avoid using the washroom. Anyone else using this medication find that they still have symptoms when they’re finished it?

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    I wonder whether anyone might have had a similar experience or could help. I will be arranging an appointment to see a doctor but in the meantime any advice would be much appreciated.

    I have had herpes for a couple of years and was placed on suppressive therapy (acyclovir) as my flare ups were frequent. At first, this was working well and I was having no flare ups whilst taking acyclovir. In recent months, however, every couple of weeks I have been experiencing horrible itching/burning and pain along with swelling which is lasting a few days.

    I assumed that a different STI had been lying dormant but I have been tested for everything along with BV/thrush and my results have all come back clear. Weirdly, the blistering that is characteristic of herpes has not recurred so it doesn’t seem as if the acyclovir isn’t working at all, but more that it’s failing to deal with these different symptoms. This itching/burning is causing me more discomfort than the sores/blisters I was originally so worried about.

    Is it possible that there is another issue which the full STI check doesn’t cover? Or is it that I need to try a different suppressive therapy? I’m living a healthy lifestyle (more so than when my symptoms were much better controlled) and am not often ill so don’t feel as if my immune system is particularly weak. Someone please help, I’m so confused really don’t know what to think!

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