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    Hey guys I’m back again . So it’s weird to me bc I got checked for all STDs bc I had sex with a new partner they asked if I wanted HIV testing I said yes but didn’t know I was getting tested for herpes as well . Two days later I got the call that I was diagnosed with hsv-2 I had no symptoms the doctor said she couldn’t do anything and didn’t offer anti virals how weird is that . It’s about two weeks since the diagnoses and I get very inconsistent symptoms . I’ll get a random tingle maybe an itch . I did have one single bump appear in the upper pubic hair zone like right below my belly button it mimicked an ingrown hair and it was gone within two days . I found a another bump even tinier on opposite side a little lower but still in the pubic area . It went away within a day or two as well . These bumps don’t hurt they don’t itch they are there and they are not . I’d also like to point out that my blood tested positive which means I would’ve had this for a while , back in January I had a procedure done where they checked for ALL stds and I came back negative. I had one partner before the procedure and didn’t have sex for two and half months after the procedure. Since March I had sex with that same partner (who had sex with one person for that period of time thag I didn’t have sex with a condom ) and I had my most recent partner whom I was with for about a two weeks when I got the diagnosis . Should I get retested ? Should I ask for antivirals? A lot of things just aren’t adding up


    I just got diagnosed. I started having pain that turned into an incredible amount of pain I have never experienced. I have an autoimmune disorder and take immunosuppressants…I tried assuming it was something else… anything else. So I pushed off going to the doctor. Then it was the weekend and I couldn’t get in when it had gotten much worse. I finally went and the doctor said it was likely I had herpes…they started me on meds and did testing…gave me lidocaine..etc… I feel just so defeated. I have been reading a lot and trying to get my head right about this but all I keep feeling is how am I going to find someone who will be ok with this. How will I be able to start a family. I have been talking to one guy who is so sweet and I think we could be great together, we haven’t slept together yet..but have talked about it. Now I have to tell him this and all I keep thinking is I wish there was a way I didn’t have to.

    My doctor asked if I want to be on suppressive daily therapy or wait and see how many outbreaks I get and how bad they are after this initial one. I don’t know what to choose. I am leaning towards daily suppressive therapy because of my immune problems already but what if I do that and I am one of those percentages who get one outbreak and then don’t get another one which I have read about.


    I had my first outbreak a few weeks ago, and it was horrifically painful. I got a blood test about two weeks after the outbreak cleared, and got a negative — but then realized it’s recommended to wait 8-12 weeks after the initial outbreak to build up enough antibodies to test for. I wish I had realized before testing! It may just take some time — but ugh, in the meantime it’s the absolute worst. I hear you!


    Hello, I am new here. Divorced after 23 yrs of marriage. Was told as a teen after an assault that I had forward two marriages and a couple of long term relationships, never passed on HSV nor had any notable symptoms. Talked with my doctor during STI screening (husband had affair) and she didn’t think testing for HSV was necessary or anything to worry about after all of these years. Now here I am finding myself dating for the first time and whether to share my story with someone that is not a serious relationship. Also a first for me, being intimate when not really in a relationship with someone. Bottom line is, things got really hot and heavy and I did not share this info. A condom was used the first round but regrettably not the second. I’m terrified after all of these years I could infect someone, and two that I didn’t have the talk first. I feel disgusted at myself for the lack of integrity. Please, how do I fix this? I haven’t seen him since due to schedules etc and that was two weeks ago. I know the feeling of having someone not respect my body from the assault and husbands affair..I am no better 😢

    Broken heart

    After I found out my boyfriend and I were positive i became so distant with him. I couldn’t think or want anything from him. I know I am the reason he has what he has. Months have passed since our diagnoses and he has been patient, loving, caring. But it didn’t matter to me, all i can think about is what we have. When he touches me all I wanna ask is if he has it at the moment. Which I’m sure it has made him feel very ugly about himself because I haven’t let him touch me. He has had some terrible outbreaks and I haven’t had any, that I’m aware of but that’s all I picture whenever we try to be intimate. He has tooken the news way more calmly than I have. I am a terrible person. I honestly don’t understand how he has outbreaks and I don’t. Ive been grateful that I don’t have it as bad but angry at myself trying to figure out who gave it to me. We weren’t together for a whole year and I Slept with maybe 5 people.I keep trying to think back if I ever felt abnormal down there but I cant think of anything. I am ashamed of myself in so many ways. I thought about suicide before I had this diagnoses. It has amplified that feeling even more lately, I cheated on him recently for the first time. Its something I have to live with for the rest of my life. I didn’t think I would ever become this person (a cheater). It didn’t start off that way he was my friend. Whats worse he was a guy from work, I told him about what I had and after we had relations. But by the end of it he said he felt sorry for me and wanted me to feel better. After I told him we were still talking as friends he made me forget that I was broken, it was intoxicating… almost like a drug. I didn’t realize I was feeling more for him until I saw he had hickies on his neck by another person…it broke my heart. He has become a stranger overnight.During my time with him, I was falling out of love with my boyfriend. I don’t know maybe I was never in love, we had so much bad history with each other that all the good he did for me vanished. Within one diagnoses, one argument, it popped my bubble of the love I had for him. I wanted to forget I ended up losing my friend and someone that loved me. I don’t know how anyone can be so calm or accepting of this, I’m so upset. How do you even get past this? This whole time I thought I was clean. Why do doctors not tell you its not in the STD testing. Why not warn others, this is not normal, why discourage people from having herpes test? I wasn’t even aware it was an option unless you have an outbreak. all of my doctors looked at me like I was crazy for being this upset. They told me it was not a big deal, how could it not be? My freedom of sexual interaction will always be clouded by this darkness. I will always have to tell them, nothing will be the same again.


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    How did you find out? I’m waiting for dr appoint on 7/8/20 for testing but for the past 5 days I’ve been suffering from excruciating pain in my vagina and anus. It actually looks like an alien down there. I’m almost positive that I will be diagnosed with Herpes because I don’t know what on earth else it could be. I’m kind of numb right now and just want to be able to pee without feeling like my world is going to end. Apparently this could have been dormant in me for several years and never flared up. I find it hard to believe and am seriously doubting my husband of 32 years monogamy. I KNOW I’ve never strayed but I’m questioning if he has. This is all just so awful!


    For the past week, after having a deep tissue massage and being left feeling quite ill, I have developed symptoms of UTI or yeast infection. After a few days of that I discovered blistered in and around my labia. Had a phone consult with OBGYN and she believes I have genital herpes. She has prescribed Valtrex and set an appointment for me to come in next week for testing. I’m on day 2 of the Valtrex and in absolute agony with my vagina.
    First off, I’m absolutely devastated because I’ve been married for over 30 years and have not been with anyone else. Dr said this could have been dormant for decades. I just don’t understand. I’ve had 2 children, 28 and 26 years old and I’ve never had an outbreak. Have you heard of this???


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    Hi, Ry… I was diagnosed in 2009. I was hurt, angry, sad and confused. Confused because my doctor found it in my blood work after I asked for a full panel of STD testing. I was there in the first place because my boyfriend at the time told me he had discharge from his penis… He was a habitual cheater (asshole).
    In my frustration and anguish I realized that my life has changed forever, it’s not over it’s just a new normal. My hope is that you will see that time will heal your despair as it did mine. GIVING YOU THE BIGGEST, TIGHTEST SQUEEZE VIRTUAL HUG.


    Hi everyone. I am 22 and was diagnosed with genital and oral HSV-2 about 3 months ago. With the whole COVID situation, I have not had any type of sexual encounter since my diagnosis until yesterday. I met a guy on Hinge, we went on a date, and I took him back to my place. As this was my first time since my diagnosis, I was a little unsure of when the appropriate time was to tell him my status. As we are making out, I stop him and tell him there’s something we need to talk about. I asked him when he was last tested and he said recently, maybe a month or two ago. I ask what he was tested for, and he said the standard testing. This is when I mention that I am positive for general herpes. I then explain that I am on daily suppression to prevent the spread to partners. He begins to freak out, asking what that means. I tell him the risk for transmission is very low like 1-2%, seeing as I do not have an active infection and I am on the suppressive medicine. He seems apprehensive but we proceed to have (brief) sex. He then goes to the bathroom for several minutes before coming out and asking if I was ready for round two. I said yeah, of course. He then puts on his clothes and says he needs to get another condom from his car, all the while asking if I’m absolutely sure the risk is like 1%. I assure him it is very low. I also mention that they don’t test for herpes in standard STD testing, so theoretically he doesn’t know he’s NOT positive. He seems to be listening, saying that it’s messed up they don’t test for it and what not. As he leaves for his car, I say I think he’s probably not coming back. He says he wouldn’t do that. Sure enough, he is gone for several minutes before he messages me asking how sure I am of the risk. We get into a back-and-forth on the risks and what not, me trying to assure him the risk is very low. He then asks me why I didn’t tell him before we kissed. This shocks me as I had NEVER read anything about needing to tell someone you had oral herpes before kissing if you didn’t have a cold sore! After some more back and forth, him on the defensive, I tell him he should just go if he’s THAT concerned and he does.

    I’m someone who pretty much only has casual sex. I’m worried about how I should go about telling future partners. Do I need to tell them before we even meet? It seems almost self-degrading to have to say HEY, I HAVE HERPES to someone you barely know before you even meet them. I am not ashamed on my diagnosis, but I know a lot of people have no knowledge of herpes at all. Will I need to educate every potential sexual partner to convince them that I am safe to have sex with? I don’t blame them, before my diagnosis I didn’t know much about herpes at all either, so I understand why they react the way they do. Just wondering if anyone has any advice about this?? I would really appreciate it.


    I’m so confused. Around August last year I wasn’t thinking and unprotected sex with a guy I started talking to. I started to feel itching nonstop and saw a doctor and she told me I tested for trichomionais which is a very treatable/curable std with antibiotics. It’s a parasite that you get from having sex. I haven’t had sex since then. So it’s been about 10 months since I’ve been sexually active.

    Around late September I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and we decided to start seeing each other but he was leaving for deployment. And due to that we haven’t been sexually active. I went in late January to get my yearly done and ask for an iud.

    A few weeks later she informed I tested for positive for hpv high risk. The one that could have cancel cells and wanted me to get check for them. I haven’t been able to due to the virus going on. Cause I have to pay out of pocket due to being a bartender and well I’ve been out work due to this.

    Anyway late February she gave my iud. Which took 3 times to get it in. We had to go get a ultra sound to get it to go in. I have a tilted uterus. Didn’t know that was a thing. Two later I noticed a strong smell that wasn’t my normal smell. I thought it was just my ph balance adjusting to the iud. Cause I’ve read many people having a strange smell to their iuds. Well a few days after the smell I noticed a bump on my left vulva.

    I was leaving for vacation. My obgyn was on maternity leave. I decided to get it checked out when I came home two weeks later. But my bump never hurt, it never hurt to pee, etc. it was just in a spot that was super inconvenient and would rub against my pants. But was never painful or anything.

    I came back home around this time it was late March and went to the clinic to be the seen the same day and she went oh this herpes and was smiling about it. Which confused me. She did a culture swap test. But I’ve read they can be false/positive which are higher chances for false/positive when you wait to get them done. She gave me the medicine which made the bump go down within a week. But then a week an half later I had a little rash on the other side of my vulva. Didn’t hurt or anything it was just there.

    I asked my obgyn to take out my iud when she came back from leave. That was about a week ago. I know I should have mentioned the hsv testing to her but didn’t think about it cause I wanted my iud out from all the cramps I was having from it. My smell has gone back to normal and I haven’t had a bump or rash since then.

    I know I should get tested again and have to tell my boyfriend who is deployed which makes it very hard. Cause I’m already stressed enough. But my question is does this sound like herpes? Or was it just a terrible reaction to my iud?

    I keep beating myself up overthinking about how I was stupid a year ago and didn’t wear a condom when I knew I should have but I’m human. It’s just beyond frustrating


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    @hiyaitsme, yes the process to get the western blot was expensive and logistically hard to get. My Hgg value was high though so I was concerned that I somehow did have it without any symptoms which is why I decided to do further testing. I’m really happy I got the western blot for closure but it is definitely a personal decision whether or not to get it. I don’t know much about the inhibition assay from quest but that sounds like a good next step before considering the western blot!


    Update: correct number for western blot test ordering is 206-520-4600 for confirmatory test.

    @jmeishen idk about that. If you have a doubt in your mind get the western blot test done. 254$ out of pocket if you want to know for sure.

    I never had any symptoms not even flu like symptoms or pain on thighs.

    I did get diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance that was causing me to have frequent yeast infections 3 years ago. I got on birth control and did boric acid suppositories for 6 months and it is under control.

    It’s always good to get a 2nd opinion go to a new dr get testing redone 3 months after your last test. Or get the western blot.


    Hi guys! I’ve been reading your comments about the testing and now im curious as to if I actually do have the virus. I am pretty sure that I do. At first I was really convinced that it was a severe yeast infection that lead to the sores, but then I started having flu symptoms and I thought that was coming from students at the college I was at that were getting sick but then as I started reading, I saw that flu symptoms were attributed to herpes. I went to the doctor and she said it probably was so I got a blood test done at Quest Health, and they said I tested positive. the reason I am wondering if I’m actually positive is because I’ve never any symptoms with tingling or pain in my legs or shooting pain that usually comes with an outbreak, which I definitely had. I also never got any test results from Quest, just my doctor saying that I was positive. no test results or anything. Is there a chance that it was really just a really bad yeast infection?

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    @J, I wasn’t sure if u were asking me. This may sound silly but I have no idea the difference between igg and igm testing/values. There are no bumps, no lesions ANYWHERE that’s why I’m so confused. I had blood drawn right at the office and that was it. No explanation, no nothing.


    Western blot test is top of the line test for HSV 2. It is a bit pricey and only Washington university does the testing. I am doing mine in june.

    My ex tested negative btw. He got retested again
    And he and I had issues in our 5 year relationship 2 years into it the sex stopped due to health reasons on his behalf.

    We had sex in august and november. And that’s it. The blood test date back 12-16 weeks.

    I had both IGG and IGM done and got different levels for both.

    I’ve come to terms with affecting the diagnosis if I do have it. If I don’t have it well…… I’ll be happy and turn into a nun lol

    Look into the western blot.

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