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    I didn’t know much about herpes, as no one I knew had it. I had not ever been tested for it even though I got tested for other STD’s fairly regularly. My doctor said if I never had symptoms or had a partner who had it, I didn’t need to get tested.
    About 7 weeks ago some crazy stuff happened at work and they laid off most of my department without warning. There were only three of us left and suddenly we were doing (and still are) the work of all the others who had been let go. The stress was unexpected and heavy. I couldn’t sleep, I ate terrible foods and I cried all the time. I was in front of the computer way too much and didn’t get regular exercise. I broke out in blisters on my genitals. I had no idea what was going on so I Googled it and decided that I better have a herpes test. Just to rule that out, as my boyfriend didn’t have it and I had never known any of my past boyfriends to have it. Well, the blood test was positive. My world changed right then and there. I told my current boyfriend (9 monthsdating) and he thought he must have had it unknowingly and gave it to me. He had a blood test. Well, his test was negative. I asked my doctor how that could be and he said I could have caught it as many as 20 years ago and never had an outbreak until now. I then remembered someone who I dated in 2003 right after I got divorced. I found his prescription for Valtrex in his bathroom and asked him what the hell he was keeping from me. He swore it was for “lip sores”. We broke up soon after, and then I never got any outbreaks after that so I didn’t think I had it. Well, now I know I do, maybe I have had it all this time and didn’t know, and my boyfriend does NOT, so the world has stopped for us. He won’t kiss me, hold my hand, or of course, have sex with me now. I’m on daily Valtrex but he is very scared of catching it. I don’t have a current outbreak but I still feel like I am u unlovable.


    Hello all,
    My physician believes I have HSV2. So back story I was married 25 years to a cheating spouse. After the divorce I ran STD, swabs and HIV checks (all negative). Then had a brief partner got tested prior (via urine test). I had some abdominal pain recently and doctor found sores in vaginal area and swabbed and did blood work (negative). Treated with Valtrex and still dealing with symptoms 3 weeks later. We are going to run tests again in a few months. I am scared doctors are missing something and can you have back to back episodes. Any advise would be great.


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    Dr. Kelly

    It sounds as though your immune system is really struggling. Is Valtrex the only thing you are taking to help with symptoms? There is an excellent immune boosting protocol in my book.


    Just been diagnosed 3wks ago, initial outbreak in 2018 which when I got tested came back negative??? The angry talk with my now ex at the time he insisted he was clean Dr said he had pimples on his shaft? No symptoms since but mid June I got blisters on my fingers really stung and wouldn’t heal so went to Dr and was given steroid cream as they said it was eczema. 2wks later constipated, burning down there and pain passing urine and bruise like pain down backs if thighs, went to Dr and was given internal exam, urine test and she swabbed me and it came back as hsv2, luckily I’ve not been sexualy active since my ex and I split up in 2020 (lockdown, changed jobs and then had pre cancerous cells removed from cervix). Ive had tingling and burning for around 6wks and waiting on blood results to see if antiviral meds are appropriate. I’m worried sick I feel like this is all consuming for me I feel disgusting and angry because I believe my ex either knew and lied or lied to me about getting tested before we stopped using protection, can’t ever imagine a scenario where I’d be comfortable to disclose this to friends family or a potential partner but I also couldn’t live with myself if I passed it on because I know how it’s making me feel. Here to chat if you want


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    Just joined today, I’d been seeing this guy for going on 10 months he seemed so open and honest we were making plans for future, moving in, kids etc then I find out he has a girlfriend and I was technically his other woman, stopped seeing him got tested right away all negative no symptoms, started seeing someone else few months later and one night after 1 to many drinks we slept together and he said the condom slipped off because it was too big? Then ghosted me. Went back got tested again all negative by this time I stupidly got back with my ex who had cheated on me, had my first outbreak about 6wks later he denied having anything but wouldn’t get tested, I got tested and told everything was clear but I had thrush which they gave me a pessary for. Fast forward to January 2020 I’m diagnosed with HPV and pre cancerous cells are removed, got the all clear 6 months later and haven’t been sexualy active since. Mid June had pain and stinging but no sign of blisters, Dr diagnosed me with genital herpes few weeks ago and said it’s in my fingers as well. I’ve no idea which 1 of them gave it to me, why it’s taken so long to have an outbreak or why I’ve had 3 negative tests but I feel disgusting really struggling mentally and feel like my dating life is over. I’ve finally met the most lovely guy and he’s asked me out and I’ve totally pushed him away I’m so ashamed to tell him but I don’t want to start anything with him and risk inflecting him too


    I am newly diagnosed — it is Tuesday and I read the diagnosis on my medical portal on Sunday night. In shock even though doctor who did the swab of my blisters told me it might be herpes. I just thought it was the oral herpes (which I know I have and this hasn’t given me shame) that got “down there” through oral sex or something. But it is genital herpes. Blisters started after I had COVID in April, which I guess is not uncommon, although I may have had other symptoms for a long time (nerve tingling). Husband has no symptoms. He is supportive. We talked (ok, I cried, and he talked). Given our histories before we got together over 30 years ago, it is likely that I was the one who contracted herpes and was basically without symptoms throughout our whole relationship. I feel ashamed about this and really alone. I can’t talk to anyone about it except my husband and I don’t want to burden him with being a basket case. Thanks for listening


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    So I reached out to the Dr and he sent me the meds last month. I have been taking it since then. It feels ok though. I haven’t experienced any symptoms or outbreaks yet, unlike before that was frequent, so am being optimistic.


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    I know how mortifying the not knowing can be but I was in your shoes exactly about 8 months ago. I had just one sore, it was uncomfortable but not horribly painful so I thought I just cut myself shaving or maybe the laser treatments I was getting. Until I grabbed a mirror and looked closely and I realized it looked like a herpes sore. I also became extremely sick during these days and thought I had a kidney infection or kidney stone bc it would burn and hurt so much when I peed and I also became super sick with fever, chills, nausea & vomiting, lost so much weight and when I saw the sore I went to go get checked with my OB/GYN and my worst fear became reality. I came back positive for HSV-2. The other flu-like symptoms were in response to my first HSV outbreak. So go get checked just in case. It is always better to know so you can properly prevent spreading it or know how to manage it as difficult as it may seem.


    Hi, do you know if you have type1 or type2? Turns out mine is type 1. Ive switched my diet to cut out foods highest in arginine. I also only use the monolaurin and lysine if I feel like im a bit run down or if im unsure whether im experiencing prodrome symptoms. Im coming up to 2 months since my last outbreak and diagnosis. Im keeping my fingers crossed that this will work.

    I also used the amazing greens brand. I got my monolaurin from there because they use no nasties or fillers.
    Keep me updated with how you get on. Sending you lots of love


    Hi! I was diagnosed with hsv a few months ago. Like you I have done a lot of research and this is what I am doing. I take lysine, vitamin C with Zinc, a multivitamin with B complex as well as a daily probiotic drink (Amazing Greens). When I stopped it for a few days I got symptoms almost immediately so taking these daily seems to help. I think the key, for me at least, is supporting my immune system. So I’m working on always getting my 8 hours of sleep too. Hope this helps.


    Hi, I was diagnosed with genital herpes 5 or 6 years ago during my first outbreak. I had one small sore fairly far into my vaginal opening. I haven’t ever had another outbreak. I get paranoid every time I ever feel anything uncomfortable in that area, but as far as I know, I have never had an outbreak. Lucky, I know. However, I don’t really know what it feels like and if I would recognize the symptoms. Recently, I felt some discomfort in the area and had a look. At first, I was sure it was an outbreak by the way it looked (one small white-ish looking spot. not really a blister though). But it was gone in less than 2 days. Is that possible? Sometimes I have tears especially after sex, so I’m not sure if it was just that or if it was an outbreak.
    any insight?


    Hi all. Sorry if this is long, but I’m just going to put it all out here in my first post! I’m 59 years old and have been living with HSV1 for many years. My husband gave me it to me, probably prior to our marriage in 1995. He did not disclose that he got cold sores on his lips (which were easily hidden by his beard/mustache). By the time I actually saw one on him and we had a discussion about it, I’m sure the damage had already been done. He claimed not to realize it was a big deal, since the outbreaks didn’t really bother HIM that much. I was pretty irritated but was 25 at the time and a busy, newly divorced young mother of 2 and guess I just didn’t dwell on it. Fast forward several years, after we were married, and I started to occasionally get “cold sores” on the end of my nose. In the beginning, it only happened once or twice a year and was easy to live with. But as time has gone by, they started to appear more frequently and with more intensity (on both sides of ends of nose), so several years ago I finally went to a doctor and asked for medication. I’d been taking valcyclovir as-needed a couple-few times a year. The pills make me very sick to my stomach and I feel like I’ve had a pot of coffee but they seem to work really well.

    Fast forward again to the last couple-few years, and it’s only gotten worse and more intense. Meanwhile, my husband only rarely gets cold sores on his lips anymore, and they are easily hidden. So not fair. Anyway, during my yearly gyno exam last month, my doctor found signs of active HSV2, and after lab work confirmed with me that I do in fact have that also. My husband has never had symptoms of HSV2. I had noticed a small irritation but thought it was brought on by bad fitting pants/excercise, etc. I have had that same irritated feeling a few times over the last many years but it was never enough to concern me. For some reason it just didn’t dawn on me that it could be HSV2. I was also just starting to get a cold sore on my nose when I saw my doctor. Within a couple of days, I had the worst outbreak I ever have. Many other symptoms with it, etc.

    So now my doctor has suggested that I start taking my med daily as a preventative measure. I would be fine with that except that I’m sure I would end up with an ulcer. I have an extremely sensitive stomach and can’t deal with most pills. She mentioned that one concern with having bad outbreaks in the nose is that it can lead to the eyes, brain, etc. I was just in shock. By the time I got home, I had thought of more questions for her, and will be having a follow up appt. tomorrow. Questions like: could my eye problems in the last few years be related? Are other symptoms related? Should I see a specialist? I’ve already searched for a local virologist in my med network and found nothing. Should I have my husband take the same med daily too, so we don’t keep passing this back and forth to each other? What are the side effects of taking the med every day? Is there anything besides pills I can take (like a shot, patch, etc.)? Anyway, thanks for making it this far if you have. I’d love to hear from anyone else that may have found themselves in a similar situation. Hugs to all!


    Ive heard sometimes STDs in general lay dormant until they are triggered by sex. this has happened to me twice. once when i had chlamydia and then again when i contracted herpes. When i got herpes i had just started having sex with my new boyfriend at the time. Something didn’t feel right, and i started having a breakout. the last time i had sex before that was a few MONTHS prior. Why on earth would i have thought i got anything when i had no symptoms for months! He took it well at first but we broke up now and of course blames me and thinks i did it to him on purpose. anywho…i think it varies by person on how it effects you.


    Drink soooo much water ladies…it helps dilute your urine and it doesn’t sting as bad. when i had my first outbreak and had all the symptoms you mentioned…i didn’t drink much water because i didn’t want to pee anymore than i had to. But your urine is so concentrated when you do that. So drink lots, so you pee mostly water!


    I was diagnosed with HSV2 7 months ago after been told many times it was different infections until been tested due to the blisters. I’ve experienced UTI’s in the past, but this felt like a sever UTI. I’d been seeing a guy for 4 months prior to this, and he was very supportive and non-judgmental, and said he had never experienced any symptoms. Unfortunately we recently split up (not related to the diagnosis). I had a long term partner before that, although we had broken up in between, and separate intimate relationships during that time. He often got cold sores on his mouth, although we never discussed this as ‘herpes’ as I suppose we were just uneducated on it. He was very strict about not kissing when he had a cold sore. He also cheated on me by kissing 2 separate girls one night (he says that is all it was). During our break about 4 years ago I was sleeping with a guy and during this time I got a UTI which was very painful (although they usually are). I have so many questions… was the guy I was sleeping with give me it back then? Did my long term partner give me it during oral sex? Did my partner do more than kiss a girl and contract it? If it was ever considered to rekindle things with my long term partner, how would I tell him, would he accept it?

    As well as all of this, I feel so alone. I have confided in a few of my close friends who are supportive, but I can’t help but think I am going to be on my own or I won’t be accepted. I don’t want kids just yet, but in the future I hope to have kids and a family. I know this virus is so common but so many people don’t know they have it, so when it comes to disclosing it in the future am I just going to be rejected by someone who could potentially have it themselves? I fear disclosing it to someone I know, or they know people I know and it gets shared around. I am struggling to cope with the impact this is having on my life, I am already struggling with my mental health and my stresses.

Viewing 15 results - 1 through 15 (of 862 total)