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    I have herpes outbreaks non stop and all my doctor had to say is to increase medication dose. That’s all they’re good for – just hand over another prescription. So my hope is in alternative medicine. I overheard Manuka honey has healing properties and gave it a try. OMG it works to soothe pain associated with painful herpes blisters and speeds up healing process. I applied it directly onto blisters a few times a day and it completely took pain away (the ugly blisters will still remain but dry up quick). Manuka honey is pretty expensive but its worth it. I bought a small jar on Amazon.
    It turns out dr. Kelly wrote about it in her blog. See below:

    “DON’T try to use Grade A honey from a grocery story. Why? It has been linked to increased herpes symptoms
    -You must use Manuka honey from New Zealand. It is actually considered a medical device.
    -Honey works by drawing out liquid from a wound and killing off local microorganisms. It also contains an enzyme that releases hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with a wound.”


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    Hello, jaybae1107, welcome and I am sorry you are through this. Just know that many people have this and it can be managed. I do not know how much it will affect your lupus. I actually don’t know what type I have, myself and think they are both treated the same and have the same symptoms. Are you on meds yet? I have been on valacyclovir but now I am taking lysine over the counter supplement and it seems to help me. I wish you all the best, dear one.


    Thank you so much! I have an update: I was put on a 10 day Valtrex crash course yesterday since they assumed that is what was happening. How soon after you had flu like symptoms did you develop sores? I am still completely symptom free on genitals. Is it possible that the Valtrex would completely prevent sores from developing or should I just brace for what more is to come?


    It is interesting how so many different experiences are manifested with people prior and during outbreaks. I didn’t have flu symptoms at all.


    Hi everyone,

    Very new here. What a nice forum to have! I need some help. Had unprotected sex with my partner all last week. (Last day being Friday). We are trying to conceive our first child. When I got home from work he let me know that he is having an outbreak (he wasn’t aware that morning). He has had HSV 2 for 17 years and was very honest with me before we started dating. I felt inexplicably exhausted all weekend started to experience bad flu like symptoms last night and today. I do not have any symptoms downstairs. Did anyone else experience flu like symptoms prior to having any noticeable symptoms on genitals? I am pretty sure this is HSV but thought I would post here to get some feedback. Thanks in advance!


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    Hi everyone! I’m 19 and was just diagnosed recently, but I’ve had symptoms since last February. My partner was also diagnosed and we support each other but I could really use some friends that get it too. Anyone interested in making a group chat on instagram?


    I’ve been getting outbreaks every two to three weeks recently and it’s exhausting. I was just diagnosed about a couple months ago but i’ve had symptoms since last February. I started taking meds recently but keep getting outbreaks and it’s honestly crushing my spirit a little bit. I’d love a break… The most important thing is to just take care of yourself. Stay healthy, sleep lots, and drink lots of water. This is something we have to live with and it can feel debilitating, and that’s okay. We didn’t choose for this to happen to us.

    If I can give you advice, let your outbreak run it’s course, and take care of your body and your mind. That sounds really scary and frustrating to get that reoccurring outbreak, especially with it being so big, but I try to see it as my body crying for help, asking me to take care of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t control the outbreak or make it go away, just give your body and mind what they need, what ever that may be. You aren’t alone.

    If you are really concerned and can’t ease your anxiety I would encourage you to reach out to your doctor or a loved one you feel comfortable talking to. No amount of support can make this go away but it’s a good reminder that you aren’t alone and can ease your anxiety, plus, it’s important to let your feelings out and get them off your chest. I’m proud of you for reaching out here. Ride it out sweetheart, it sucks right now but you are not alone and I promise you will be okay.


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    I was just recently diagnosed but I first noticed symptoms last February,
    was just prescribed my first medication to take when I get outbreaks as I opted to not take the every day meds, I don’t want to have to do that. Lately I’ve been having an outbreak every two or three weeks and it’s so incredibly frustrating!! Medication can definitely help and I’m trying so hard to focus on my own self care; sleeping enough, drinking enough water, eating healthy and making sure I’m moving my body every day but I still keep getting outbreaks. I think it’s because I’m stressed and burnt out from my classes but I try to take care of myself! I’m so tired of feeling this way.

    Ladies, you aren’t alone. Do your best to take care of your body and your mind and be gentle with yourselves. It’s hard, and frustrating, and feels like it’s never going to end, but I promise you that you will find what works for you. This is something we did not choose and it’s something we have to live with. Try something and see how it feels, if it doesn’t work, try something new and try and try again and in the end it will be okay. It’s not okay right now and that’s okay, that means the only way you can go is up.

    Best wishes to all of you incredible women, we’re all figuring out how to live with this together.


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    Same here ! I contracted HSV a decade ago with no recurrence. After I got CoVid last year I started having outbreaks one after another. Been on the 1000 mg Valacyclovir for six months now, still having symptoms specially feeling of frequent urinating, pain in underbelly and shooting pain in my leg. It has affected my mental help enormously … desperate for a answer!


    So random question, did you have Covid by any chance? I contracted HSV1 a decade ago with no recurrence. In the summer I got Covid and recovered after two weeks. But since then I keep having continuous symptoms of HSV outbreak which does not even respond to Valcyclovir! I am taking 1000 mg a day … for six months now. I am desperate for a resolution…


    Thanks BeLove! It was a huge weight off lifted off of my shoulders to be honest and mostly the fears I had built up in my mind.

    Now I am having to focus and work on the internal narrative I have about myself. Which from what I have been researching is much harder than most of the physical symptoms of HSV. I am very happy to have found this community.


    Hello Alex,

    I’d suggest getting tested again in 3 months after the last exposure (last time you had sex with him). Hsv-2 antibodies can take up to three months to be detectable in your blood. I would also suggest to get a swab test if you get symptoms again to make sure it is genital HSV-1.
    For the moment, having genital HSV-1 is different than having genital HSV-2.
    HSV-1 is, in the vast majority of cases, oral.
    Normally you get it during childhood, and 50-80% of Americans already have it.
    The transmission of HSV-1 genital to genital is rare, super super uncommon. Why? because viral shedding (when you shed the virus even without symptoms) of genital HSV-1 is 1-2%. What happened is that you didn’t get oral HSV-1 during your childhood and your first exposure to the virus was through oral sex.
    Once you get it orally, after 6-12 months you build immunity and you are not likely to get it in other parts of your body.

    Now. You need to know this (if you have genital HSV-1):
    1. Viral shedding of genital HSV-1 is 1-2%; compared to HSV-2 viral shedding, which is 15-30%. Just allow your body to build immunity and antibodies during the following months. So, don’t worry about transmission. Your next partner will probably have HSV-1 as the vast majority of mortals (Chances 1 in 2 at least). Just ask him to get tested. Viral shedding of oral HSV-1 is 20-30%. That’s why it is easy to transmit HSV-1 with oral sex, rather than with genital to genital contact.
    2. As long as you don’t get an outbreak, don’t be afraid about transmission in the absence of symptoms.
    3. The sacral ganglia (in your back), where genital HSV-1 lives are not its favorite place to live in. Its favorite place is the trigeminal ganglia (in your neck), causing cold sores. Since it is not its favorite place, the frequency of outbreaks is less common. The average is 1.2 outbreaks per year in symptomatic people in the worst-case scenarios. Normally people with genital HSV-1 get 2-3 outbreaks in 2-3 years, and that’s all. Let your body pass the one-year mark to know how your body will respond. The average of outbreaks with HSV-2 is 3-6 per year.

    Knowledge is power.
    Think like this:
    1. I got genital herpes, but I got the nicer one (HSV-1).
    2. %0-80% people have HSV-1. Imagine you are on a bus, or in a basketball match. At least, half of them have HSV-1.
    3. Damm it! Why didn’t I get HSV-1 during my childhood on my mouth? like the vast majority.
    4. It’s not the end of the world. I just have to ask my next partner to get tested. Chances he already has HSV-1 are high.


    I got my first symptoms in November 2020, three weeks after sleeping with the guy I was dating. Shortly after my period had ended, I experienced some kind of pain and small bumps in the anus area, but I just thought those were hemorrhoids, considering the location and the fact that my whole family has problems with them. A week later, I went to gynecologist for a regular check-up and she took a quick look at my bumps and said they could be herpes sores. I was completely shocked and decided to talk to my boyfriend ASAP. He was pretty cool about it and denied ever having one.
    A month later, I had another outbreak and that’s when I started living in hell. I went to the doctor’s, in huge pain, crying for help. My boyfriend, who was supposed to be my rock, accussed me of cheating and carrying multiple STDs, adding: ‘Herpes isn’t that serious, it can’t hurt that much’.
    At that point, I was 25, with the history of 3 sexual partners in total. I’d never been tested on anything since I’d never had any problems below the waist. And of course I wasn’t cheating.
    Then he added: ‘I can’t go through this again. I was once with a girl who cheated on me, who only admitted that when she started feeling itchiness and we both needed to get tested. Thank god, I didn’t catch anything then and I’m not planning to now.’
    We broke up and I was left completely crushed, with constant outbreaks ever since.
    At least the results for standard STDs were negative, HSV2 included. So the doctor told me that I probably have HSV1.
    I’ve been wondering for months how did I get it. Do you think it’s possible that his ex got him infected and he’s transmitting the desease without knowing? Or maybe he’s keeping it a secret?
    There’s one more possible candidate, but in a 3 month gap between the intercourses I think I would’ve noticed symptoms.
    Sorry for the long post, but I think won’t be able to overcome this until I get some answers. Does anyone have a similar experience? 🙁


    Hi, I was diagnosed today with HSV1.
    I am 29 years old and am feeling the same way as you. From all of the posts I’ve been seeing. It seems like life does get better and managing symptoms gets easier over time. I’m only a click away if you ever want to talk 🙂 I feel the same as you and do not want to talk to my family
    Or friends about my diagnosis yet.


    My doctor told me that more people have herpes then it is reported. It can be dormant or someone can have no symptoms for awhile and not know they have it. She tried to make me feel better about my diagnosis but it is hard not feel like my romantic life has ended. I do feel like more people will have this then we think and the spread is going to keep on happening.

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