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    I hadn’t linked the 2 that since going vegan iv had more outbreaks, iv realised its the lower lysine levels in foods, can I take a daily supplement? Looking into it it recommends you only take it for 1 year so many advice you take it when you have symptomsbut wanted to know if anyone else uses it daily x


    Hello everyone 🙂

    I have been diagnosed around 4 months ago and what I realised is that my periods are a real trigger for me.
    Each month, around 5 days before my period I get an outbreak.
    They still haven’t cleared up- the same ones keep disappearing and coming back and it has been 2 weeks now, which has really felt like a long time.During these 2 weeks I have been really anxious and stressed out, and ate a lot of sugar. Maybe that’s the reason why the symptoms are taking a long time to go away.
    I was wondering, is 2 weeks a normal duration for an OB? How long does an OB usually last for? What can I do to shorten the duration? I know when I will be getting my OB’s since I track my period days- so maybe I can be a step ahead of the OBs with your suggestions!

    Thank you and stay safe!! 🙂


    I was diagnosed this week with HSV-2 and of course I feel shame, embarrassment and lost. It all started with an itch and then a sore on my my vagina, who knew it would be herpes…

    I’m on day 4 of my anti-viral medication and I’m just wondering if any of you have had similar symptoms?? I’m still cringing when I pee due to the sores. My lower back has hurt for days, I have tingling in my legs and just feel weak in my body. I’m also very itchy down there with the feeling of a UTI coming on. Please tell me this is normal and if I have to finish the course of my 7 day antibiotic to feel human again.

    I honestly can’t believe this is happening to me, I feel so alone in this.

    Thank you to anyone who responds!

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    So here is the thing with gHSV1 (what I now have)…. it sounds like he has oral HSV1 without knowing bc people can be carriers and never know or have a ulcer/cold sore. When ya’ll had sex did he go down on you? Friction from foreplay, intercourse etc causes micro-tears in the skin. We usually dont notice bc we’re having fun. But since he has HSV1 in his mouth, and he performed oral sex on you, then you now have gHSV1. Because he was shedding the virus and didnt know or doesnt realize how the tranmission process works. From my research, I was Dx in March; gHSV1 does not produce breakouts as often as HSV2. Simply bc gHSV1 virus would rather be in the oral mucosa and not in the vagina.
    Just bc you have gHSV1 does not mean you will have oral HSV1 or HSV2. And from what I’ve read, it is possible to have both types but since you will develop partial immunity from having gHSV1 it decreases your chances of getting HSV2.
    He had HSV1 oral ulcers and will most likely not have genital sores in this instance. If you are shedding the virus (not having symptoms) or having an active breakout then yes you can transmit the virus. Since he already has gHSv1 oral, he wouldn’t get it again but you could transmit it to his genitalia, causing him to develop gHSV1. Does that make since?
    As far as telling partners your status, you should tell them so you aren’t putting them at risk of catching the virus without their knowledge. gHSV1 is not as easy to transmit from female to male. Using a condom, dental dam, antivirals, and not having sex before, during, or immediately after a breakout will decrease the likelihood of transmission.
    Also, gHSV1 doesn’t cause as many breakouts/yr as HSV2. Do some research, watch some youtube videos on people who have herpes and be informed about this virus. I hope this was helpful.


    I am also new to the group and just recently diagnosed. My symptoms started the same with just a UTI but progressed. I don’t have my period but what’s been helping me is not wearing underwear and living in cotton sweatpants and drinking a lot of water. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hang in there – you’re tougher than you think. You got this.


    Hi, I was just diagnosed with Hsv1 today. I have so many questions. My husband who we are separated has given it to me. He hasn’t got his results back but feel like he’s in denial, or he’s like this is common a lot of people have it. And is acting like it’s okay. Which I’m having a hard time processing this. So he’s not showing symptoms in his gential or mouth area. But I have only slept with him the entire time of our marriage and during separation. I know for a fact he’s had sex with another girl during our separation. But he’s putting blame on me and now he’s being distant. If we both have hsv1 could he eventually get it in his gential area of we do end up working things out? Do we need to tell people we have hav1 if we don’t stay together? He’s making this seem like it’s not a big deal. Can we pass it back and forth of we do have sex again?im just so confused and lost!


    It is so nice to read a post that is so similar to me and how I have been coping with all of this.

    I was sad for a few days and then just got into natural ways of keeping it at bay. I am doing all the things similar to you ladies. I like the idea of upping Lysine at certain times – weirdly I tend to get a small flare up sometimes about 2 weeks before my period?

    Also just a note; I thought I had got mine from my ex partner but I suffered with cystitis symptoms for years and I wonder if it may have just been dormant and I just didn’t show signs. I think they say around 80% of carriers can not show signs. No idea really but it may not be from your current partners?

    I also wanted to talk about sex and if you ladies had noticed a big difference in sex since being diagnosed? I am just starting to date someone and he is amazing and knows I have it. But I am so worried that when we start having sex that it might trigger it and will effect our sex life! 🙁

    I haven’t tried oregano oil so definitely going to add that to my list of things. I had considered the suppressive drug treatment or chinese herbs but I still feel I can control it myself.

    Lovely to read more positive messages! Thanks for that ladies!



    My emotional pain is so bad, even after 7 months of diagnosis.
    No one will have my story. My husband died Sept 26th, last year. He had been sick many years. We were married 42 years and faithful. 3 weeks after he died I had terrible rash and pain. I had never had any symptoms and neither had he. I cannot understand if this could lie dormant all these years. He had many partners before me, I know. But like I said, we were so in love and never had any thoughts of cheating.
    The embarrassment of being 65 years old and having this is too much to bear. I never slept around. I can never tell anyone and will never date again. The thought of 20 or 30 more years alone makes me so sad. I’m healthy otherwise with no medical problems.
    So many nights I just lie awake and cry. I am ashamed even though I know it’s not my fault. And he did not know he had it either as neither of us had symptoms through our long marriage.


    I moved across country from indiana to start a new life after a very toxic on and off 4 year toxic relationship and just a rough home life and upbringing in general. I’ve been out here in AZ for a couple months now. I ended up meeting a guy out here that I click with so well. He made the transition better, we spent alot of time together the past few weeks. We had such good chemistry that sex ended up happening. My at the time which was my 1st breakout about a week and a half ago, (I didn’t know, I thought I was rubbed raw from all the sex we had and the condom) but i thought it was just irritation at first but it didnt get better and started blistering. I got very scared and went and got tested. The test results seemed to take forever. It was a blood test. Got the phone call yesterday confirming I tested positive for both form of herpes. I been researching herpes alot the past week since the blisters appeared and in a way came to terms with it before I even got the phone call. Just because I knew. I dont think the new guy gave it to me. I read that blood test detect it 12-16 weeks after exposure so I have had it for at least that long. I just never had any symptoms until now. I’m blaming myself alot because I exposed him to it and I didnt even know. I got really depressed after the blisters formed because gut feeling, I already knew. So I started to push him away. He noticed and I have mental health issues, and I tried to vent about the stuff going on without saying what it was exactly. I explained that in a nutshell that i had alot going on that I couldnt really talk to anyone about and then asked if he seen a future w me and he said he cared about my feelings but it was still too soon in our whatever we had going on to tell if he would want to be in a relationship which I appreciated his honesty. But then he just kinda stopped talking to me. So when I got the phone call yesterday, I wanted to tell him in person or send him a very detailed text but I realized that he was already falling back from me and I didnt even break the news yet. If my mental health itself was sending him running w his tail between his legs then my herpes diagnosis definitely would set him off so I took the chicken way out and sent an anonymous STD text generator, online. I just feel so guilty for unknowingly exposing it to him and I just all around hurt because I know its because I’m still processing all the emotions of a very new diagnosis, I feel like this is a dealbreaker and I will never find anyone. For clarification, I’m 25 years old. Any advice or support or words of encouragement would help.


    To start off, I’m 23 and a mother of a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. I was just diagnosed with some type of HSV on Friday, May 15th. Here is my story so bear with me.
    The father of my children and I broke up in November of 2019. Heartbroken, I had a couple more one night stands than I am honestly proud of. Each person I was cautious enough to use condoms and honestly I really do not think any of them gave me this. In December, the father of my children and I began to hook up occasionally then in January, I ended up having unprotected sex with an old high school boyfriend one drunk night who I was aware had a very extensive sexual history but I thought I could trust him. Now that I think back knowing what I know now, I believe an “ingrown hair” right in the center of my pubic area might have been my first indication because it popped up within 48 hours and was in such a spot that even at the time I was confused. The father of my children and I thankfully worked past our differences and got back together in February. Around the middle of April, I began to feel what I would describe as growing pains at random and dull headaches. First my wrists would hurt then my ankle then as time progressed the pain was in my hips often. And it was about a week prior to the onset of the outbreak, I stopped eating as much and as often and almost right at the same time, I began urinating more frequently so much so I was telling my boyfriend I thought I was pregnant again. I didn’t think anything of any of it! On Wednesday, May 6th I began to feel a tingly feeling in my vaginal area. The feeling was honestly really pleasant and I thought I was just extremely horny so my boyfriend and I were for lack of better words humping like rabbits. (Yea… I know what youre thinking) It lasted for two days. Then on Friday, my left labia had an incredible itch. It wasn’t until itching all day that I took a hand mirror down there to see what I thought was a patch of ingrown hairs. No bigger than a dime. I plucked hairs out and squeezed at the area as if it was. I wasn’t in any kind of incredible pain but I took notice that a few lymph nodes on the same side were swollen and tender. I have had folliculitis in the genital area before that I thought was herpes so I just thought I managed to do it again because I had just nicked myself with a dull and dirty razor the night prior to the lesion. I called my local Planned Parenthood for an appointment the following Tuesday. In the mean time, I kept a monistat cream on the area and it made it better almost over night so I felt like it had to have been a yeast infection induced folliculitis again. I attended my appointment and the female doctor took a swab of the area. Within just 4 days, the area had already scabbed over and was healing. I still had no other symptoms and even the dr said based on the timeline of my lesion and this being the first report of this kind of thing, she highly doubted it was a first outbreak. With the spot almost being gone and no longer itching, I thought there was no way it was herpes. The next 2 days were agony, stressing out about the results and coming up with logical explanations for it all. I was the most irritable I have ever been. I cried constantly and took my frustrations out on my poor babies and my boyfriend. I could not help it and it would just make me cry all over again for how bad I felt. Thursday night, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The area increased in an icy hot burning and the itching grew! The spot was growing. My whole right leg did that growing pain sensation again from my hip all the way to my ankle and I couldnt walk. I still all this time had not been eating and thought each day that I was nauseous from my inability to eat anything. I broke down because in that moment, everything that I had been feeling made sense. The lesion made sense. There was no way I would feel this way and get a clean bill of health. My boyfriend regardless was sympathetic and understanding of it all.
    It was about 1:30 on Friday, that I got the call confirming all of my worst fears but considering the night before, part of me just knew it was coming. The woman on the phone was very sympathetic and listened to me cry while she went over what this meant and what I can do about it. I asked which type I had and she told me she wasn’t sure because it was typed in the lab but because of it affecting my genitals it was probably type 2.
    I felt obligated to inform the men from my three months of being single. They were all extremely cool about it and assured me they would get with their doctors just to look into the possibility but they were all pretty sure they were clean. ALL BUT ONE. The high school boyfriend. I actually had to disclose the information to his mother because he refused to answer my phone calls after me crying about the possibility to him days prior. He told his mom he had no desire to speak to me and there’s no way he has it. I think he’s trying to save face with his girlfriend. I in no way want to point the finger directly at him because my boyfriend also was single at the time and could have contracted it and given it to me within the same time frame. I mean that would explain why he is so calm and understanding about it and why he became angry with me only when he learned I had told my parents and sister about what I was going through. But regardless, I will never know the truth about where it came from. And even if I did, it does not change the fact that this is my truth now.
    I feel like I failed myself for not protecting my body good enough. I feel disgusted. I have struggled with self harm and suicidal thoughts since I was 16, it wasnt until I was saved in church early December that all those thoughts and tendencies went away. After the diagnosis, those thoughts welcomed themselves back in as night rolled around and I got my very first herpes bump next to my urethra. If the father of my children and I break up again who would honestly want a single mom with two kids and herpes… I wanted one more baby if I ever am lucky enough to get married but I don’t feel like I could not live with myself if my baby contracted it during birth so I feel like one more baby is out the window and it breaks my heart.
    Now, I need to get in and have my blood tested so I can for sure know which type I have. My boyfriend plans on getting his blood tested with me because he also is convinced it is not because of him but if you refer back to my little snippet about the onset of my outbreak, I feel there’s no way he’ll be negative now since we had sex multiple times while I was apparently contagious…


    Hi all, I’m 26 years old. I was diagnosed HSV2 positive 5 years ago and recently was told my blood panel was positive for both HSV 1 and 2. I’ve only ever had Genital symptoms. Only 2 outbreaks in the last 5 years. I’ve been on suppressive valtrex for most of this time. I recently started dating someone and just told him of my condition. He did not take it well. I’m looking for positive stories of others who did not transmit their HSV to their long term partners, Things they’ve done to prevent it, natural ways to also help prevent in addition to meds, and if it’s possible to have a long term relationship/marriage without infecting the partner.


    I was recently diagnosed with hsv-1. I had what looked like a tiny little skin tag. I didn’t have any itching, burning, discharge nor pain, just a very distinct odor that I’ve never suffered from before. Went to the dr they did bloodwork, urine, and a Pap smear. Only came back positive for hsv1. I was in shock, disappointed, disgusted and ashamed of myself. It’s been a month and one night I began having this very bad pain in my right hip. I was also experiencing this penny/fishy odor. Two days later I began my period. I also got two bumps that look like ingrown hairs. I immediately started taking my meds. I’ve already stopped my period, but I still have a bit of that smell. The ingrown looking bumps are starting to go away but I wonder if the smell will ever go away. I feel very self conscious of it. I feel like everyone can smell it. When I go to the restroom sometimes I want to cry. I also inspected my self and saw these tiny little clusters of little bumps on my labia minora. They are not painful nor itchy. They are on each side of my flaps. I guess this is what the outbreak looks. On my groin it’s where I have the two small bumps. It’s all still very recent and I’m still very confused. I’m trying not to stress to much about it, but it’s very hard not to focus on it when I have a constant reminder of it. Still trying to figure this out. Just so confused when every one has different symptoms.


    I was diagnosed with the hsv 2 virus back in late March. I haven’t been sexual active since August if last year. I was made a terrible decision to have unprotected sex with a guy I was talking to and found out he gave me trichomoniasis. Which is a very curable std. it’s basically a parasite that you can get from having sex. It’s like the sister to chlamydia. Anyway I stopped seeing that guy after I learned that information. My high school sweetheart reconnected with me and we’ve been dating since October. But he is deployed and we haven’t had sex yet due to him being deployed. I went in late February to get an iud cause I didn’t want to risk getting pregnant when he gets back home. About two weeks later I noticed a strong smell that wasn’t usual. I was also leaving for vacation within the next few days and just thought it was my body adjusting to the iud. The day I left to go fly out for vacation I noticed a random bump on my right upper vulva. It was just one bump. Didn’t hurt. Didn’t hurt to pee, it was just annoying of its placement cause my pants/shorts would rub on it but it wasn’t painful or hurtful. And it was also just one bump. I came home two weeks later and decided to go get it checked out. Because right before I got my iud my doctor told me my pap came back abnormal and I was tested positive for hpv. She informed me that it’s very common to get hpv if you ever get a std and that it usually goes away within two years. What I read about hpv I assumed it was a reaction from my iud. Cause it took three times to get my iud to go in because we learned my cervix is tilted and we need to get a ultra sound to put it in. Well when I came home from vacation my doctor was out on maternity leave. So I went to the clinic so I could be seen the same day thing. The doctor that came in looked at it and went “oh that’s herpes” and I said i haven’t been sexually active in months. And it’s one bump and it doesn’t hurt it’s just annoying. She sounded happy about finding it. Which confused me. She did a culture swap. Which ive learned from what I’ve read they have a pretty high false/positive if you wait to get tested and since I was on vacation I did wait. She gave me the medicine which made the bump go down in about a week or so. But about a week later I developed a rash on the other side of my vulva. No bump just a random mild red rash. So I asked to get my iud taking out. Cause I still think it was a side effect to my iud. Cause I had one years ago and had issues with it and had it taken out. But I was assured I wasn’t going to have any issue with the new ones with how they are made. Since taking it out I haven’t had a bump/rashes etc. just that overwhelming feeling in my head that I have something and I’m going to have a random bump or rash appear which I know doesn’t help. I’ve of course gone into the wonderful google dive and learned it could be this or that etc. simple infections and so on. I’m wondering if anyone has had any similar symptoms like I’ve had. Cause from what I’ve read herpes appears in a few bumps, and I had one and it’s suppose to be uncomfortable and hurt and mine didn’t. And then I had a rash. And having a boyfriend being deployed adds to stress. Then the lovely virus going on shutting everything down has added to stress. I’m a bartender and haven’t been able to work in almost 3 months. So my stress level is a lot higher than normal. Any info can help cause I’m going a bit crazy with the google dives.


    I was diagnosed with HSV2 mid march 2020 with an index of 2.48. At the time of my appointment I went in just for a checkup, I did not have any symptoms. I still do not have any symptoms and its been a few months. I’m very confused if I actually have it or not, as my doctor upon giving me my results mentioned the idea of a false positive result. I plan to get re-tested at the end of the month.


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    Bless you my darling, I’ve just been diagnosed too so understand your pain!!

    Please, please do not take it out on yourself. This can happen to anyone and has nothing to do with being promiscuous at all. I’m 28 years old and had a bit of fun here and there when I was younger, now I caught it from someone I’ve been with for a long time who I’ve actually been careful with and I think wow it really can happen in any situation.

    You can still get married and have children with no issues, plenty of stories online of people having successful vaginal births with no problems but c-section option is there to remove all doubt you’ll ever pass it on to your child!

    The thing here to remember is this is more common than you think – we are just the portion that get symptoms. I caught it from someone who doesn’t have symptoms and they say 1 in every 6 people has it, and that is just those being tested and verified! Imagine the real number, we’re really not as alone as we think.

    Sending lots of love x

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