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    Drink soooo much water ladies…it helps dilute your urine and it doesn’t sting as bad. when i had my first outbreak and had all the symptoms you mentioned…i didn’t drink much water because i didn’t want to pee anymore than i had to. But your urine is so concentrated when you do that. So drink lots, so you pee mostly water!


    My first outbreak was tough too. I think from start to finish it lasted like 2 weeks. but mine start out feeling like a uti. so i didn’t realize what it was til it started to get bad and i got to the doctors. It burned sooo bad when i urinated. worse than any UTI i ever had. I limited my water intake so i wouldn’t pee so much. But what I ended up doing was concentrating my urine making it burn worse. So if you’re having that problem, drink lots of water. lots and lots. that way what’s coming out is mostly water.


    How long was yours outbreak?


    i just got over my first outbreak and found the best way to use the bathroom was to fill a bowl with warm salty water and then sit in the shower, pour it on yourself at the same time you urinate! flushing it out straight away really minimised the pain


    I am looking for some personal stories on everyone first outbreak experience please! I am in more pain than I ever thought possible. Please share timeline of your days and each step as you healed!! I’m on day 4 and today has been the worst. I keep getting more and more and swelling more and more. I cry in pain and want to scream every time I use the bathroom. Please help me. I’m taking Tylenol, llysine, valacyclovir. I’ve tried ice, lidocaine, dermaplast, and Vaseline.


    I’m 22 and just being diagnosed with genital herpes. im also having such a horrific outbreak I’ve barely been able to move for 5 days. im still in shock and feel like I’ve been stripped of my sex life. I feel as though nobody is going to find me attractive anymore and nobody will want to be in a relationship with me. I know its common but im finding it really difficult to come to terms with this. has anyone on here started dating again with herpes? how much does it affect your dating and how do people generally react when you tell them? I feel like never going on another date again.

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    I’ve just been diagnosed, the issue is I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years, and 4 years ago we did break up and he slept with someone else, but he claims he hasn’t ever since then, and I truly believe him after doing some research and finding one of us could’ve had it and not even known, this is my first big outbreak and I’ve always been prone to infections down below, and maybe what I thought was regular infection was HSV the whole time. Has anyone else had a diagnosis and outbreak after so many years? Am I being lied to? We’re technically not even really together at the moment so I feel like he has no reason to lie. And he hasn’t had any problems at all with his penis, ever, the whole time we’ve been together, have I just had it for 7 years?


    Hello! This is something I’ve lived with for 4 years now and it’s gotten to the stage where I have to take Acciclover twice daily to help outbreaks. Unfortunately, this doesn’t completely stop them either, but lessen the symptoms…. But without fail, when my period is due, I will start to feel tired, my eye bags swell and I have severe brain fog- then I realise why I’m feeling so rotten 😞. I live in a small community and the doctors here are beyond useless and won’t do anything to help me! I’m poorly all the time, and I’ve had to tell a few people I would rather not because I can’t hide it!! Work etc! I’m not sure what I’m even looking for with this post, other than to know I’m not alone. I feel like a leper!!! Had anyone else experienced their PMS kicking off their outbreaks? I want to come off the tablets but I know I will be even more ill, as at least they stop me getting blisters. The joys 😔


    Hi Newtothis. I’m new to being diagnosed as well. Not new to the breakouts though. (Was misdiagnosed as a severe allergic reaction.)

    They will heal and it appears that you are on track with the steps toward healing. I’m in the middle of an outbreak now and am right about at the stage you are.

    In my past experience, after it drains you will see it begin to heal, and I typically end up with just a painless red mark where the sore was. This too goes away and when I reach that stage I’m feeling great and feel like it’s ending.

    For me from start to the red mark going away takes approximately two weeks. If you follow a similar pattern, you should see some changes for the positive soon.


    First, to put what looks to be a misunderstanding to rest, and hopefully ease your mind regarding your relationship, HSV1 is also commonly called “cold sores”. It sounds as though you may have it confused with HSV2, which is referred to as “genital herpes”.

    A great percentage of the population has HSV1, often from childhood. Kids have an HSV1 outbreak (aka a cold sore), drink out of a cup, then share the cup with their friends and they drink from it and catch it. Teenager (or adults) kiss someone who has it and catch it. It is a virus and therefore contagious.

    You did not mention where on your body you have broken out. Here is the tricky part. Typically people have HSV1 breakouts on the mouth. This doesn’t indicate any kind of sexual activity took place. Now here’s the “however”…a person can get HSV1 on their genitals after catching it by engaging in oral sex with someone who has the HSV1 virus.

    From what you have written it seems your biggest concern is that he cheated on you. Since you have HSV1 – the kind that is the cause of primarily “cold sores”, either of you could have had it for years.

    To answer your other questions, HSV1 and HSV2 can both be asymptomatic for a long time. Most people don’t even know when or how they got HSV1 since so many people have it in childhood.

    My husband is an example of this. He’s had HSV1 since childhood. He can’t remember when he had his first outbreak (on lip), and I recall him having one or two when we were dating and the first few years of our marriage. He hasn’t had an outbreak in many years (like at least 12), however he still tests positive for it and always will. Interestingly, I test negative for HSV1, but have HSV2, and have had it for almost 30 years. (We’ve been married 28 years.). My husband is negative for HSV2.

    I had a major outbreak during the covid lockdowns. Stress combined with menopause. Hurray! I was shocked to find out I was HSV2 positive. In hindsight I realize that I had very mild outbreaks over the past 30 years, but they were mild enough that I chalked it up to ingrown hairs, from shaving, etc. This more recent outbreak was very painful though, and it couldn’t be denied. That was about 2 years ago. I’ve had outbreaks since then. At first every 3 months, now it’s over 6 months and has returned to the “minor” outbreaks I now realize I had during the course of the past 30 years. So yes. Either type of HSV can be dormant or so mild that you don’t realize you even have it, then a major physical or emotional stressor can cause a more intense outbreak that causes you to realize something is going on.

    I hope this helped to put your mind at ease a bit.


    Hello, I was recently discovered with herpes type 1 during the summer . Was taken a back by it considering I’m in a 4 year relationship. My swears to me he didn’t do anything but it’s hard for me to believe that . We read online that herpes can be dormant in your body for years before your first initial outbreak . Is this true ??


    I’m in the midst of my first outbreak and noticed the blisters about 6 days ago they have all now burst but because they are on the inside of my labia and seem to ooze a lot, they don’t seem to be healing! Does anyone have any advice on how to help this?? I’m on antivirals and bathing twice a day but just want them to heal.

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    I’m new here. I was diagnosed yesterday and I’m terrified. I have never had an outbreak and my reasoning for getting tested was due to a messy breakup. Long and complicated story short..after I broke up with him he called a week later claiming I gave him HSV-2, thinking it was scare tactic to keep me in his clutch I didn’t think anything of it (as he was pulling out all the stops for me to stay with him), I get tested regularly and I’ve always been in the all clear. I started to think about his accusations constantly and decided to go get tested. Sure enough it was positive, I’m devastated, naturally. I’m trying to stay very matter of fact about it. I could question everything and probably will start having an emotional breakdown soon but for now I need suggestions on what my next steps are bc the NP literally said “why are you so upset?” What do I do from here?? Help.


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    i would get retested if there was any doubt about your test results for peace of mind. If you never had an outbreak then i wouldn’t worry or think about taking medications, just keep yourself healthy.


    I recently got a std panel which included hsv 1 & 2. I am positive for hsv1 and relatively can come to terms with this, as it’s super common. My results for hsv2 are what confuse me. My result being 2.6 – sometimes considered a “low positive”. Any literature or article I’ve read about low positives (below 3.5) claims that there is a possibility (or even 1/2 chance) that it is a false positive. The professional that called me insists that anything about a 1 is a true positive. Should I be concerned? I’m thinking of possibly requesting a retesting. Also I’d like to say that I would hate to come off as insensitive to anyone who may have hsv2 – there is no shame in having any type of STI. I’m just still young and don’t want to put myself through any medications if unnecessary. I would also like to note that I’ve never had an outbreak. Any advice is very appreciated!

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