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    I hadn’t linked the 2 that since going vegan iv had more outbreaks, iv realised its the lower lysine levels in foods, can I take a daily supplement? Looking into it it recommends you only take it for 1 year so many advice you take it when you have symptomsbut wanted to know if anyone else uses it daily x


    Hi there.
    I’m new to this and super scared about the whole situations too. I can’t imagine what you went through and I’m so sorry you had to go through that.
    I was diagnosed about 5 months ago and I’m still struggling to come to terms with It. I seem to have tried everything to stop the outbreaks but they won’t stop and I would be really interested in becoming pen pals too to share what works and what you find makes things worse.
    I do have full confidence that we will all be okay. We just have to find a way to get through it.


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    I’m a newbie as of this week with HSV-2 and it’s been a very emotional and physically painful week. I’m on day 5 of Valtrex and still feel tingling, low back pain and my legs and butt are numb most of the time. I’m on a 7 day antibiotic and I sure hope I feel better soon. This is such a crazy roller coaster and the only thing helping me, is knowing I’m not alone. Does anyone feel like when they walk, they’ve been riding a horse for a week? I swear I’m not even walking the same. I just want all this to be over with. I pray after this outbreak, I don’t have another or at least not as painful.


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    Tbh I don’t even remember the pain anymore, it seems very far away 🙂
    but yes, I’m not a doctor, but as far as my experience I’m guessing it is normal. I had the tingles and the muscle aches as well. Also my lower back hurt a lot. I remember not being able to get out of bed and sleeping all day, feeling irritation all over my body. This is a one time thing and the outbreaks (if you do get them) will definitely not be like that.
    I only notice irritation in the prodomal stage (the stage right before a lesion appears) and experience mild itching during OBs- that’s all.
    You’ll be fine, just hang on for a couple more days.
    I hope this helps 🙂


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    Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your help. It’s very hard to know what’s normal and what’s not with your first outbreak. I’m tired of all the tingling feelings I have in my legs, they almost hurt to to the touch. I want to crawl out of my own skin. (That’s normal, right??Has that happened to you?) This whole thing is crazy and I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

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    Hi there ❤️
    My best advice is to take Lysine and vitamine C and D on a daily basis. Had my first and only outbreak in January this year, but nothing since.


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    it is so normal for you to feel like this. I have gone through the same process 4 months ago and I’m sure many other have as well. The pain stops, believe me. If you ever do get another outbreak, they won’t be painful or irritating. The first time is a struggle for everyone because of the variety of symtpoms.
    when it comes to the shame and the negative feelings, you shouldn’t feel shame at all. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact and accept it since its all very new for me as well, however I do know that time will bring acceptance.
    I hope you feel well soon <3


    Hello everyone 🙂

    I have been diagnosed around 4 months ago and what I realised is that my periods are a real trigger for me.
    Each month, around 5 days before my period I get an outbreak.
    They still haven’t cleared up- the same ones keep disappearing and coming back and it has been 2 weeks now, which has really felt like a long time.During these 2 weeks I have been really anxious and stressed out, and ate a lot of sugar. Maybe that’s the reason why the symptoms are taking a long time to go away.
    I was wondering, is 2 weeks a normal duration for an OB? How long does an OB usually last for? What can I do to shorten the duration? I know when I will be getting my OB’s since I track my period days- so maybe I can be a step ahead of the OBs with your suggestions!

    Thank you and stay safe!! 🙂


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    Having HSV1 is very common. This is the type of herpes that can be found in cold sores or most people even carry that causes chicken pox. Its the HSV 2 virus that generally causes genital outbreaks. You can check facts on .edu websites. The one below is from the World Health Organization.

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    I am new to this group as well. My first outbreak was extremely painful. My advice is to be gentle with yourself. It does get better!! I have had two outbreaks since my diagnosis and the second one was less painful. Just remember that the pain does not last forever. Once the outbreak is clear you will feel 100% again. You are not alone! We are with you! Hope this helps:)


    So ima gonna try to shorten this as much as possible so I’m positive for genital herpes and I didn’t know I had it! After rough sex my skin was becoming raw down there and I thought it was just from the lack of lubricant down there and stuff and then the person I talk to he tells me it burns when he pee.. and I instantly became scared I already had an appointment with the ogbyn and stuff the next day so basically I went there and she looked down there was like oh yeah this look like herpes and I started crying and just was confused and like before I had sex with guy 1 who I’m really close to were damn near in a relationship but We’re single but few days before I went to him I had some sexual intercourse with some guy we’re gonna call him Tom.. and it was a mistake cause we even talked about stds and all that before we did it cause I really didn’t want to but you know the peer pressure.. and then back to where I just got diagnosed at the ogbyn I’m scared as fuck and I instantly think it’s the new guy I call guy 1 up and we’re gonna call him lance.. so I call lance and tell him and he’s pissed and just like huh wtf blah make sure he get tested and all so I call Tom and tell him but he swears up and down he’s clean that it wasn’t from him that he can show me his test results from March and he hasn’t been with anyone since before his test results and so basically lance hasn’t been there for me honestly he been playing the blame game and shit but I call the ogbyn to confirm is it actually herpes and I was confirmed to be positive for genital herpes and she said it was a past exposure that I was exposed to it 6 weeks ago and I was just like what!? So it’s not the new guy.. and 6 weeks ago it could’ve been either two guys lance.. or another guy we’re gonna call him .. Peter but the timeline matches perfectly with lance and these are guys I been doing things with I thought I felt safe cause I got tested in feb after I been with them and was negative ! So anyways I tell Peter I call him and he’s like calm but he’s like “ no it couldn’t of been me I get tested regularly and that he hasn’t been with anyone but me after his ex and after his ex he got tested but he will go get tested and he’s gonna lmk “ so I tell lance it could’ve been from him and he’s just not believing it at all continuing to say it’s me and saying he used a condom but I read if someone is having a outbreak and they use a condom they can still get it and honestly I need some friends to vent to I need a little support group I. Don’t know what to do I’m really devastated


    Hey everyone, I want to start off by thanking this group for existing because these last 24 hours have been some of the most emotionally and physically painful times of my life. I am also sorry for this excessive post, I am only 20 dealing with this and am really struggling. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 months now and I have not seen or felt anything until this last week. It started coming on feeling as a UTI , just some discomfort and slight tingle so I thought I could self treat at home, I waited the week and it only got worse to the point where I had to make an appointment to go get checked. Where he told me I have HSV-2. I am really looking for someone to talk to throughout all of this. My boyfriend felt a sore on his parts although we thought it was from dry rubbing (it didn’t look too suspicious at all) but days later I personally started getting much much worse. I have had unprotected sex prior to him although I feel wouldn’t I have some sort of feeling before him? Because I have NEVER felt this way in my life until this past week. Fast forward to last night and today, I have been sitting in the bath tub for hourssss on end, not sleeping, crying, in excruciating pain and my blisters and wounds seem to only be progressing. I have been on medication since yesterday and was given something for the pain today. I can’t sleep, I can’t get out of the bath tub and I can barley walk at all. Does this get better? Will I go back to 100%? When does the pain start to die down? I’m so concerned, confused and alone. My partner has been amazing although I pain I’m feeling I would love to talk to someone who has been through this. Thanks again.

    Also a side note- It is my time of the month as well, I am not able to use any feminine products or even have anything slightly rest on myself. Please help !! 🙁


    Hello ladies, i tried the herbal Dr and it did work. I have been good so far so good after taking his medicine and am living my normal life. Didn’t even have to tell my new partner about the HSV. Am so so happy and lucky to come across the lady that posted the link. I was actually sceptical at first but saw I had no other option cos I was really tired of taking everyday tablets and was still having outbreaks, but am glad am good now. I was even wandering if I am the only one who has tried him or others are just keeping mute. Goodluck anyway.


    I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 3 years ago when I had my first outbreak. I remember it was horrible all over my vulva etc. I took some valtrex and it went away and although I feared I’d get it again, I didn’t have another outbreak until now – 3 years later. This outbreak is still in a similar area but its more around my anus which seems a bit unusual, but it’s pretty much as bad as the first (leg pains, swollen groin glands and horrible itch). Ive been in a stable and loving relationship for a year now so I think it’s unlikely I’ve now contracted HSV2 but can someone maybe provide some advice on why this may have happened again so late. Could it just be stress? I have been eating a lot of chocolate and peanut butter lately but it seems unlikely that would trigger a whole outbreak?


    Firstly, I am so happy to have found this forum. I can finally ask people for their advice based on their experience, and that is priceless. So thank you. I was diagnosed with HPV 2 in February this year, three months ago. I have had 3 outbreaks since then all lasting for a while. So, I have been clear for about 3 weeks out of 3 months. I have been clear for 3 days and can feel tingling and hoping it won’t be another OB. I am 23 years old, and as much as it does get me down I am starting to accept it. Slowly. Its a process and time will tell (with my future next partner) if i’ll be okay with it. But for now, I just need to heal. My question is, has anyone had frequent out breaks at the start of their diagnosis and things got better? Did you clear up? Did you fine any natural remedies? Any additional medicines? And has anyone actually tried that herbal doctor?
    Tell me you experiences. I want to know. <3

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