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    About a month ago I went for my yearly wellness exam. It was just a normal happy day for me. I knew everything would be A-OK like they always are. About 11 days later I get a call from the docs office saying to come in. I scheduled my appointment and seen my provider and BOOM. She said I had been diagnosed with 2. I was completely taken back because me and my ex were recently kinda back together and working things out and everything was going great! I was in disbelief of this news!!! I had to get a second opinion so I went to another doctor about 3-4 weeks later and low and behold it was no denying it any longer. I told my ex and he was pretty accepting of it at the time. But now idk where things will end up with us. He went to the doctor and supposedly doesn’t have anything. I have so many different emotions everyday and it’s very difficult and hard accepting this. I just want it to go away so I can live a “normal” life again.


    Hi everyone- to warn you there is DV/abuse mention in this so please look after yourself if reading. I was diagnosed yesterday after a pretty horrific week of symptoms. Full flu/fever, cystitis issues and now sores in their plenty. I’ve done a lot of crying and now just waiting to see my current partner to tell them which is nerve racking as I feel he gave it to me but obviously with the nature of the HSV2 there is no evidence of that and I don’t want this to be about blame anyway. For me the harshness lies in he was my first partner after 2 years, the last experience being a sexual assault and a lifetime of on off abuse. Mentally I am not taking on the whole weight of this right now as I know that isn’t healthy. I want to focus on telling him, and then creating a healthy lifestyle to improve my immune system and building support. So, ladies, I am really here for anyone to reach out with wisdom. I will so deeply appreciate it xo


    Hello, I’m newly diagnosed with herpes. When I found out I just felt numb. Didn’t know what to feel. I woke up today at 430am and had a major panic attack. It’s just all now hitting me and I feel completely destroyed, like I disappointed myself. How could I even let this happen to me? I feel like I destroyed my body and feel so much fuxking shame!! I just started loving myself after a love term relationship with so much abuse me mentally and physically. Now this?! I just hope I’m strong enough to move past this and now truly accept the new me and this new journey. This is truly heartbreaking for me and I cant keep acting to my family and close friends that I’m strong because I’m completely losing it.


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    Hey Jannet!

    I hope you’re doing well.

    I just went through a very similar situation as well. In my situation I was able to text the guy the day after and explain to him what had happened, and how sorry I was, and that I shouldn’t have let things go so far. He was upset and worried, but ultimately he was very understanding and kind about everything.

    I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with HSV-1 about a year and a half ago, and I am also struggling to figure out the best ways to approach telling guys about my herpes status. Of course you should tell the people you’re hooking up with about your status upfront, but it’s not always black and white. I have the mindset that herpes is not a big deal, so I don’t really feel comfortable giving the guy a giant lecture right before we hookup, but I also want to ensure that all my partners are informed, and are able to decide for themselves whether or not they are willing to take the risk, but I feel like a simple “hey btw I have herpes are you cool with that?” doesn’t seem sufficient.

    Hope to talk soon!:)

    Wishing you all the best,


    Need advise – I was diagnosed with both HSV1&2 during the delivery of my second baby. I had an outbreak and was told it doesn’t look like herpes by a doctor so we went ahead with a vaginal delivery. Being from a small town the swab took a long time to get results that it was HSV2 so the day after my son was born we got called back to the hospital and had to start my sweet little man on an IV drip of antivirals while we awaited his swab results to see if he got it during delivery. Watching them hold him down screaming while they tried to get the IV in was a nightmare come true. He was less then 24 hours old and it took 8 tries before they got it. I felt nothing but shame and responsibility for the 10 days of what little guy had to go through with blown IVs and family member visits. Not telling everyone what was going on and being alone in the hospital 90% of the day while my husband was taking care of our daughter. Finally the results came back that he was in the clear and we could go home.
    I have had one outbreak since and it came up on my lip just recently. Therefore I’m not able to shower my family in kisses like I normally do. The shame has all come flooding back and the worry that I’ve spread it to my sweet children. My daughter is 3 and doesn’t understand why mommy can’t kiss her and through a fit every time she bumps into something and needs it kissed. Or at bedtimes and when I leave the house. It breaks my heart and I don’t know how to cope.
    I’m also so scared on spreading it. Being new to this what should I be doing to prevent more outbreaks and keep my family safe. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.


    I was diagnosed a few days ago. I was devastated then, but feel numb now. I guess I’m just looking for details so that I can cope now.
    Is it possible to have no symptoms for 5 years? Has anyone been given Ciprofloxacin? Does it work well?


    So I was diagnosed with genital herpes when I was 17.
    I had only been sleeping with my 1st ever boyfriend and 1st ever sexual partner since the age of 16.
    I am now 22 and yet again suffering from another outbreak.
    It’s sore, painful and ugly.
    I get upset every time I have an outbreak and honestly feel like I’m cursed.
    I get anxiety every time I look at my vulva/vagina because of the sores.
    I feel like I can’t cope whenever I get an outbreak and I worry it’s just getting worse.


    Hey guys I’m back again . So it’s weird to me bc I got checked for all STDs bc I had sex with a new partner they asked if I wanted HIV testing I said yes but didn’t know I was getting tested for herpes as well . Two days later I got the call that I was diagnosed with hsv-2 I had no symptoms the doctor said she couldn’t do anything and didn’t offer anti virals how weird is that . It’s about two weeks since the diagnoses and I get very inconsistent symptoms . I’ll get a random tingle maybe an itch . I did have one single bump appear in the upper pubic hair zone like right below my belly button it mimicked an ingrown hair and it was gone within two days . I found a another bump even tinier on opposite side a little lower but still in the pubic area . It went away within a day or two as well . These bumps don’t hurt they don’t itch they are there and they are not . I’d also like to point out that my blood tested positive which means I would’ve had this for a while , back in January I had a procedure done where they checked for ALL stds and I came back negative. I had one partner before the procedure and didn’t have sex for two and half months after the procedure. Since March I had sex with that same partner (who had sex with one person for that period of time thag I didn’t have sex with a condom ) and I had my most recent partner whom I was with for about a two weeks when I got the diagnosis . Should I get retested ? Should I ask for antivirals? A lot of things just aren’t adding up


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    I believe you are just like me. I was diagnosed with asymptomatic HSV2 in Feb. Although my previous partners and ex of 5 years tested negative i never had an outbreak. It is possible your ex passed it to you unknowingly and he is barely getting his first outbreak due to it lying dormant for so long.

    You are not alone. It took me a few months to come to terms with the diagnosis although I never had an outbreak I learned to accept it. The shame and depression will be intense the first few weeks but it will subside. As for dating again I am not too sure about that just yet. I considered the dating sites for HsV+ people. Although I’ve come to find out 2 of my previous partners do not seem to care about my diagnosis and want more than just sex. Your depression and confidence will come back with time. For now focus on finding self love and celebrating your victory on walking away from a toxic relationship. Im proud of you!

    Focus on your health. Keep your stress levels low and take care of yourself and hope you never have an outbreak.


    I just got diagnosed. I started having pain that turned into an incredible amount of pain I have never experienced. I have an autoimmune disorder and take immunosuppressants…I tried assuming it was something else… anything else. So I pushed off going to the doctor. Then it was the weekend and I couldn’t get in when it had gotten much worse. I finally went and the doctor said it was likely I had herpes…they started me on meds and did testing…gave me lidocaine..etc… I feel just so defeated. I have been reading a lot and trying to get my head right about this but all I keep feeling is how am I going to find someone who will be ok with this. How will I be able to start a family. I have been talking to one guy who is so sweet and I think we could be great together, we haven’t slept together yet..but have talked about it. Now I have to tell him this and all I keep thinking is I wish there was a way I didn’t have to.

    My doctor asked if I want to be on suppressive daily therapy or wait and see how many outbreaks I get and how bad they are after this initial one. I don’t know what to choose. I am leaning towards daily suppressive therapy because of my immune problems already but what if I do that and I am one of those percentages who get one outbreak and then don’t get another one which I have read about.

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    Hi, I’m 28 and got diagnosed with HSV-2 9 months ago. I’m still trying to get my head around it and still feel so upset 🙁
    I’ve started talking to a guy and we’ve been on one date and he wants another but now I feel like I’m starting to withdraw as I’m worried how he will act when I tell him about Herpes.


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    Hi Rye,

    I am 100 percent with you I have been diagnosed 1 month ago and was recommended so many different things but to be quite honest with you, my husband started doing things outside of our marriage and my daughter is paying for my health concerns, I will recommend getting this book as it is definitely helping me and was recommended to me please feel free to contact me it’s always good to have a stranger listen.
    Be strong


    I just got diagnosed with HSV1 about less than a week ago when my first outbreak started. (It was hell, it hurt to move and when i peed it burned soooo bad i was literally crying on the toilet, shaking, and biting my shirt just to not make a noise) Besides that, I went through all of the emotions of feeling worthless, like a waste, etc. and i still am but my main fear right now is how my mother is looking at me. she hasn’t been anything but supportive and she wants to help me, but i can’t help to feel like i failed as a daughter. i feel like she thinks she went wrong somewhere and that’s my fault for not being precautious. (I’ve only ever had 2 sexual partners and I contracted the virus through my current one of 7 months, but i never asked him to get tested which was careless of me…) I just start bawling thinking about how my mom sees me even though she hasn’t voiced any negative feelings or thoughts AT ALL and i know she wants the best for me. that’s what makes me feel terrible. i feel like this is all my fault. she’s done a great job raising me and i’m aware of all of the risks and how to prevent those risks, i was just so careless. i feel like now the burden is on her, and like she is paying for my mistakes just knowing that i have HSV1. I feel like a shitty human right now. I just wish i could go back in time.

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