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    My parter and I had just decided to start trying for a baby right before I was diagnosed. Does that mean we can’t without me giving it to him? I’m completely devastated.


    I have the same questions! I mean it doesn’t even seem like casual sex anymore due to the fact that so much time and conversation has to go into this diagnoses before even getting to that stage. Feels like the whimsical one night stands are kinda a thing of the past which I don’t want them to be.


    I’ve been there when I was diagnosed I was newly single.
    I was with the same person sexually for at least 4 years before being diagnosed so don’t feel bad.
    anyway while trying to figure out dating there was one guy I was upfront and honest with he was nice about it but never heard from him again after that…
    There were a couple guys who I slept with and I didn’t eve bring it up I wasn’t having an outbreak I was on my pills taking them consistently and we were using condoms so thing were really safe.
    Also the 4 year guy and I were not using condoms and still having sex during outbreaks the last year we were together because I was misdiagnosed and he never caught it he’s tested negative every time.
    I think you will be ok to continue having casual sex.


    Hi ladies, I’m recently diagnosed about a month ago and still have 2 small stubborn lesions that refuse to go (I have the little cut like ones). Anyway, I’m 29 and have no interest in a serious relationship anytime soon. I enjoy casual sex, I’ve always been on the more promiscuous side and now I’m feeling so annoyed that I have to stop and change what I enjoy.

    I know a lot of ladies talk about not being promiscuous before infection so I’m prepared for judgement but I’d like to hear from those in the same position as me.
    How have you gone about having sex after diagnosis, did you still engage in casual sex, did it effect your OB’s…. how did you move on while still enjoying yourself?
    Is casual sex off the table for me now?

    I have a casual partner and I plucked up the courage to tell him that I might have herpes to soften the blow before I tell him I have actual herpes and he took it well but I’m sure when I confirm to him I have it things will change and it will be done so I’m prepping myself for my 1st rejection of many I’m sure. I haven’t seen him in a month since I found out I have it…

    I feel like my life has already changed and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. I’m bouncing through emotions right now.

    Ps: I was safe while enjoying myself but I am anyway -_-

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    Im new to this group but reading other stories has already started to help. Ive been diagnosed for 5 years and its still a struggle. I waited way too long to find a support group


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    I’m 21 as well, got diagnosed about a year ago but newly single and trying to figure everything out. If you got any good tips please let me know!


    Topic: Anger


    Hey all, I’m new to this forum but I’m beyond thankful to have found a platform where I can talk about my hsv diagnosis. I’ve had a lot of anger since I got diagnosed last year. My boyfriend of three years and I were on a “break” as you would say, where I was trying to find myself again and he slept with other people lol. When we got back together, he didn’t have any symptoms so he wasn’t aware. Once he did get symptoms, he informed me and well there you have it. We broke up about five months ago.

    In the last five months a lot has been going on emotion wise. I’m still healing from the breakup but the idea of being with someone new with this diagnoses scares me to death. I’m young, I haven’t even been able to fully get out into the world yet. And then the wave of anger shoots over me. I’m angry at him, at me, and at the world for making my chances of finding someone who loves and accepts me harder than it already was. I hear all the “if a new partner can’t accept the diagnoses he wasn’t the one”, which calms me to a point. But how do you even put yourself out there? How do you tell someone? How do you stop feeling like this is the end of your dating life? And most importantly, how do you stop yourself from being so angry and bitter about it?

    The only person that knows is my ex, which I no longer communicate with. So I would greatly appreciate hearing about your stories and how you’ve overcome these difficult times.


    Hey guys 6 months ago I was diagnosed with HSV2 I know hsv2 can be asymptomatic it was just very weird to me being that my vagina is crazy sensitive anything can knock off its PH. If i do not pee directly after sex I WILL get an UTI etc, ive also struggled with BV and I know this is a little tmi but a couple years ago I got chlamydia and I had sever pelvic pane and an odor i say all of this because i got rechecked for hsv2 and my igg was 1.36 , which is an EXTREMELY low positive. A low positive so close to the cut off with no symptoms I heard from Terri Washington that has an 85% chance of being a false positive. 6 months after being officially diagnosed and it is 1.36 it just seems off. I am wondering how likely it is that I really do have a false positive and is there anything else out there that can confirm this false positive. and if anyone knows how to go about it


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    Stephanie I’m hoping you share some of the feedback you have received. It’s been 7 years since being diagnosed and my third outbreak that I am currently experiencing is sooooo much worse than my initial one. I also feel like it has spread out from the “infected area”. I’m on valtrex tomorrow will be my third day on medication and I truly don’t see much relief. I am going to call my doctor in the morning but I’m hoping for some guidance and even words of encouragement as I’m feeling really shitty, unworthy, and disgusting right now.


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    One thing that my best friend reminded me of is that this isn’t a death sentence. Thought it is a life long disease it is not life threatening. I was diagnosed with HSV2 when I was 24 as well and it has been 7 years since becoming infected. Though it is difficult at times to really wrap my head as to why me? The most difficult moments I feel is when there is an outbreak. I wish I had a magic wand to help us all feel alleviated of the shame guilt and unfortunate disgust but I’m hoping that knowing you’re not alone as I know I am not alone helps.


    I was diagnosed at the same time (December 2019). I am still asking questions and trying to find people to reach out to that understand so yes! Let’s chat!!


    Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with HSV-2 beginning of 2020. I know that 2020 has been a very difficult year for everybody! I was devastated to find out that I had HSV-2. However I want you guys to know that it’s going to be OK! There is hope and you will find love, meet new people. I would love to hear your stories! I’ll share my story as well. I want to let you guys know that you are going to meet people out there that are going to be very very Accepting of your diagnosis and there is nothing to be ashamed about! I know this from experience. I would love to meet you guys! If you have any questions please let me know, let’s come together!


    I am so sorry you are you going through the emotional pain. I had a similar experience a year ago when I was diagnosed with HSV 2. The doctor had such a nonchalant attitude about my diagnosis and I was shocked. I fell into a depression and contemplated suicide and totally suppressed my feelings and ignored my diagnosis. I didn’t have any symptoms or outbreaks until I received my test results…probably because I was stressed out to the max. There’s a me two aspect to dealing with herpes. First you have to accept it and then educate yourself and find what’s right for your body. This forum is a great start to get educated and feel supported. You are not alone!!


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    I feel your struggle. I was diagnosed this past summer and haven’t dated since. That said I have recently reconnected with someone I dated about 4 years ago (pre-diagnosis with hsv2). We have only been emailing to date because he’s in another country right now but also because of COVID. The conversation has been flirty and hints of it becoming more. I don’t know if I should tell him via email or wait until we actually see each other in person and see if it will actually go anywhere. I don’t have any answers but just wanted you to know you aren’t alone and I wish there was a simple answer. I don’t want to waste his or my time and this is what I’m struggling with.


    Hello to all the women on this thread!
    As everyone says, you are not alone, we are all here for the same reason and trust me I have been through every emotion trying to come to terms with my diagnosis.
    I am 28 and I was diagnosed 6 years ago when I was 22, at the time, I had a long term partner and I became very very ill, felt like a flu and I also had severe pain going to the toilet. After doing lots and lots of research I knew it was Herpes, I went to my doctors and got the diagnosis. I told him what it was and after lots of back and forth he admitted that he knew about it! T
    I thought I had dealt with it until this year, I started dating a guy, we became intimate and I told him about my diagnosis about 2 weeks after we starting being intimate with each other (which in hindsight was wrong of me but we still used protection) when he found out, initially he was very supportive and he wanted to continue our relationship. But then he went away and done his own research and then decided that he did not want to be in a relationship with me and that I had ‘played God with his life’! He made me feel so worthless and all my past trauma has resurfaced and the last 4 weeks have been the worst time for me. I am only finally starting to feel like myself again but my self-confidence has gone!
    I just wanted to write a message to say that I completely understand your pain! I’m there and dealing with it myself. But you will be ok and you will learn to love yourself!
    If ever you need someone to talk to, get advice on how to tell a partner, or you just generally have no one else please reach out on my email! I am more than happy to listen because talking about my diagnosis is what really helped me through some dark times! (
    Love & light to you all.

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