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    Hi guys I joined this forum last year around this time but never engaged or posted anything. I told myself that I would do so after I finished the book but I am now in the first week of my spiritual journey. I don’t kno any one who has been through my journey so if you have some insight or suggestions it would be great and I really hope I can do the same. I am 34 now but my story began when I was 21 yr old virgin or so I thought.
    At 21 I had never been to a OB-GYN…but all my friends were having sex except for me so I felt left out. Not that I didn’t want to, but I was waiting for that special guy. I had come close before but I never went all the way…Fast forward to my appointment…it was painful because I had never had anything inside me or so I thought…but not even a week later I get a call from the MD saying I have chlamydia and HPV… I knew it was a lie and requested to be retested. I was a virgin right? How could this be…but the retest gave me the same results… I was devastated disguisted but the MD assured me I was young and the HPV could go away…and it did 2 years later and after I had been told I have precancerous cells. I was happy and it had been a long road. But also during that time I was also diagnosed with Hepatitis B.
    At this time I was 22, living with Hepatitis B and HPV I didn’t know how I gotHepatitis B. And I had even been vaccinated when I was younger. I had a drunken encounter with a “friend,” and to be honest at the time I wasn’t sure if we had sex or not. So I thought maybe I had gotten it from him because I knew he didn’t drink but he told me he didn’t have it. Again, I was devasted and I honestly felt like I couldn’t catch a break…After, I really struggled with wanting to live and closed myself up…I didn’t have much personal interaction with men; until I turned 24.
    In the heat of the moment we engaged in oral sex, but I had not told him about my hep B diagnoses prior and was unsure if it could be contracted orally. I eventually told him and that pretty much ending our situation. A year later, I meet another gentleman and I told him about my Hep B diagnoses before we did anything sexual…we even got tested or so I thought,,,because months into us dating I contracted Herpes 2. I know i didn’t have it prior to dating him because I had tested for it in my blood…moreover he also got cold sores.
    He denied giving it to me and I tried to deal with it on my own…but having Herpes along with Hep B (at 25/26 years old) made me feel just so unattractive, disgusting, and not anything someone would want. I honestly didn’t think things could get any worse…but 2 years later on Halloween night or really Nov 1 I was raped and left in a motel room…This happened almost 6 years ago.
    I am now in a place where I can say I am happy and would like to start dating…and get married I havent done much in the past several years and I am nervous about finding/looking for love because for a long time I didn’t think I deserved it. Sorry my story is long and I tried to condense it so would understand what I have been through..not sure if anyone has struggled with the same issues but it would great to talk to someone who has because besides you guys I don’t have anyone to relate to…


    Thank you, herlife21 for sharing your experiences and after reading your other posts, I see you are older as I am. So many young people have struggles with this but I applauded you for helping reach out to people and give advice. I am happily married for 31 years and was diagnosed 2 years ago but had already been notified by hubby while dating he had been diagnosed. I just remain symptom free or negative until then and then I had severe autoimmune issues I was dealing with. Then it presented itself, I was quite surprised!


    Hi, I am new here and just got diagnosed with genital herpes. I am 20 years old and to be honest I am very scared. I have an autoimmune disease known as lupus and now I have herpes. I really have nobody to talk to about how I am feeling other than my boyfriend but he does not really understand so much about what is happening. I am waiting to find out if I have type 1 or 2 but I could really use some advice.


    Hi New here.

    I’m 29 years old and was diagnosed almost 6 years ago. I am having a harder time now in life then I did when diagnosed. I am usually fine with telling partners about herpes, until recently.. I really fell for a guy and when I told him he did not know what to say but also did not run away. He told me he needed to get information on it himself but he wasn’t going to stop talking to me. I offered to talk to him and let him know everything I know and the precautions I go through to be very safe. Out of the blue he tells me he does t know where this relationship is going because he wants to get more physical but he just can’t. My heart sunk and I went into a deep spiral. I felt dirty I felt disgusting. I began questioning why me!?! I went into a depression because I began thinking that I will never find someone for me. It does t help that everyone in my life is happily married. I even gave up going to some wedding because they are triggers for me.
    I have full fledge meltdowns in front of the people I love and I don’t know how much more they can handle. Then I am embarrassed and don’t want to see anyone for a long time.
    I guess I never really dealt with the news 6 years ago I kind of just surprised it. But it effecting my mental health and my confidence lately and I can’t shake it.

    None of this may make sense but I just needed to get my thoughts down.


    ? I think your recent outbreaks are due to your system immunity was compromised. I was diagnosed after I had a severe autoimmune issue crop up but I believe it was dormant for years. Have you tried lysine high dosages?

    Veekli, what a sweet and inspiring post! I agree in this attitude and approach wholeheartedly. We need to care for and love our bodies and minds, both. Try to get out in nature and breathe in the beauty all around us.

    I wish everyone well and much love!


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    Hi everyone! I’m 19 and was just diagnosed recently, but I’ve had symptoms since last February. My partner was also diagnosed and we support each other but I could really use some friends that get it too. Anyone interested in making a group chat on instagram?


    I’ve been getting outbreaks every two to three weeks recently and it’s exhausting. I was just diagnosed about a couple months ago but i’ve had symptoms since last February. I started taking meds recently but keep getting outbreaks and it’s honestly crushing my spirit a little bit. I’d love a break… The most important thing is to just take care of yourself. Stay healthy, sleep lots, and drink lots of water. This is something we have to live with and it can feel debilitating, and that’s okay. We didn’t choose for this to happen to us.

    If I can give you advice, let your outbreak run it’s course, and take care of your body and your mind. That sounds really scary and frustrating to get that reoccurring outbreak, especially with it being so big, but I try to see it as my body crying for help, asking me to take care of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t control the outbreak or make it go away, just give your body and mind what they need, what ever that may be. You aren’t alone.

    If you are really concerned and can’t ease your anxiety I would encourage you to reach out to your doctor or a loved one you feel comfortable talking to. No amount of support can make this go away but it’s a good reminder that you aren’t alone and can ease your anxiety, plus, it’s important to let your feelings out and get them off your chest. I’m proud of you for reaching out here. Ride it out sweetheart, it sucks right now but you are not alone and I promise you will be okay.


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    I was just recently diagnosed but I first noticed symptoms last February,
    was just prescribed my first medication to take when I get outbreaks as I opted to not take the every day meds, I don’t want to have to do that. Lately I’ve been having an outbreak every two or three weeks and it’s so incredibly frustrating!! Medication can definitely help and I’m trying so hard to focus on my own self care; sleeping enough, drinking enough water, eating healthy and making sure I’m moving my body every day but I still keep getting outbreaks. I think it’s because I’m stressed and burnt out from my classes but I try to take care of myself! I’m so tired of feeling this way.

    Ladies, you aren’t alone. Do your best to take care of your body and your mind and be gentle with yourselves. It’s hard, and frustrating, and feels like it’s never going to end, but I promise you that you will find what works for you. This is something we did not choose and it’s something we have to live with. Try something and see how it feels, if it doesn’t work, try something new and try and try again and in the end it will be okay. It’s not okay right now and that’s okay, that means the only way you can go is up.

    Best wishes to all of you incredible women, we’re all figuring out how to live with this together.


    Hey ladies, first timer here. Was diagnosed a week ago, and had first out break after being dormant for over 7 years (married to same man for over 7 years) was the most painful thing I’ve dealt with. Couldn’t pee, couldn’t sit, couldn’t walk. I’m finally starting to feel better but it still burn to shit when I pee even if I use water and gloves to separate my lady lips. How long did it take to heal? How long did the pain last. What do the ulcers look like through the healing process? This is all so new to me, and although I’m sad about it and I’ve always been a good girl I’m thankful that I’m not alone and my husband has been nothing but supportive. (He’s also confirmed to have it but lucky bitch hasn’t had an outbreak yet, and hopefully never. Any tips or just things you went through would be awesome. I’m so happy to find a forum to talk to people about this. I still can’t believe how common it is


    Hi, everyone.

    To start, back in 2019 I experienced what I believe to have been my primary outbreak. I was in more pain than I had ever been. My entire groin area was covered in ulcers, and I had no idea what was going on. By the time I figured out where I could get help, the sores were gone and the physician was not able to properly diagnosis me. She did perform a blood test as well as tested me for everything. My STD panel all came back negative, however I tested positive for HSV1. Because she was not able to swab my sores, she told me she was not sure if HSV1 was what I was experiencing at that time.

    Fast forward to this past Thursday. I had such an extreme itch in my pelvic region that it was impossible to leave alone. I woke up the next morning to a pink patch of skin that was slightly swollen. Later that day, bumps began to appear and I thought maybe I had an ingrown hair. The next morning I woke up and saw that it was in fact the ulcers making their first return since 2019. Does this sound like I could positively identify myself has having genital HAV1? They’re beginning to scab now so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get an appointment before they’re gone to be properly diagnosed, which brings me to my next question.

    Have any of you used online services such as HerpAlert and Nurx? If I am properly diagnosed, is that a good way to get help and medication to prevent or help with these outbreaks? If I’ve only had one since my primary outbreak in 2019, is it worth having medication just in case?

    I’ve never felt this alone or afraid in my life. I’m married, but it’s hard to talk about it out of fear that I’m going to be rejected or less loved by my partner (who knows about all of this, was present for all of this, but seems to not think that this is what I’m experiencing). I don’t know who I can talk to about this because I don’t know who to trust. Any advice or recommendations would be so appreciated as I have no idea what to do or where to go for help. Also any advice you have for managing recurrences would be great as I’m in quite a lot of pain and I don’t know what’s safe to use. 🙁


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    Hi, I was diagnosed with HSV1 on Friday and I can understand your feelings. Although I don’t have children, the different recommendations of what to do and what not to do can be so overwhelming to deal with. You are not alone! I’m here if you ever want to talk more. Being newly diagnosed can be very emotionally draining. I joined the community too to get support but also offer support to others who are going through this too!


    Hey Everyone! I was diagnosed several years ago and luckily I don’t have outbreaks often. My last one was about a year ago until 2 weeks ago.. I developed two rather large bumps on the outside or my inner vaginal lip. I started taking 1000mg Valtrex a day and the first one popped and was gone within a few days.. BUT…. That second one is growing! It seems to just keep growing bigger to the point that that entire side of my vagina is swollen. I’ve never had a subsequent outbreak last this long nor have one this big!! I am just hoping someone has maybe had a similar subsequent outbreak and can just give me some words of advice and peace for my anxiety!!!


    Hi I was diagnosed this week with type 1 and 2. Needles to say I’m still very upset about my diagnosis. I feel so disgusted with myself and it’s really emotionally draining. I talked to 2 doctors in hopes of some clarity. My obgyn and my primary. However they have conflicting advise for me. One says never ever share anything like towels and utensils with my kids and to be extremely careful the other one says the kids cannot contract type 2 from a toilet seat or shared utensil. I’m confused and concerned. I’m scared to even get close to my kids. I’m also going through a custody battle among other adversities in my life so ugh. Thanks for accepting me here


    You could try Lysine too it’s a natural supplement. I’ve heard a lot of people taking olive leaf that’s meant to be good. But my advice is to see how your body reacts without supplements at first, as soon as I was diagnosed I started taking all the supplements and now I’m too scared to stop because I don’t know if they manage my outbreaks or not!
    Also I got mine from a guy I hardly new. I use to always make my partners wait to have sex with me before and get tested and this once I didn’t! I always think why does good people seem to get the bad things.. but hopefully good Karma will come out way in the future!


    I am new to this forum. Was diagnosed today with HSV2. I am trying to post my story, but I don’t know how to navigate the site. Can someone help? Thank you!

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