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    I didn’t get a whole lot of time to discuss this all with my doctor when I was diagnosed as it was a bit of a shock and of course I wasn’t thinking particularly straight. So I have a question about transmission routes:

    My genital herpes outbreak is in the anal region. My doctor asked me if my husband and I have ever had anal sex and I automatically answered ‘no’ because we don’t. BUT, when we were first together we DID experiment. That was about nine years ago so it didn’t immediately occur to me because hey, it was nine years ago.

    The doctor mentioned something about the route of least resistance to the effect of anal sex being the most likely culprit due to my outbreak presenting in that area. Is this true? Is it likely that I got the infection this way when we were experimenting? My husband is the only one I have ever experimented with.


    Dr. Kelly


    My heart breaks open for you. I can remember what it was like when I was first diagnosed. I cried myself to sleep for a long time.

    I promise you that it does get better and that you are supported here in this forum. I am thrilled that you found this forum so early in your journey. Use this sisterhood of Women Supporting Women with Herpes to ask questions and get support.

    Please know that herpes does not need to define you. If it works out with your boyfriend that’s great, but be sure that he is the right man for you. There are so many women who stay in relationships that are not healthy simply because of their partner accepting their herpes.

    There are several things you can do to decrease symptoms and transmission. Focus on decreasing the stress in your life and removing any known triggers from your diet (i.e. foods high arginine like coffee, nuts and alcohol). You can also use condoms and antivirals (natural or prescription) to decrease transmission.

    Take care of yourself and take time to nurture yourself each and every day. You are loved beyond measure and you can overcome this.

    Live. Love. Thrive.
    Dr. Kelly


    In reply to: Oral sex

    Dr. Kelly

    Do you know whether you have HSV1 or HSV2? Also, you would need to know the status of your partner for a more precise answer. If you only have HSV2 genitally, then you will not pass that on orally to a partner by kissing them. In this scenario, you can also give and receive oral sex without the fear of transmission. HSV2 is rarely found in the mouth (less than 1% of the time)


    I was finally able to sit down and have the talk with the man I’m seeing. I told him that I was on suppressive drugs and started to go into the transmission stats and he stopped me….and thanked me for telling him, told me that he wasn’t worried and then started to make plans for our next date.
    Then he told me that he was upset that I had to deal with having herpes. My heart melted right there. Was it beginner’s luck? What have your experiences been?

    Dr. Kelly

    Every day I have women ask me about how herpes is transmitted. Herpes is transmitted from skin to skin contact. The virus likes warm and moist environments (mouth, nasal passages, genitalia etc.). The virus is most easily transmitted when there are sores present. However, it is possible to transmit the virus when there are no symptoms present.

Viewing 5 results - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)