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    So here is the thing with gHSV1 (what I now have)…. it sounds like he has oral HSV1 without knowing bc people can be carriers and never know or have a ulcer/cold sore. When ya’ll had sex did he go down on you? Friction from foreplay, intercourse etc causes micro-tears in the skin. We usually dont notice bc we’re having fun. But since he has HSV1 in his mouth, and he performed oral sex on you, then you now have gHSV1. Because he was shedding the virus and didnt know or doesnt realize how the tranmission process works. From my research, I was Dx in March; gHSV1 does not produce breakouts as often as HSV2. Simply bc gHSV1 virus would rather be in the oral mucosa and not in the vagina.
    Just bc you have gHSV1 does not mean you will have oral HSV1 or HSV2. And from what I’ve read, it is possible to have both types but since you will develop partial immunity from having gHSV1 it decreases your chances of getting HSV2.
    He had HSV1 oral ulcers and will most likely not have genital sores in this instance. If you are shedding the virus (not having symptoms) or having an active breakout then yes you can transmit the virus. Since he already has gHSv1 oral, he wouldn’t get it again but you could transmit it to his genitalia, causing him to develop gHSV1. Does that make since?
    As far as telling partners your status, you should tell them so you aren’t putting them at risk of catching the virus without their knowledge. gHSV1 is not as easy to transmit from female to male. Using a condom, dental dam, antivirals, and not having sex before, during, or immediately after a breakout will decrease the likelihood of transmission.
    Also, gHSV1 doesn’t cause as many breakouts/yr as HSV2. Do some research, watch some youtube videos on people who have herpes and be informed about this virus. I hope this was helpful.


    Hi. I just would like to share my story and get some support. With so many quetsion marks, I’m going through this endless emotional turmoil all alone.

    I had my first terrifying outbreak on 9th of April. About 2 weeks before this point, I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend, and he ejaculated inside me. About 3 days before, my boyfriend told me he had a little white blister down there and it was because he was so excited, his penis was drooling fluid out so much that it stuck to his underwear. When he tried to take it off it ripped the skin and that’s how he got the blister according to him.

    I tested positive for HSV 2, and he got tested but his results were all negative (by the time he got tested for swab, his blister almost healed). We had been together for 10 weeks at this point. And my last partner before him was the end of December 2019. I had a textbook example of all types of severe pains you can experience for first HSV2 outbreak. So I’m guessing that I contracted the virus very recently. Ejaculation is when the probability of viral shedding goes up. And considering the time frame, it just doesn’t add up to me that he tests negative for HSV2 (he has HSV1 in his mouth).

    I told him the same day I got the test result, and he was so shocked he was literally flabbergasted and couldn’t close his jaw the whole time I was telling him the story. I think I’m being dumped by him at this point becuase of this “STD” I got down there, and this whole situation is taking a mental toll on me.

    I know it is not possible to clarify the path of transmission, whatever I come up with will be a mere guess. But still… can anyone share your thoughts or opinion…?

    Thank you for taking your time to read my post.


    So a few things here:
    -After 20 some years of having it, that person is statistically shown to be shedding the virus much less frequently that early infections. If they did not exhibit symptoms at the time of your encounter, it is pretty likely that you are okay.
    -Also, male to female transmission only happens about 10% of the time with zero precaution. If they are take antivirals, that risk is lowered significantly.
    – symptoms could show up within a couple day’s to YEARS. Mine were so insignificant that I didn’t even realize something was wrong until a year later. Blood testing will not be accurate until weeks after the exposure, and they’re rarely administered without symptoms, though a known exposure would likely give you the golden ticket.

    Just breathe for now 💜. Pay attention to your body, and take care of yourself. Chances are, you are okay, if anything happens otherwise, you handle it with grace.


    I’ve had a positive and a negative experience disclosing. Negative experience was a guy that just wanted to have sex. He ghosted me. Positive experience with another guy. We talked a little before i told him and he thought we had a connection. I told him and it actually made us closer. Make it about their health. I assured him im doing everything to prevent transmission. Also it could just be the type you go for. Go for the guy that truly loves you, not the one you love. Women can grow to love a man. If he doesn’t love you, he never will


    In reply to: suppressive meds


    The doctor only typically suggest depressive meds if you have constant reoccurring outbreaks. taking the medicines overtime can cause damage to you liver or kidneys so typically they don’t like to have you take daily suppressive meds unless is needed. I take suppressive meds to help lower the transmission to my partner. Ill take it if i know ill be having sex but other than that just once or twice a week. It’s not recommended that I take it every day because my symptoms are under control but it makes me feel better knowing that I take it occasionally.


    hi, i was never suggested to go on suppressive meds and i didnt know they were even a thing. Can someone tell me how effective they are and what they do in terms of transmission chances and outbreaks? also what sort of suppressive meds are available, i really want to start taking them but i want some background info first. Thank you:)


    I’ve had this for a few years now. I recently hung out with a guy that I’m into. In the heat of the moment, he touched my genitals. I’m not 100% positive, but I believe he touched his after. I’ve done research trying to determine the possibility of transmission. I’m not having an outbreak, but I am nervous for him. I’m also not ready to disclose. I’m not sure if I want to take things that far. Should I be worried?


    Dear both <3
    First off all, this is not the end of the world, it was a shock to me when diagnosed in January, but now I am feeling totally normal again.

    Second, there are so many out there carrying the Herpes Simplex virus, because this is what it is. Herpes Simplex. And they dont know. I got it from a new boyfriend that did not show any typical symptoms, at least what he told me, but I am convinced it was transmitted orally as I only got a few blister outside inner labia.

    Anyway, depending on how you are breaking out, it can transmit via sex during an outbreak. My doctor told me that the chance of transmission (shedding) is almost ZERO when I am not breaking out.

    It will only transmit skin to skin, so you should not worry about transmission to other than sexual partners, but make sure to obtain normal hygiene and always have a Valtrex in hand in case of new outbreaks. So far I have only had the one. XO


    Also I would like to add that suppressive therapy lowers your chances of passing it on to your partner but it doesn’t prevent transmission 100%. It also doesn’t prevent outbreaks. It only shortens the amount of time you have the outbreak and the severity of it.


    I was diagnosed around 18 months ago..

    I have had constant outbreaks since then. No oozing blisters just red rashes and constant tingling on genital area. During this time my glands around my neck become swollen on and off which I’m guessing is a sign of lymph nodes trying to fight virus.

    I have tried Valtrex and Famvir. Valtrex makes symptoms more bearable but doesn’t completely make virus dormant again. I have changed diet to plant based diet, I don’t drink alcohol, I take lysine and immune boosting supps everyday. None of these measure are heaping at all and I constantly have this outbreak which is causing me to become mentally exhausted and toward breaking point. My partner and I havnt had for 6 months due to the fact I’m scared of transmission and we are looking at having children at the end of the year.

    I have booked in to see an infectious disease doctor to see if there are alternate measures in become ik ng station free and bring my quality of life back. I can exercise due to symptoms flaring up and causing issues to get worse

    Is anyone out there having a similar experience and if so what measures are you taking to control symptoms.? To date I have spent $$$ on a ridiculous amount of remedies.

    Please help!


    Hello! I was wondering how casual sex would work? If I’m not ready for a relationship then I’m certainly ready to disclose my HSV2 diagnosis with someone I’m having casual sex with. I am on a gram of valtrex a day and take it on time each day. I know that transmission rates are low with condoms and the suppressive therapy so is there really a reason to disclose my status with someone?


    Hello, the same thing happens to me with a guy I really like. I believe what we are experiencing is psychological. Although it may not be in our forethought, I believe there is a hidden anxiety we are experiencing…whether it’s about transmission, about how he will respond when you are intimate, about how you will be, it could be any number of things. So, I believe he could be a trigger (an unconscious stressor) to your outbreaks.


    In reply to: Dating with HSV-2


    I sort of had success. The guy I told was really nice about it, but said he wanted certain boundaries. We’re non monogamous and he has been seeing a couple of other women who say they’ve been tested and are negative for everything. Apparently when he told them about my status, they each said they don’t want him having sex with me, even with protection. He didn’t tell me this until today and well it really hurt. It made me feel like he was choosing them over me, because he said that if they weren’t in the picture, he would want to sleep with me. I’m feeling very low self worth and like I’ve been discarded by someone I feel a connection with. I think he feels it too, he seemed really conflicted when we talked. We’ve left it at being just friends for now but I don’t know if I can do it. I want to say I can but I’m hurting.

    My past experience dating with herpes hasn’t been so bad. This guy is actually the first one who has been apprehensive and it seems like just because he has other partners. I believe if it was just us, he would. My past partners have made the calculated risk. With most, we used protection but some didn’t mind since there’s still a chance of transmission with condoms. They decided I was worth the risk. (Which feels so wonderful after time spent feeling less than after my diagnosis). I have never transmitted to anyone either. I’ve kept myself on suppressant drugs and am lucky to only have one outbreak a year at most.

    It sounds like you have a good connection with the guy you’re seeing. I say go for it. Tell him. Chances are he will accept you. And if he doesn’t, it’s his loss and not worth your time. We all deserve to be with people who see us for ourselves and not our STI. Good luck!

    Dr. Kelly


    I’m sending you a big hug over the internet to let you know that you are in good hands.

    Unless you have sores on your breasts or on your lips, there is no way you could transfer this to your baby.

    This infection is spread through skin to skin contact, generally at the site of the original infection.

    I highly recommend you read the chapter on herpes and pregnancy in my book. I also outline facts about being a mother of a child and living with herpes.

    Most children contract HSV-1 or herpes type one from a loved one who has a cold sore on their mouth and they transfer the virus through kissing the child.

    If you have never had a cold sore, then you won’t need to worry about this form of transmission.

    Sending Love,
    Dr. Kelly


    In 2011, I had a painful sore on my upper back and it was misdiagnosed as shingles. I changed doctors and got a culture of the area done after a recurrence and it tested positive for HSV; however, I never saw the results and they didn’t type it. Two years later, I had one small bump on my vulva and it was cultured for HSV; however, that was not typed either because the doctor said since it was on my genitals it was “genital herpes” and I was mortified. I had a very bad outbreak on my upper back two years ago and started suppressive therapy because I did not want to go through that pain again. I have been outbreak free for almost two years now and have not transmitted to my partner, although the anxiety is always there. He is aware of my diagnosis. Does anyone have any information on suppressive therapy and transmission rates? Also, has anyone had lesions on the upper part of their body? I’ve only had one sore on my vulva since I 2011 and all of the other outbreaks have been on my upper back. Any information is greatly appreciated!

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