First Herpes Outbreak Was Misdiagnosed- Genital Herpes

I contracted HSV1 on holiday with my boyfriends family. I thought it was cystitis for about a week, and a week of your first herpes outbreak can be terrifying and excruciatingly painful. I tried to hide my pain in front of his family but it was near impossible. I only found out it was herpes after two doctors visits and a trip to the hospital late at night. It was the second doctors visit that I found out…this doctor actually looked at me and instead of listening to me saying it felt like awful cystitis, she saw the many lesions and said she was horrified that I’d waited so long for a correct diagnosis.

I started a course of acyclovir and it immediately started to clear up. Prior to the drugs, I tried covering the lesions in baking soda (very stingy at first and not long lasting enough) and having hot baths to soothe etc…because mine were soo bad at the time, I tried Vaseline. Just smeared it all over! It was fantastic. Stopped my underwear sticking to the lesions, stopped the rubbing and therefore helped me forget they were still there.

I cried nearly everyday for two weeks after I was diagnosed. It’s a horrible thought that you are tainted or whatever for the rest of your life, and you think no one will ever be with you if they find out you have it. But the first outbreak is always the worst, and it’s likely to return once in a blue moon but nowhere near as bad. I managed to convince my doctors surgery to give me acyclovir on repeat prescription so I don’t need to wait days for it when I really need it! It also means you don’t have to speak to a nosy receptionist before the doctor and have to use the ‘H’ word. Embarrassing.

Anyway, I get cystitis now and again, and every time I’m unsure whether it’s cystitis or the start of a herpes outbreak. Should I start a cycle of acyclovir regardless? I’ve had pain while peeing for 3 days now which is longer than usual…but no lesions.

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