Embracing Vulnerability & Living An Authentic Life

Dr. Kelly Interviews Maryalicia Verdecchia – Pink Tent

As Brene Brown teaches, vulnerability is our greatest asset. Ever since I heard her share this poignant message to the world in her Ted Talk that went viral, I have explored it, embraced it and shared it. While these waters of vulnerability place us in a state of great uncertainty, there is hope, light and connection found in the depths of this truth.

When I met Maryalicia just a few weeks ago, I witnessed a woman who embodies this vulnerability. I met her at a social media event in Denver and I was immediately struck by her candidness and outgoing personality. We had an instant connection.

Now that I look back, I realize why. She was totally open and vulnerable with me when I shared with her what I was doing with Pink Tent™ to give women with herpes hope, happiness and healing. With her training as a CNA, she was well versed on the subject. In short order, we were talking about how isolating and shame ridden other medical conditions can be too. From this shame, she told me about how a mental health campaign called “A Day Without Shame” was born.

In this interview, Maryalicia shares all from her diagnosis of bipolar to the tragedies she has endured in life.

We are not alone in this shame ridden culture and Maryalicia teaches us how to overcome our fears of being judged and open up to living an authentic life where we can learn how to truly love ourselves.




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About Maryalicia

Maryalicia is a Strategic Talent Acquisitions Leader, Savvy Social Media Advocate, Branding, Onboarding & Employment Engagement Specialist, who also has her CNA w/QMAP. People describe her as professional, positive, influential, social, energetic, authentic, compassionate, inspiring, loyal, reliable and talkative. Over the years, Maryalicia has constantly sought to improve herself (while remaining true to herself) in order to be successful in work and personal life.

You would not know it meeting her that she has been diagnosed during with ADHD, Major Depression, and Bi-Polar 2, and fought slut-shaming. Although she bowed to the stigma of the labels at first,  she now realizes that these ‘label’s help define who she is, and help her to understand herself better, AND DO NOT define her.

Due to the shaming of her confidence, personality, and high sex drive, Maryalicia became fascinated by deviancy, and how societies defined this term, especially when it created social stigmas. She graduated with a BA in Sociology, and has continued to keep up on the latest information on social stigmas and how they affect our lives. She is here today to talk about some of her experiences, ways to combat stigma, and let you know about National Day without Stigma on October 9th, 2017.

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