Dr. Kelly’s response to Usher’s Herpes Scandal

Dr. Kelly’s response to Usher’s Herpes Scandal

An hour before the moon eclipsed the sun, I found myself listening to a live podcast of a reverend sharing how the solar eclipse “called on the shadow side of humanity to step up.”

After hearing this, I decided to step up and share on Facebook live; in order to bring light and understanding to the more recent Usher herpes scandal.

The shadow side of a genital herpes diagnosis leaves women feeling unworthy of love, shameful, dirty, damaged and all alone. It can plummet a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence, leaving many depressed and even suicidal.

While this diagnosis is common, very few people are talking about it, unless of course, you follow the pop star, Usher, and the herpes scandal.

If you haven’t heard about it, Usher is being sued for non-disclosure of his herpes status to 3 women and 1 man that he allegedly slept with. In the state of California, it is illegal to expose a partner without disclosing one’s herpes status.

It is my mission in life to bring hope, healing and happiness to people with herpes.

While the Usher herpes scandal has brought up fear in those with herpes, I perceive it as a beautiful opportunity to educate the world about herpes and increase acceptance of this often unfairly stigmatized and common diagnosis.

Pink Tent™ is dedicated and poised to do just that.

It is a safe haven for Women Supporting Women with Herpes. We have a women’s only online forum, Secrets To Success course, coaching and other resources.

For most, genital herpes is just a skin rash and it doesn’t cause anything else!

When it comes to intimacy, I do agree that we should always disclose, but what about the majority of people who don’t know they have it? How can we protect ourselves even when we do disclose, if a great partnership goes bad and it becomes one person’s word against another? What other problems and myths does this Usher story bring to the light?

Listen in on this live Facebook conversation as I share the truth about herpes and how I can help you or your partner, friend, or daughter who is struggling.

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Live. Love. Thrive.
Dr. Kelly

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    Your webpage is difficult to watch because your heading is too large. When you post a video, we cannot see your video in full because your heading is frozen… just a thought.

    • Dr. Kelly says:

      Thank you for your input. What kind of device are you on and what browser are you using? With this information, we will strive to make it more user friendly.

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