CBD For Herpes and Health

Environmental factors and stressors we experience on a daily basis can deplete our body and weaken our immune system. Cannabidiol, or CBD, naturally supports and replenishes our body’s vast array of biological systems and can be a great option when looking for alternative methods to promote healing and overall wellbeing. 

I’ve had so many women over the years asked me about CBD oil for herpes and if it really works. I am here to tell you is that CBD is a fantastic formula for many different things. It’s fantastic for overall inflammation in the body, it’s fantastic for hormone balance, and I personally have used it for years now to help me focus and to help me kind of take the edge off with stress.

Many women that I have worked with have said that CBD has helped them to decrease their outbreaks, with some even becoming symptom-free!

When I take my CBD oil every day, it really just puts me in a state of calm and focus so I can get the work done that I need to do. I know that it works for me, but I can’t promise that it will work for everyone. However, if you are looking for a great CBD formula, you will want to make sure it is organic. Many CBD products can contain pesticides and other junk that you definitely don’t want to internalize so you certainly don’t want to have to detox from the very thing that you are trying to help your body heal from. 

My absolute favorite company is called Green Compass, which you can check out here. I love to take 1,000 mg of the CBD oil, specifically the cinnamon oil, which I like to take under my tongue twice a day. I highly recommend this brand, but you are welcome to check out other CBD brands that are organic and pure to help with symptom and stress management and promote overall healing in the body. 

I would love to know how it works for you! Email me at drkelly@pinktent.com and let me know your CBD experience.