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Summer Of Love: How one of my clients manifested love in 90 days.

Summer Of Love: How one of my clients manifested love in 90 days.

I remember what it was like when I first started working with Emily. She had been very successful as a real estate agent, but when it came to love, she was hopeless. After being diagnosed with a chronic disease that left her exhausted and burned out, she never thought that anyone would ever love her. On top of that, she felt like she was just too much for men. Too independent, too powerful, and too successful.

All she wanted in life was to have a partnership like her parents. She was convinced there was something wrong with her. As a young person, she never felt like she was comfortable around men.

Once I had the chance to work with her and shatter her limiting beliefs, we set up a game plan for the Summer Of Love.

In this transformational Tuesday, I’m going to share with you what the 3 Step game plan was that allowed her to manifest love in 90 days.

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How To Measure Your Wealth…it’s not what you think

*** How is true wealth measured? ***

It’s not what you think!

Are you feeling like you can never measure up to where you want to be financially? Feeling like you’re always chasing the dollar?

Slow down, sister….and have a listen here.

In honor of my step-father’s passing last night, I would like to teach you what he has taught me about true wealth.

And the truth is…he taught me from how he lived his life.

Do you want more wealth in terms of love and connection?

If so, book a FREE Irresistible You Coaching call with me at https://go.oncehub.com/drkelly

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How To Get Your Needs Met: Even If Men Are From Mars

***How To Get Your Needs Met: Even If Men Are From Mars***

In the past several months, I have been studying men and how they best respond to women. I feel so blessed to be married to Richard Schuh who meets my needs in the most unbelievable ways. (We just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this past week, camping in the mountains of Colorado)

As a transformational coach for women, most of the women I work with are struggling to get their needs met by the men in their lives. They complain that these men don’t care, are lazy, not attuned to detail etc.

Ladies…men are from MARS…but you don’t need to learn martian to better communicate with them.

If you are not getting your needs met, you must be willing to take 50% of the responsibility. You see, our brains are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Bathing in Testosterone…men are Singular Focussed vs women who’s brains bathe in Estrogen causing them to have Diffuse Awareness.

As explained in the video, this is a GOOD thing!

The KEY to getting your NEEDS met is to understand our differences and to be able to communicate more clearly in our requests as described in this video.

If you are needing some more support to better your relationships with men, book a complementary Irresistible You Coaching Session with me at www.meetme.so/drkelly

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10 Tips To 10+ Years Of Happiness In Marriage

It’s been almost 10 years since Richard and I said “I DO” on a beautiful rainy day in Boulder, CO.

In celebration of this journey together, we have decided to share 10 Tips To Thriving In Partnership. We feel so blessed to have found one another, but meeting your Soulmate is not enough to create lasting joy.

What does it take to fall in love and stay in love?

Single and married friends alike have commented over the years how much “we work” and how in love we still seem after nearly a decade. We are spending a week camping in the mountains of the Fraser valley celebrating our partnership and the family we have created.

In this #TransformationalTuesday conversation, we will share our Top 10 tips that can be used to create any thriving and joyful partnership.

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Feeling hopeless about dating and wondering whether you will be single forever? Let’s unleash the Goddess Within and return you to the truth of who you really are. Become an Irresistible You! Yes Please!

How are you emasculating men and how to stop it?

Growing up in a family of strong women, I have always been interested in women’s empowerment. But, just in the past few weeks, I have been investigating emasculation. It is the other side of the coin which I have not really been very sympathetic towards.

It all stemmed from an argument I had with my husband several weeks ago when he was feeling unseen and under-appreciated. It hurt me so much to see how true this was for him. At the time, I was in a state of overwhelm with work and admittedly had not been emotionally as engaged with him as normal.

So, like the personal growth junkie I am, I took total, 100% responsibility for the part I played in this. I also spent some time becoming more aware of how I and the society around us emasculates men. Becoming conscious is truly the first step to be able to make any kind of change.

The first thing I noticed in my own house is how we would make fun of boys being boys and how “icky” they are. (Mind you, these were conversations with my 8 year old daughter). What seems so innocent at first, when you are more aware you notice how frequent such comments are being made, even by men. The first thing I did was to bring this to my husbands attention and shortly there after I overheard him talking to my daughter and letting her know that boys are awesome too! It was as if he took pride in it and took personal responsibility for a more global problem.

If men and women are to co exist, we need to find a place of true partnership. Men and Women are very different and we should seek to understand and celebrate our uniqueness.

I have also realized in the past few weeks that I don’t really understand men and I am wanting to open up more space in my heart for them. It’s as if I love the main male figures in my life, mainly my husband, father, and great grandfather and yet I inherently know that we are wired differently and I often don’t understand how they think or act.

I am committed to learning more about men so that I can connect with them more deeply. Isn’t it funny how this guidance is coming through a week before Father’s day.

So, my challenge for you is to notice where you emasculate men and automatically rob them of their strengths and greatness. I am shocked at how much I do this based on so much conditioning from my family and environment.

If I want to be the most empowered woman, then I must take a stand for men being the most empowered men. We truly do need one another and we all need to be loved, heard and seen.

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The Secret To Having Your Man Treat You Like A Queen

So, what’s the secret to having a man treat you like a queen? I was pondering this in the shower this afternoon and it really does come down to just ONE thing! It is this ONE thing that makes all the difference. It’s the difference between attracting a man who treats you like crap to one that would bring you and all your friends chocolate bars on a girls night out dinner date “just because”. With my hair wet, I jumped out of the shower and knew I couldn’t withhold this secret any more to my community of women. Today was the day to share this little secret that I had to learn to attract my Prince. Believe me when I share with you that I didn’t always have a man like this in my life. I have had my share of men who were narcissists and the manipulative/ possessive types. I am so grateful to say that some of my absolute best friends have now learned how to be treated like a Queen following this one secret. They say you have to kiss alot of frogs, but if you follow my advice in the video, you will be set off on the right foot to your being treated like the Goddess you truly are. #transformationaltuesday #pinktent #dating #selfworth #loveyourself #treatmelikeaqueen #ownyourworth #selflove #drkelly #vibrationalmatch #queentreatment

Instantaneous Transformation: Stillness Speaks

What time is it? NOW and it is the only moment that we ever really have. With a more distant family member who commited suicide last week, I have been contemplating life, death, and change. As a culture, we don’t necesarily honor death or even life on a regular basis. Death is a part of life and yet for many it brings up so much fear. After running the BolderBoulder 10K yesterday, I settled in and read Eckart Tolle’s book, Stillness Speaks. The chapter on nature reminded me of how it points toward the stillness and understanding we all yearn for. After mediating this morning, I looked outside and saw steam rising from the cushions on my patio furniture. I stopped and witnessed the molecules of water “dying” as they were instaneously transformed into steam. It all happens in an instant. The old surrendering to the new. Change is all around us and we need to STOP and be still to listen to the teachings of silence and nature. In order for us to become who we really are, we get to let go of who we think we are and to just be….here….NOW. It is this only time you will EVER have….right here, right now. Below I will upload the video I took this morning so you can see the evidence of transformation and change happening all around you. Let go, dear one…surrender…and allow life to be all that it is. A GIFT. In the video, you will also see the sunlight on the fence in the background. Look closely, as it looks to me like a sign to STOP (it shows an X) I have no idea what created the sun’s symbol on the fence, and I tried to figure it out, but couldn’t. I let go and just allowed the beauty of this miracle to set in and be with it. STOP…be STILL and listen to the sound of silence…to the wisdom of nature. Allow her to guide you.

Grounding Your Energy During Unexpected Challenging Changes

Change can come on fast and can produce lots of anxiety, hopelessness and disappointment. We had a winter storm in Boulder in May. It uprooted and destroyed many trees, beautiful flowers, and plants.Nature is such a great teacher. Join us in today’s #TransformationalTuesday to learn what you can do when unexpected change comes your way. #grounding #peace #coaching #drkelly #deeproots #perpspective #springstorm #whenstormscome #findstrength #relationshipcoach #roottorise #deepandwide #groundingexercise #girlsleadership #whenthingsfallapart #faith #unstoppable #goddessquiz
What Goddess Archetype are you? Take our 2 minute quiz at the link below.

Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Goddess Archetypes are so powerful when it comes to dating with confidence. You want to own your gifts, your worth and your beauty, but you don’t know how? When I dated in my earlier years I almost gave up. I just wasn’t confident in dating, even though I was confident in other areas of my life. I compared myself to others and didn’t feel worthy of the love I deserved. I felt broken since I had been sexually abused by a teacher and later contracted an STD. Subconsciously I pushed men away because in truth I didn’t feel safe to be so vulnerable. Learning how to truly love myself and be more of me allowed me to heal my deep-seated fear of true intimacy. I know many of you also have intimacy blocks that keep you single or dating the wrong men or women.

Take My 2 Minute FREE Goddess Archetype Quiz today and discover your hidden talents and gifts. Let’s begin to restore your self-confidence and remind you who you really are and what you bring to your future mate. Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING and you have lost hope. Stop there sister, and just take one more step. I wouldn’t have attracted my soulmate and husband years ago if I hadn’t committed to LOVE and CONNECTION….whatever it took. Take the quiz and when you finish it, I’ll have a gift for you at the other end. Women who already took the quiz are already reaping some of the benefits of a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Take the quiz and then share your results below.

We, as a sisterhood at Pink Tent want to celebrate you!

Here you go https://tinyurl.com/y6a4yjgh

Which of 7 Goddess Archetypes do you embody the most?

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Having trouble communicating with your partner?

Having trouble communicating with your partner?
Finding yourself in drag out fights or misunderstandings?
Said something in anger that you now regret?

These past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for me and so many women. It seems like life has been falling apart. There are certain things in my life that I have never questioned and now they are being threatened and challenged. I have heard from so many of you that in this past week you are fighting like never before with those you love most. Hurtful things are being said, hearts broken, couples breaking up etc…. I too fought with my husband like never before. I cried for days. You know those days when you awake and the puffiness under your eyes look like a donut? That was me.

As I reflect, there was one phrase that could possibly have saved us from so much pain. From my perspective, I was angry that our stress had gotten so great that we were both grumpy, unhappy, disconnected and not making time for one another. From his perspective, my daughter had been asking him if she could have a sister. Now mind you, it has been weighing on my heart recently that I would love to have a second child. The other day I saw a baby across the isle from me on an airplane with her grandfather playing with her and I broke down crying for the reality that I will never have another baby. I have had 4 miscarriages and nearly lost my life with the birth of my daughter. Richard and I decided not to have a second child, but within the past year it has weighed heavy on my heart and I really wanted another child, but Richard was not willing to take the risk. So, in the height of our fight, Richard thought that he couldn’t fulfill me as a man and older father with the decision we had made. He thought I was egging our daughter on to bring up the conversation.

If I had only said “the story that I am making up is” and filled in the blank which was that launching two businesses at the same time is not worth it, then he would have understood my concern and perspective. Then, he could have stated his story and it would never had escalated to the big “D” divorce threat which is totally irrational and hurtful for both of us. So, I challenge you, the next time you are in a disagreement that is getting heightened with emotion…take a deep breath and state your truth and perspective….”the story I am making up is” this one statement breaks down walls and allows for true communication, authenticity and love.

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