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Grounding Your Energy During Unexpected Challenging Changes

Change can come on fast and can produce lots of anxiety, hopelessness and disappointment. We had a winter storm in Boulder in May. It uprooted and destroyed many trees, beautiful flowers, and plants.Nature is such a great teacher. Join us in today’s #TransformationalTuesday to learn what you can do when unexpected change comes your way. #grounding #peace #coaching #drkelly #deeproots #perpspective #springstorm #whenstormscome #findstrength #relationshipcoach #roottorise #deepandwide #groundingexercise #girlsleadership #whenthingsfallapart #faith #unstoppable #goddessquiz
What Goddess Archetype are you? Take our 2 minute quiz at the link below.

Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Goddess Archetypes are so powerful when it comes to dating with confidence. You want to own your gifts, your worth and your beauty, but you don’t know how? When I dated in my earlier years I almost gave up. I just wasn’t confident in dating, even though I was confident in other areas of my life. I compared myself to others and didn’t feel worthy of the love I deserved. I felt broken since I had been sexually abused by a teacher and later contracted an STD. Subconsciously I pushed men away because in truth I didn’t feel safe to be so vulnerable. Learning how to truly love myself and be more of me allowed me to heal my deep-seated fear of true intimacy. I know many of you also have intimacy blocks that keep you single or dating the wrong men or women.

Take My 2 Minute FREE Goddess Archetype Quiz today and discover your hidden talents and gifts. Let’s begin to restore your self-confidence and remind you who you really are and what you bring to your future mate. Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING and you have lost hope. Stop there sister, and just take one more step. I wouldn’t have attracted my soulmate and husband years ago if I hadn’t committed to LOVE and CONNECTION….whatever it took. Take the quiz and when you finish it, I’ll have a gift for you at the other end. Women who already took the quiz are already reaping some of the benefits of a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Take the quiz and then share your results below.

We, as a sisterhood at Pink Tent want to celebrate you!

Here you go https://tinyurl.com/y6a4yjgh

Which of 7 Goddess Archetypes do you embody the most?

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Having trouble communicating with your partner?

Having trouble communicating with your partner?
Finding yourself in drag out fights or misunderstandings?
Said something in anger that you now regret?

These past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for me and so many women. It seems like life has been falling apart. There are certain things in my life that I have never questioned and now they are being threatened and challenged. I have heard from so many of you that in this past week you are fighting like never before with those you love most. Hurtful things are being said, hearts broken, couples breaking up etc…. I too fought with my husband like never before. I cried for days. You know those days when you awake and the puffiness under your eyes look like a donut? That was me.

As I reflect, there was one phrase that could possibly have saved us from so much pain. From my perspective, I was angry that our stress had gotten so great that we were both grumpy, unhappy, disconnected and not making time for one another. From his perspective, my daughter had been asking him if she could have a sister. Now mind you, it has been weighing on my heart recently that I would love to have a second child. The other day I saw a baby across the isle from me on an airplane with her grandfather playing with her and I broke down crying for the reality that I will never have another baby. I have had 4 miscarriages and nearly lost my life with the birth of my daughter. Richard and I decided not to have a second child, but within the past year it has weighed heavy on my heart and I really wanted another child, but Richard was not willing to take the risk. So, in the height of our fight, Richard thought that he couldn’t fulfill me as a man and older father with the decision we had made. He thought I was egging our daughter on to bring up the conversation.

If I had only said “the story that I am making up is” and filled in the blank which was that launching two businesses at the same time is not worth it, then he would have understood my concern and perspective. Then, he could have stated his story and it would never had escalated to the big “D” divorce threat which is totally irrational and hurtful for both of us. So, I challenge you, the next time you are in a disagreement that is getting heightened with emotion…take a deep breath and state your truth and perspective….”the story I am making up is” this one statement breaks down walls and allows for true communication, authenticity and love.

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Do you connect through negativity?

We are all starving for love and connection and yet we have forgotten how to get these basic human needs met. Think about it. When someone asks you how you are doing, how often do you respond with something negative or really shallow? Negativity breeds more negativity and before you know it you WILL be depressed if you weren’t before. I challenge you this week with the rubber band test. If you find yourself connecting through negativity, STOP and pull a rubber band hard on your wrist and then shift your focus to something positive. Look for what’s right in your world. There HAS to be something if you look hard enough. I also encourage you to really stop and listen to those who you speak with. Be present. Really engage with them. We are living in a world that is crying for connection. BE that person to connect with and before you know it your heart will burst open and you will feel more love and connection.
If you are a woman with herpes, allow our Sisterhood at Pink Tent to support you. There is 1 day left to register for our Secrets To Success Course. I only offer this 1x/ year and class starts this Thursday. Give yourself the gift of love and connection with sisters who really GET you and can support and uplift you AND a doctor who has helped women just like you. Invest in YOU today! #hsv2 #coachella #herpessupport #drkelly #connectwithlove #positivevibes #datingwithherpes #TransformationalTuesday #rubberbandtest #gratitudehacks #herpesstigma

There Is No Cure But Community For Women With Herpes

Are you a woman with herpes who feels all alone? Depressed? Unworthy of love? Did you know April is STD awareness month? While there is no cure for herpes, there IS community. So many women out there are just waiting for a cure so they can return to happiness. This line of thinking puts your whole life on hold. The truth is, they may or may not find a cure for herpes in your lifetime. There is another way to access HAPPINESS and I will be talking about that today. You are NOT a victim! I see you and know that you deserve love and happiness NOW. Not tomorrow, or a week from now, several months from now or years from now…but NOW. Time is precious! Listen in on today’s #TransformationalTuesday conversation. This is a conversation and quick tip that you don’t want to miss. Want to fast track your healing and happiness? Join our FREE community of women supporting women with std’s and sexual abuse at www.PinkTent.com/forum
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How do you know if you are ready to date again?

How do you know if you are ready to date again? Let’s face it, dating is hard enough as it is and many women struggle to know when it’s time.
Whether you just broke up with someone or you have been single for years, there are things to consider before putting yourself out there. Today I am going to share some key distinctions that help you determine if you are ready or not. If you jump in too soon, you run the risk of dating the same guy or girl over and over again that doesn’t meet your standards. It is no fun to keep on attracting and dating Mr or Ms. Wrong instead of Mr. or Ms. Right. Have you ever watched the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts? There is a key take away from this movie that will help you discover if you are ready to date nor not. #datingwithconfidence #drkelly #pinktent #dateyourselffirst #youdoyou #runawaybride #singleandsad #juliaroberts #transformationaltuesday

How do you Spring Clean for Soul Connection?

How do you Spring Clean for Soul Connections?
I remember what it was like balling my eyes out to my mother when I was single and really thought something was wrong with me. At 34 years old, all my friends were getting married and having kids. I was really starting to feel like the 3rd wheel with partnered up friends. I was on Match.com at the time and I would have said that it was more like match.bomb! I thought that my expectations were too high…and yet there was so much more. My Mom advised me to keep going and keep my head high. She told me to have FAITH. Today I would like to share an exercise that I use with my clients to help clear emotional baggage that causes us so much suffering. What is the dating crisis you are really experiencing that causes you to
-Keep attracting the same unhealthy relationship again and again
-Wonder why you procrastinate getting on dating apps
-Lose confidence in the HOPE of finding your Partner…your Happily Ever After
then join me in today’s powerful #transformationalTuesday exercise that can be done in just 5-10 minutes
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What is the difference between an incantation and an affirmation

Are negative thoughts running through your head like…no one will ever love me again or I feel so dirty and shameful or what if I’m rejected? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I am going to teach you a simple, yet transformational tool I have used to magnetize more love, confidence and abundance in my life and in my high-end clients’ lives.

I had one client who used this technique and in days she had men asking her out on dates. She said her self confidence in dating had gone through the roof with this exercise. If affirmations have not worked for you in the past, listen up. There is even a FREE app that will start to rewire your brain for this. You’ll go from being a “negative nelly” to the Queen of Love and Sexiness! All you need is a few minutes a day with this practice and watch out.

Book your Irresistible You: Surrender Your Sexual Shame Free Coaching session with me!

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The First Step To Letting Love Into Your Life

Are you still attached to your past relationships? Wish you could turn back time and feel “normal” again? Suffering because your love life is not the way you planned? If your past does not define your future, how do we let go of it? We consciously choose to. In today’s Transformational Tuesday, we will talk about a powerful tool I use with my high end clients to let go of the past. The buddhist teachings point toward non attachment and yet this has always been challenging for me. Allow me share the first step to letting love into your life. #transformationalTuesday #surrenderyourshame #PinkTent www.PinkTent.com/coaching #mariekondo

How Commitment Changed My Love Life

Do you tend to attract men who are emotionally unavailable? Do they fear commitment? Do you yearn for love? This past week I was pondering how I got such a great catch. Believe me when I tell you that women watch how my husband treats me and they wonder if they will ever find their man. March 9th marked the anniversary of when my husband and I first met, so I have been investigating how I did it. How did I attract such a fantastic husband and father? Learn how in today’s #TransformationalTuesday #findyourmate #happilyeverafter #matchmadeinheaven #powerofcommitment Book your Irresistable You Coaching session at www.PinkTent.com.coaching