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Saying Yes To Your Heart’s Desire

When someone asks you what you want in love, do you say that you don’t know? When was the last time you truly thought that love was possible? Do you find yourself compromising for no reason? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I will be sharing a sacred technique that will help you to

-Tune In to your heart’s desire like never before
-Discover when and how to say NO, so that you stay in tune with your Sacred YES
-Turn your shoulds into coulds and reclaim your feminine power in love and in life

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Slow Dating: Finding A Deeper Connection

Over the past few months, I have been pondering the concept of Slow Dating. What do I mean by that? Slow down!!!

The reason so many of you are experiencing dating burnout is that you are going through dates without any game plan.

Your jumping in bed with men you don’t even know and you wonder why you feel like crap afterwards.

If you want commitment and monogomy, then Slow Dating is the way to go!

It’s kind of like the Slow Food revolution that has swept the nation…
-Learn the heartbreaking risks of sleeping with your guy too soon
-Discover why slow dating will set you up for long term success
-Uncover the hidden value of dating more like a queen

If you are burned out on men and feel like you are the dating hamster wheel or you’ve been ghosted or you find that passion is high in the begging and it fizzles…be sure to check out this episode of #TransformationalTuesday

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

Why is it that we say we want more love, prosperity, and happiness but we can’t seem to receive it? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I will be talking about the 3 challenges you MUST overcome to create real, lasting change.

I recently read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself. Being a doctor myself, I geeked out on the neurology and neurobiology, but most importantly….I had so many insights into how I can help women rewrite their love stories.

If your love life is feeling like groundhog’s day, then this is a #TransformationalTuesday you will want to listen to.

What does it take to break the habit?

In a nutshell, you will need to rewire your brain for success in love and partnership.

The good news is that it can be done!

In today’s conversation…

-Learn more about collapsing the gap between your highest potential of love and your current reality

-Discover a simple priming technique I use every morning to re-calibrate my brain to receive more love, happiness, health and prosperity

-Embrace the Irresistible Goddess that lives within you and is ready to break free

You CAN step into a whole new level of possibilities for yourself and your love life if you just listen in…I’ll tell you how.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?

21 Gifts For The Goddess: A teaching from LUSH

Have you ever been to LUSH? I had an Oprah Winfrey a ha moment in LUSH this weekend with my daughter. I’ll be sharing with you today how their motto and my whole experience with a seashell bath bomb opened up a new world for me and it will for you too. In today’s conversation that will help you own your Inner Goddess, we will be sharing the 21 Gifts Of The Goddess. This has NOTHING to do with LUSH and EVERYTHING to do with LUSH. Know their motto?…I’ll share it with you as it is totally awesome…hint…it’s about LOVE. I just had an ah ha moment this weekend while saying YES to a seashell shaped bath bomb that felt gritty like the sand, shimmered like gold in a basin of water, smelled like the sea and left me hungry for more.

Listen in to today’s #TransformationalTuesday as we discuss…

-Rewiring your brain to enjoy pleasure without feeling guilty

-How to practice the art of receiving, even when you don’t feel worthy of it

-The art of doing nothing and how it can reset your thermostat for love

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Dating And Being Seen

Are you hiding out when men notice you?
Do you shrink when a man gives you a complement?
Still hiding that body of yours behind baggy pants and MoMo dresses?

If you want a man, you need to take baby steps to open up to intimacy.

In today’s #TransformationalTueday I’ll give you some hot tips to get you more comfortable with been seen.
We’ll discuss…

  • How dating is no different than marketing and how to put your best foot forward
  • How to break the habit of deflecting a compliment
  • How to start feeling worthy of a man’s attention

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Dreams DO Come True

This month has been absolutely amazing for many of the women in our community. I have been receiving texts, videos, comments, phone calls…you name it about dreams coming true.

Just these past 3 weeks, I have received notices of 2 engagements, a baby being born, women falling in love, a woman leaving her job and traveling the country for a year with her new boyfriend and so many other victories.

If we don’t celebrate our victories or “brag”, how will we know that dreams DO come true.

Now, you may not have had such a fantastic few weeks and maybe stories of celebrations tend to get you down.

In today’s #transformationaltuesday I am going to share with you what YOU need to do to get your dreams to come true.

If someone else has something we want than we know that it is POSSIBLE

So, what does a rear view mirror and a sunflower have to do with your dreams coming true?

Tune in and I’ll tell you all about what you will need so that you will have the next dream story to share with me.

Want to feel Irresistible and get back on track for loving your life.

Book an Irresistible You Breakthrough Coaching Call with me at www.meetme.so/drkelly

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



30 Second Rule: Deepen Your Communication with Men

I know how challenging it can be to effectively communicate with your partners, especially when they repeat themselves or tell us the deets about their cars or things that we aren’t interested in!

We LOVE a good story, but when we hear it for the ump-teeth time, it loses its spark, doesn’t it ladies?

Or how about this….does your mate ever repeat his game plan of how he is planning to fix something?

If you are wanting to feel more connected and inspired by your partner, it will require you to make some changes in how you communicate with him.

You see, men are very problem/solution-oriented and they actually have a purpose behind their repetition, even in storytelling.

We as women communicate very differently.

If we suppose that you truly want a partner in life vs just a relationship, then it’s time to up your game.

In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I am going to share the 30 Seconds Rule to deepen your communication with your man.

I’ll also share how a shift in your perspective could open up so much for you!

This 30 Second Rule combined with some other tips and insights will help you more than you know.

Want more support in dating and partnership? Want to get your needs met?


Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


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A Mentally Healthy America

***This week marks the launch of a movement to create a Mentally Healthy America. I have been so inspired by my dear friend Katherine Winter-Sellery to speak up about the mental health crisis we have in America. This really hit too close to home in these past few months as a family member committed suicide and in the Springtime our local schools closed because of a “manhunt” for a woman who threatened to gun down a Colorado school.

No matter where you stand on the politics of guns, we all can agree that we want more peace within ourselves and our communities.

I believe that meditation is one of the greatest ways for us to access this peace.

Join me in today’s#TransformationalTuesday as I share one of my favorite meditations I call the Elevator Exercise. It is a meditation that is really easy to follow and can create more inner peace.

Follow along and comment below how you feel after we meditate together.

This is a meditation that the women I work with who are stressed out, depressed, lonely and anxious absolutely love.

You can register for this Denver based summit for a Mentally Healthy America at the link below and use the 20% off discount code DrKelly20



Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



How To Find Your Path To Love

***The Path Of Love can be scary and challenging, but the risks far outweigh the challenges. Just last week I had an amazing journey through Big Basin State park where the redwood trees soar into the sky and capture the oh so sweet sun and sky.

Along the journey, I learned so much about what it takes to create a lifelong love commitment.

In my 5 hour hike in the woods, I was shown THE Path of Love and the keys to manifesting love in your life. I even had a “surprise visitor” on the path.

Listen in on this #transformationaltuesday chat about what you can expect on your path of love and how to overcome your challenges.

As Henry Thoreau wrote, “go confidently in the direction of your dreams!”

If you are still single or not happy in your relationship, it is time for you to recommit to love. In doing so, you will be on THE Path.

It might not look like you thought, but you will arrive at your destination.

Be sure to post in the comments below if you are committed to love by saying “I’m Committed” and then take a baby step today to acknowledge that commitment.

If you don’t have a Relationship Coach, let’s chat!

You can book a FREE Irresistible You session with me and we can take one more step on your journey together. In this session, you will get crystal clear on what you need, how to get it and we’ll create a game plan for you to reach your destination of love.

Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



Summer Of Love: How one of my clients manifested love in 90 days.

Summer Of Love: How one of my clients manifested love in 90 days.

I remember what it was like when I first started working with Emily. She had been very successful as a real estate agent, but when it came to love, she was hopeless. After being diagnosed with a chronic disease that left her exhausted and burned out, she never thought that anyone would ever love her. On top of that, she felt like she was just too much for men. Too independent, too powerful, and too successful.

All she wanted in life was to have a partnership like her parents. She was convinced there was something wrong with her. As a young person, she never felt like she was comfortable around men.

Once I had the chance to work with her and shatter her limiting beliefs, we set up a game plan for the Summer Of Love.

In this transformational Tuesday, I’m going to share with you what the 3 Step game plan was that allowed her to manifest love in 90 days.

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