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A Mentally Healthy America

***This week marks the launch of a movement to create a Mentally Healthy America. I have been so inspired by my dear friend Katherine Winter-Sellery to speak up about the mental health crisis we have in America. This really hit too close to home in these past few months as a family member committed suicide and in the Springtime our local schools closed because of a “manhunt” for a woman who threatened to gun down a Colorado school.

No matter where you stand on the politics of guns, we all can agree that we want more peace within ourselves and our communities.

I believe that meditation is one of the greatest ways for us to access this peace.

Join me in today’s#TransformationalTuesday as I share one of my favorite meditations I call the Elevator Exercise. It is a meditation that is really easy to follow and can create more inner peace.

Follow along and comment below how you feel after we meditate together.

This is a meditation that the women I work with who are stressed out, depressed, lonely and anxious absolutely love.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



Dr. Kelly and Jenelle Pierce Talk Stigmas

Dr. Kelly is part of the Steering Committee for Janelle’s new project, Herpes Activists Networking to Dismantle Stigma (HANDS), which is comprised of more than 12 publicly “out” herpes activists along with a growing list of member organizations. This is the first time herpes advocates have come together to form a cohesive group geared toward promoting awareness and reducing herpes stigma.

HANDS advocates represent a diverse group of individuals – folks across the lifespan, people of color, the Hispanic community, and varying orientations and gender identities – all coming together for a shared interest: to amplify the voices of those who are stigmatized, ridiculed, and shamed. Our members include authors, doctors, YouTube content creators, artists, podcasters, athletes, bloggers, and sexual health educators, all with one thing in common: we have herpes.

About Jenelle:

Jenelle Marie Pierce (fka Davis) is the Founder & Executive Director of The STD Project, the STD Expert for, a Hepatitis Expert for, a Spokesperson for, an adjunct professor, an eater of jello, and a lover of snow. She was diagnosed with genital herpes at the age of 16, and is also proof an STI is not a deal-breaker or the end of your world; rather, it is merely an unexpected curve-ball in this interesting game we call life.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Taboos!

Vulva or Vagina?

If you have been following me on @DrKellySchuh on Facebook, you may have seen my Vulva and Vagina puppet video.


My team and I attended the American Association of Sexual Health Educators, Counselors and Therapist conference.

It was eye-opening for me….

We broke down Sexual Taboos with displays and conversations about

-Crazy Adult toys

-Surrogate dolls

-BDSM (I had to look that up)

and lots of shocking conversations…


At our booth, we asked people…

Got H?

Not a question you ask every day….

And then we handed them our cute little herpes stuffed animal to open up a conversation.

I met a woman who makes these puppets and she corrected me when I referred to them as vaginas.

It’s not the anatomy I had wrong. She felt that the term vagina was patriarchal, whereas vulva was not.

Our vulvas give us pleasure!

Who doesn’t love pleasure?

Did you know the clitoris has thousands of nerves endings with the sole purpose of


I know many of you feel totally disconnected and even disgusted by your lady parts….

But it’s time we fall in love with them.

Our bodies were not JUST made to make babies…..

We are meant to thoroughly love and adore our bodies and to feel


It’s time to get out a mirror ladies….

Say HELLO to your lady parts and reconnect to your sensual side.

Don’t wait for a partner to touch you!

It’s time YOU become the expert in your own pleasure.

Remember that song…”I touch myself?”

It’s time…

Take it slow..

You CAN heal…

No matter what your vulva story is, Pink Tent™ is here to help.

Taking A Stand for Women’s Health

Contributing Author- Stephanie Wilson

In 2015, Joe Fassler wrote an article for The Atlantic recounting his wife Rachel’s experience of having her pain dismissed as an emergency-room patient in a US hospital. Fassler’s article details their visit to the emergency room after Rachel woke up with agonizing pelvic pain. Fourteen and a half hours after arriving at the emergency room—and once Rachel’s pain was finally assessed with adequate attention—Rachel and her doctors prepped for surgical removal of her ovary. Rachel was unknowingly suffering excruciating pain that accompanies an ovarian torsion. While providers told Rachel she was “just feeling a little pain” and misdiagnosed her pain as kidney stones without any proper tests, her ovary was left to die.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s experience is not an isolated incident. In fact, research has shown that women’s pain and other symptoms are often dismissed by medical providers. In addition to women as a group having their symptoms dismissed, research and popular press articles suggest that women of color have their symptoms dismissed at even higher rates.

As women, we have all likely had to learn to advocate for ourselves in healthcare settings. Some of us may have even had to demand a herpes test when providers told us it was not necessary. Similarly, perhaps some of us have had to plead with providers, and others, to understand our negative experiences with hormonal birth control—I know I have. It is evident to me that there is a systemic problem in medicine: the silencing of women’s experiences. Women MUST stand up for their health!

By calling this a systemic problem, I am identifying the medical system and culture as the culprit, rather than individual providers. That is, the white masculine culture of medicine impacts how providers interact with their patients. I do think that we need to hold individuals accountable, but I also think this problem is much larger than any individual or group of individuals. Unfortunately, I also think that means we—as women—need to advocate for ourselves in medical settings; and some of us more than others. If something does not feel right, make sure you find someone who will listen to you. If your doctor tells you your pain is normal, but you know it is not, get a second—and if necessary, a third and fourth—opinion.

I know advocating for your health is easier said than done, and our ability to do so depends on many other factors in addition to gender and race. Finding a doctor who will listen to your experience can be exhausting and expensive. However, as much as you possibly can, stand up for your health!

There is undoubtedly more work to be done to change the culture of medicine so that all women are heard. I hope to be a part of that culture change by drawing attention to these issues as a social researcher. But until that culture changes, we can hold the system accountable as patients. Make sure your symptoms are heard, and your experiences are addressed. Be an advocate for your health and for women’s health!

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About Stephanie

Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie.  I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in April of 2014 when I was 22 years old.  Right now, almost three years later, I am a doctoral student in the sociology department at Purdue University.  I recently completed my MA in sociology at the University of Northern Colorado where I explored the role of stigma in the process of disclosing a genital herpes diagnosis.  With that said, if anyone is interested in reading what I discovered in my project, I am happy to share that with you! I plan to continue advocating for our community, as well as studying the social factors that influence sexual health in order to understand how we can create a world that is easier for people diagnosed with STIs.  I really enjoy writing for the Pink Tent community and am excited to be able to share some of my experiences and thoughts about living with genital herpes with you all.

Goddess Training with Dr. Kelly- Recap from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Interview

Goddess Training with Dr. Kelly- Recap from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Interview

For those that missed the amazing interview I had with Dr. Christiane Northrup, I wanted to recap the video with some highlights, along with some of the things I have learned over the years on taking your sexual power back.

I absolutely loved having this conversation with someone who has influenced me for so long. In our interview, Dr. Northrup shared some powerful stuff!

Watch my recap on:

The power of our Shakti and regaining your Goddess Energy through your chakras. 

How to truly love ourselves

The power of sharing our deepest secrets 

Eliminating shame in your life

Exploring our bodies


This is truly a powerful conversation that all women need to hear, especially in this relevant time with the #metoo and women’s empowerment movement. Have more questions? Write me a comment below!

Live, Love, Thrive,

Dr. Kelly

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How To Be A Goddess Training- Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Kelly

I had the BEST Facebook Live interview last week with Dr. Christiane Northrup, an OB/GYN and one of Oprah’s most influential people of 2017!

We talked about…..

The power of our Shakti 

What NOT to do when pleasuring ourselves

How to love ourselves

How to use tapping to heal SHAME and PAIN

The truth about our clitoris

….and SOOO much more.

You have to check out this Goddess training so that we can end our suffering as women in a male-dominated world. It’s truly a message of empowerment on steroids, and couldn’t come at a more relevant time. 

I urge you to share this video with all of the women in your life!

Live, Love, Thrive,

Dr. Kelly

Need some more support? Rediscover your passion through working with me. Claim your One On One Reclaim Your Health and Happiness Coaching Call Today.

About Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Christiane Northrup, an ob/gyn physician and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s WisdomThe Wisdom of Menopause, and Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-being.

After spending decades transforming women’s understanding of their sacred bodies and processes, Dr. Northrup now teaches women to embrace a new mindset and thrive at every stage of life. Her book, Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to A Divinely Inspired Life (Hay House, 2016) was an immediate success. Her next book, Dodging Energy Vampires (Hay House, April 2018) offers radical “upstream” preventive medicine. Follow her at

How To Be A Goddess Training – Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Kelly

Don't miss my interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup, an OB/GYN and one of Oprah's most influential people of 2017! We talked about the power of our Shakti, What NOT to do when pleasuring ourselves, How to love ourselves, How to use tapping to heal SHAME and PAIN, The truth about our clitoris....and SOOO much more.

Read more

5 Effective Tips for Reducing Daily Stress in Your Life

5 Effective Tips for Reducing Daily Stress in Your Life

By Contributing Author: Helen Sanders

We all encounter stress in our lives at one point or another. Acute stress, which happens for short periods of time due to a major incident such as an accident or personal issue is completely normal.

However, long term or chronic stress – the type that people feel day in and day out over a significant period of time – can result in numerous prolonged health issues.

It may seem like there is no hope when it comes to daily stress. Afterall, bills keep piling up, work deadlines are never ending and family responsibilities will continue to be demanding. It can be hard to stop it all getting on top of you. However, you actually have more control than you may realize. In fact, stress management is all about asserting control over your thoughts, your emotions and how you deal with problems.

Smart habits for dealing with stress play a key role in effectively managing your anxiety levels and can be a major factor in leading a more relaxed life.

There are a number of effective ways to reduce daily stress in your life.  In this article, I’m going to share some of the techniques that worked best for me.  You may be surprised by the results!

#1 – Take One Thing at a Time

It is all too easy to become overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities. After all, in today’s fast paced society, most of us have more than one task to deal with at a time!

However, you will feel much better if you separate everything out and deal with one thing at a time. Focusing on one thing you have to do or one area of your life at a time rather than trying to keep numerous plates spinning at once will help lower your daily stress levels.

#2 – Write it Down!

I am the kind of person who gets stressed easily.  This is often because I get easily distracted and end up running out of time to finish everything. The only way I can help focus myself and keep on track is to write everything down.

You can keep note of tasks you need to do both at work and at home and even ideas or questions you may need to remind yourself of later. This way you can stop chasing your tail and stressing yourself out because you forgot to pick your kids up from soccer practice (really, it’s Thursday again already?) or because you can’t remember that really important thing you needed to ask Susie in accounting!

#3 – Don’t Be So Dramatic

From time to time, when I get stressed out I can be a bit of a drama queen and make mountains out of molehills. Often we build something up in our minds, blowing a situation or problem way out of proportion or even create a problem out of thin air.

Just take a deep breath and think to yourself “will this be a problem or make a difference to my life next year? Or even next week?” If not, then simmer down!

#4 – Allow Yourself Some Me Time at Least Once a Day

It doesn’t matter what works best for you, but you should allow yourself some peaceful moments of meditation at least once a day. Granted, you don’t need to attain the lotus position on top of your desk “om-ing” for an hour a day, but you should take at least 5 or 10 minutes to clear your mind and get perspective.

Whether it’s allowing 10 extra minutes in a hot shower before work, or 5 quiet minutes of alone time with some essential oil at your desk, giving yourself those moment of relaxation will help you gather your thoughts, reevaluate the day ahead and get perspective moving forward – all of which can help reduce stress.

#5 – Set Clear Boundaries

This one is super important and is one of the top causes of daily stress. You must have an equal balance between work and rest. Having your life out of balance is the quickest way to stress yourself out.

Therefore, you must give yourself boundaries and stick to them. You won’t work before this time in the morning and you won’t work after this time in the evening.

It’s all too easy to get caught up staying behind for that extra meeting, rushing out to get an early start on paperwork but that cuts into your home time which is just as important. 


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About The Author

Helen Sanders is the creator of and is passionate about sharing simplified and actionable health and nutrition advice for regular people on the go!