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How do you Spring Clean for Soul Connection?

How do you Spring Clean for Soul Connections?
I remember what it was like balling my eyes out to my mother when I was single and really thought something was wrong with me. At 34 years old, all my friends were getting married and having kids. I was really starting to feel like the 3rd wheel with partnered up friends. I was on Match.com at the time and I would have said that it was more like match.bomb! I thought that my expectations were too high…and yet there was so much more. My Mom advised me to keep going and keep my head high. She told me to have FAITH. Today I would like to share an exercise that I use with my clients to help clear emotional baggage that causes us so much suffering. What is the dating crisis you are really experiencing that causes you to
-Keep attracting the same unhealthy relationship again and again
-Wonder why you procrastinate getting on dating apps
-Lose confidence in the HOPE of finding your Partner…your Happily Ever After
then join me in today’s powerful #transformationalTuesday exercise that can be done in just 5-10 minutes
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What is the difference between an incantation and an affirmation

Are negative thoughts running through your head like…no one will ever love me again or I feel so dirty and shameful or what if I’m rejected? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I am going to teach you a simple, yet transformational tool I have used to magnetize more love, confidence and abundance in my life and in my high-end clients’ lives.

I had one client who used this technique and in days she had men asking her out on dates. She said her self confidence in dating had gone through the roof with this exercise. If affirmations have not worked for you in the past, listen up. There is even a FREE app that will start to rewire your brain for this. You’ll go from being a “negative nelly” to the Queen of Love and Sexiness! All you need is a few minutes a day with this practice and watch out.

Book your Irresistible You: Surrender Your Sexual Shame Free Coaching session with me!

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The First Step To Letting Love Into Your Life

Are you still attached to your past relationships? Wish you could turn back time and feel “normal” again? Suffering because your love life is not the way you planned? If your past does not define your future, how do we let go of it? We consciously choose to. In today’s Transformational Tuesday, we will talk about a powerful tool I use with my high end clients to let go of the past. The buddhist teachings point toward non attachment and yet this has always been challenging for me. Allow me share the first step to letting love into your life. #transformationalTuesday #surrenderyourshame #PinkTent www.PinkTent.com/coaching #mariekondo

How Commitment Changed My Love Life

Do you tend to attract men who are emotionally unavailable? Do they fear commitment? Do you yearn for love? This past week I was pondering how I got such a great catch. Believe me when I tell you that women watch how my husband treats me and they wonder if they will ever find their man. March 9th marked the anniversary of when my husband and I first met, so I have been investigating how I did it. How did I attract such a fantastic husband and father? Learn how in today’s #TransformationalTuesday #findyourmate #happilyeverafter #matchmadeinheaven #powerofcommitment Book your Irresistable You Coaching session at www.PinkTent.com.coaching

What Elizabeth Gilbert Taught Me About Finding Love

What would you do for love? As I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s old podcast, I discovered what it took for me to find true love. It is the secret to success that is behind so many great things. It challenges us at a deep level. Whether you are an artist, a CEO or a Mom, this one thing could be keeping you from experiencing the life you have always dreamed of. I love the way Elizabeth explains this ONE THING that can set so many of us free. If you are living a life of mediocrity, then listen in to today’s #TransformationalTuesday message.

3 Seconds To Authenticity: Reclaim Your Power

How do you live a more authentic life? Tune in today as I share a 3 Second Check In Tool For Authenticity. I discovered it as I interpreted an image in a book that I recently read called Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto For The Modern Woman. As women, we are often taught to mask our emotions and to show up as the “Good Girl.” This masking of our emotions causes a breakdown in our ability to communicate and form deep and loving connections with ourself and others. We can become passive aggressive, angry, resentful and totally unfulfilled in life. Ladies, this has to stop. Tune in today as I share a 3 Second Check In On Authenticity. Live your most authentic life starting today. #321authenticity #selflove #transformationaltuesday #drkelly #disrupt-her # #mikiagrawal

How To Be More Productive In Less Time

Having a tough time getting things done? Feeling distracted? Overwhelmed? Want a #productivity hack that is a game changer? Join me in today’s #TransformationalTuesday as I share my new favorite practice that has become a game changer for this goddess. I am getting more done in less time and the stress in my business has decreased tremendously. As a woman in business it is so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. Tune in today and access your power to produce.

What I learned at Mama Gena’s Experience in New York.

Feeling hopeless? Depressed? Yearning for LOVE? Today I will give you the KEY take away from the SOLD OUT Mama Gena’s Experience this past weekend in NYC. It was amazing! Witnessing women owning their power and feeling alive again. Join me in today’s TransformationalTuesday’s conversation about THE Mama Gena and her School Of Womanly Arts Experience.