Brene Brown’s Top 3 Things To Overcome Shame

Brene Brown’s Top 3 Things To Overcome Shame


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Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh shares what she learned from Brene Brown on overcoming shame. Women with herpes are following these same easy steps to overcome their herpes diagnosis.

1. Talk to yourself like you would a loved one– Dr. Kelly adds to this tip. If you find yourself speaking like a “gremlin”, say “cancel that” to yourself and replace it with a positive thought

2. Reach out to someone you trust-  Dr. Kelly also advises NOT to choose someone who is known to be judgmental.

3. Share your story this is truly the first huge step to overcoming the emotional burdens that a herpes diagnosis brings. As Brene Brown teaches, shame grows exponentially in the environment of secrets. When you can share your story, like women do on Pink Tent™, you can begin to shine a light on your deepest, darkest secrets. This is a huge step for women who want to overcome the stigma and shame so closely linked to a herpes diagnosis. For women who really want to dive in and learn how to have a happy, healthy sex life and to embrace wellness, they should check out her online Foundations Course© Herpes Support Course for WomenIn this 4 part multi media training, women are learning how to overcome their shame and start living and loving again. In this intimate, safe environment, women can ask her anything about herpes. In addition, women no longer feel all alone because they are able to “meet” other empowered women who are no longer victims to their herpes diagnosis.

Registration is currently closed for the Secrets To Success: Foundations Course, but if you want to start your journey to a happier, healthier you, sign up for a free one-on-one call with Dr. Kelly!      


  1. Anita says:

    Hi Dr. Kelly,

    I like what you said about overcoming shame about herpes. I have found it helpful when I share it with a friend. It is like a release.

    Thank you

  2. pitbullmom10 says:

    I recently shared my big dark secret with a few girlfriends and it really was a release. I have been hoarding the secret for 6 years and it has become an astronomical burden. It felt really good to actually talk about it and not keep it a secret anymore.

  3. Mary Mack says:

    I got test results back and I have herpes! Omg I cried like a baby. I never had an STD. And for me to get this something I have to live with is scary. My partner say he don’t have any symptoms. I’m confused why not he gave to me.

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