Are You Living Your Legend Despite Your Herpes Diagnosis?

WDS 2016: Chelsea Dinsmore from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

I came across a very touching video last week from a woman, Chelsea Dinsmore, who clearly had a decision to make that has shaped her destiny. Would she be a depressed, helpless victim to tragic life circumstances or would she stand in her power and live her life on her terms? It’s in those moments of decision that our destiny is changed. 

In an instant, this woman’s life was forever changed. While hiking Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband she heard a faint rumble get louder and louder until she realized that she was beneath a rock slide coming crashing down in her direction. While she dove one way, her husband dove another. Within a short period of time, she caught up with her husband and the tragedy unfolded as he died in her arms.

Talk about a reason to stop living life! I can’t imagine becoming a widow in such a tragic event. For some time Chelsea said that she suffered from survivors guilt and she wondered how she would ever live life again as she knew it.

So, how is it that she began to live a life worth living? She decided to no longer be a victim and to instead create a life that would be worth living, one in which her husband would be proud of. As a result, she took over her husband’s company, “Live Your Legend,” and she began embodying it’s mission. 

While our stories of living with herpes probably aren’t as tragic, there are many women with herpes who are acting as if their life is over. They view their herpes diagnosis as the one thing that ruined their lives and stole their dreams of love, partnership and optimal health.

I have seen this so many times, my heart just breaks. What I can tell you is the difference between the women with herpes who move beyond their diagnosis and those who are stuck in misery is the DECISION to overcome this diagnosis and to search for the silver linings. 

Our past does not define our future! If you want to discover love, partnership and optimal health, then you must take a stand for your dreams and learn everything you can to no longer be a victim to herpes. You must decide and there is no better time to decide than right now. Decide to reclaim your health and happiness no matter where you are in this journey. The healing starts with a decision to become whole again.

Once you have made this decision, then it’s time to back it with an action. Ideally, you should take action at the same time you make a decision, so that you no longer go back to your old beliefs and ways.

I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life to empowering, educating and inspiring women with herpes to discover hope and to learn how to live, love and thrive. While you might think your story with herpes is unique, I can guarantee that another woman has had the same exact experience and she has learned to overcome her diagnosis.

I hope that by now you have decided to embrace your dreams. Now it’s time to take action. Below are some ideas to make it so.

  1. Join our community and share your story
  2. Read my book
  3. Join our next Foundations Course
  4. Book an appointment for One on One coaching today 

Life is too short to be depressed, isolated, shameful and miserable. Take a baby step today and become the vibrant, healthy, and happy woman that you deserve to be. You can do this!!!!

Live, Love, Thrive.

Dr. Kelly

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  1. Stacy says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! I have been struggling for months now and You have helped me come along so far in so little time! Many blessings to you!

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