A Ray of Hope

Thank you for writing such a wonderful and comforting book on herpes. I was diagnosed a few years ago, but did not understand that this was a life-long infection. When it reared its ugly head in January, I had to have “the Talk” right away with my male partner and I hadn’t read anything about how to have the talk, nor did I understand the implications.

I’m a senior citizen who is over 65… I told my male Gyn that I may be old, but I’m not dead. However, he didn’t take time to listen and respond to my concerns. And he fluffed it off as if having herpes was no big deal. Granted it’s not life threatening, thank God, but it is life changing and as a senior, life in general is changing at a rapid rate and now I was dealing with this news. I found another GYN, female this time, and she was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to explain what it was the male doctor didn’t say. Mind you, I have been with this other doctor over 15 years… he’s good at what he does, but he lacks bedside manners… and for some topics that are extremely difficult to talk about, he didn’t make it any easier for me to ask questions.

I felt that since most males are carriers and unknowingly pass on HVD2 to females, where it could lie dormant for years, but rarely have an outbreak themselves. The doctor has no compassion for women who are the ones who have to have “the talk” as soon as we have the first outbreak and proper diagnosis. Reading several books and articles, your book made me feel like a friend was talking to me with true empathy having been through this process of acceptance yourself.

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