30×30 Challenge: 30 Minutes of Exercise x 30 Days For Suicide Prevention

30×30 Challenge is on! 30 Minutes of Exercise for 30 Days.
Join me for a 30×30 Challenge To Prevent Suicide. 30 Minutes of Exercise for 30 Days. Will you join me over the next 30 days to help prevent suicide? I know the holidays are rough in the past 24 hours 2 of my clients reported having suicidal thoughts. I started this challenge for myself 2 days ago after having gone off my gluten free diet in Hawaii and feeling like it was time for a jumpstart. I also received a note from a potential client while I was in Hawaii with her thoughts of suicide after having a miscarriage and having a std diagnosis. The holidays can be so joyful for some and for others it is stressful, depressing, lonely and stricken with hopelessness and grief. Let’s ban together and move our bodies in celebration of what life can be…which is a beautiful expression of joy. Below…comment with a YES, I’m in and tell me your one word why you are doing this. For me, it’s about service. If I can fill my cup by moving my body, then I can be more in service to others. Let’s raise each other up and donate to Suicide Prevention

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