#30DayChallenge: Staying True To Your Word

This #30DayChallenge was created when I had the idea to do it on a hike. I had no idea what it would be like and when I thought about doing it, I witnessed my mind getting in the way. Fears and doubts immeditately creeped in. What would I say? What if no one watches? Did I need a theme? More questions arose then answers and in that moment, my heart said YES and I allowed it to override my mind. During this journey with you, there have been many days when I hadn’t had my cup of coffee, I felt raw and vulnerable or I honestly just didn’t feel like doing it. This is where I got to “parent” myself and just do it! What could you commit to for #30DayChallenge ? Our lives reveal the accumulation of our commitments. What is something you could do to greatly impact your life or the life of others? Start writing that book or meditating or exercising. It’s only 30 days! Use this as an example of being your word to yourself! Thank you for taking this journey with me! Love to you all!

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